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The Whip

Posted in Fantasy with tags , , on November 20, 2012 by Ethan

On the drive home from work, all I could think of was Josie handcuffed to the bed. This wasn’t anything new because I had been thinking about her all day. She was my sex toy, and my mind was reeling with ways to play with her. I probably couldn’t do them all, but a few had reached the top of the list.

I pulled into the driveway; walked to the door; and took off my shoes before going into the house. My hope was that Josie was asleep, and I didn’t want to disturb her. Quietly, I opened and closed the door. Slowly, I crept toward the bedroom. That’s when I saw something amazing. This beautiful dark-haired woman was handcuffed to my bed.

She was completely nude and, as I had hoped, was asleep.

I just stared for a few minutes but wanted to start the fun before she began to awaken. Moving slowly, I reached into the drawer and pulled out the clit clamp. First, I took off the rubber tips to expose the metal underneath. Then, I gently slid the clamp around Josie’s clit. She moved slightly, and I had to stop. When Josie settled back down, I tightened the clamp until it squeezed her clit as much as possible.

Josie moaned groggily as her eyes began to open. As she awakened more, Josie began to move her lower body. The pain was reaching her mind, and she was realizing that it was coming from her clit.

“I thought that would wake you up.”

Josie didn’t say anything. She just looked at me and tried to squeeze her legs together.

“Sex toys are supposed to keep their legs apart. Isn’t that how you like your legs? Open and ready.”

Josie opened her legs.

“That’s a good girl. Does it hurt?”

She nodded her head.

“I will take it off eventually, but first there are some things we need to do.”

Josie watched as I walked out of the room, and I wondered what she was thinking. Was I going to leave her like this for a long time? What would I do when I came back?

She didn’t have long to wait. I had gotten the whip that came with my special delivery.

“This was packed in the box with you, but I’m not sure what I am supposed to do with it.”

Josie knew that was a lie. I was just teasing her. As our eyes met, I swung the whip and struck her pussy. Josie screamed with the combined pain from the whip and the clit clamp.

“Did that feel good?”

She shook her head.

Maybe, this will feel better. With that, I whipped her inner thigh.

“Damn, I missed.”

Before she could recover, I whipped her pussy again. This time, her knees jammed together.

“No, no. A sex toy is supposed to keep her legs open.”

Slowly, she opened her knees, and, as soon as I was able, I whipped her pussy again. Each time I lifted the whip from her lips, I could see it getting redder. I could also see it getting wetter.

“You like it, don’t you?”

With a tear flowing down her cheek, Josie nodded her head. She liked it.

“That’s a good girl. You knew the answer I wanted.”

As I looked at her raw and wet pussy, I undressed. My cock had been semi-hard all day and was raging now. Once undressed, I climbed onto the bed and between her thighs. Originally, I had planned on fucking her ass, but I couldn’t resist that raw pussy.

I lifted Josie’s legs and slid my cock between her red lips. Josie made a strange, guttural sound as I entered her. As I pushed, my body rubbed against her sore skin and made it more red with each penetration. I was moving faster and deeper and on the edge of orgasm.

However, I wanted her to cum first. Before she realized it, I pulled the clamp from Josie’s clit, and the blood shot through it. She screamed with pleasure as her deprived clit swelled with blood and the sensation of pleasure and pain. Josie’s orgasm came quickly and powerfully. That was a good thing because my orgasm came just as quickly and just as powerfully a few seconds later.

When it was over, I took off the handcuffs and asked Josie was she had put herself in this situation. Why had she put herself in a box to be delivered?

“I want to be your sex toy. Wait, that’s not right. I need it. I need you to do everything that you can imagine to me.”

“I can imagine a lot.”

“I need a lot.”

Josie was going to get what she needed.