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The Gag

Posted in Fantasy with tags , , , on October 18, 2012 by Ethan

When my girlfriend left the next morning, I immediately opened the box to check on my new toy. I opened the lid, and there she was just as I left her. Josie was lying completely nude with her hands taped together and the ball gag in her mouth. She was looking up at me with pleading eyes. Were her eyes begging me to let her out? Were they begging me to fuck her?

“I see that you were a good girl last night, but I have to see if you completely followed orders.”

I felt the bottom to the box to see if it was wet.

“You are a very good girl. You didn’t mess up your box by peeing in it.”

Josie eyes lit up when I said that.

“You have to pee don’t you?”

She nodded her head furiously.

“Ok, I will let you out to pee, but I need to know something first.”

I ran my hand up Josie’s inner thigh until I reached her pussy. My fingers traced its lips, and I slipped the tip of one inside.

“You are soaking wet. What caused that? Did you hear me fuck my girlfriend last night?”

I could tell from her eyes that she had.

“You’ve been wet all night haven’t you? Well, I guess I can let you out now.”

I ripped the tape off of Josie’s wrists, and she squealed a little as the tape pulled at her skin. I took her hand and lifted her out of the box. There she stood in all of her sex toy beauty. Terrific naked body. Ball gag in her mouth. The only problem was that she was holding her legs tightly together to hold her pee. I knew that her bladder was about to burst.

“That’s no way for a plaything to stand. Spread your legs a little.”

Josie spread her legs, and I moved closer to her. I leaned in and kissed her cheek while my hand reached for her clit. I rubbed her clit. I could tell from her breathing and from the fearful look in her eyes that my fingers were confusing her body. Should she let go and cum? If she did, then would she pee instead and take a chance on an unknown punishment? I told her not to pee in the box, but I didn’t say anything about the floor.

Josie began to squirm. She wanted to cum badly, and I urged her to do so.

“You can cum if you want. But, you better make sure that’s all you do.”

Josie shook her head. She was not going to cum. She was going to hold back as long as possible. She was being a good girl, so I decided to reward her and pulled my hand away. Instead, I told her to follow me to the bathroom and sit on the toilet. As she sat on the toilet with the ball gag in her mouth, I saw a glimmer of relief on her face.

“Go ahead. You can pee.”

With that, she let go, and a torrent of urine came flowing out of her. It sounded like a water fountain, and I never realized that someone could pee so much and for so long. It kept pouring out of her, and, when she finished, Josie instinctively reached for the toilet paper.

“No. You can’t clean yourself. You’ve been such a good girl that I am going to give you a real treat.”

I led her to the bedroom.

“Lie on the bed and spread your legs as far as they will go.”

Josie did as told, and it was one of the best things I have ever seen. This petite, dark-haired beauty with a ball gag crammed in her mouth was lying on my bed with her legs stretched to the limit. Her nipples were fully erect, and her pussy was dripping with all kinds of juices.

“I want to taste all of you.”

I buried my head between her thighs and began to lick. I lapped droplets of pee from her thighs. I tasted it in the folds of her pussy. Josie moaned through her gag as I sucked on her clit and slipped my tongue inside of her. Soon, the taste of pee went away and was replaced by the sweetness of her cum. Her pussy became wetter as her juices mixed together to create an intoxicating mixture. Josie was the most delicious woman I had ever tasted.

When Josie was finished cumming, I led her to the kitchen, prepared a bowl of food and placed it on the floor. I took out her gag and told her to eat without using her hands. I had breakfast and watched her eat from the bowl with her perfect ass in the air. I knew that when I got home from work that I was going to fuck that ass.

When we finished breakfast, I handcuffed Josie to the bed and kissed her on the head.

“I’ll be back from work this afternoon. Until then, think about how sore your ass is going to be when I am finished with it.”