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The Treat

Posted in Fact with tags , on December 24, 2012 by Ethan

Not long after the neighbors moved from the apartment above me, Lisa moved in. I was a member of the health club where she worked and had talked to her lots of times. When she became my neighbor, we began to hang out together, and it wasn’t long before hanging out turned into making out.

Lisa taught aerobics, and she had the body to prove it. Athletic. Tight. Muscular but not too muscular. She was definitely in better shape than me. As our relationship became more intimate, I found out that her body needed more than a good workout. It needed to be penetrated.

Lisa loved penetration, and it didn’t matter what part of her body was penetrated. She loved being filled with a cock. She loved it in the mouth. She loved it in the ass. She loved it in the pussy. I realize that sounds like a lot of women, but she also liked to be penetrated by objects other than a cock.

Dildos. Bottles. Remote controls. If it was in the room, then she wanted it in her body. One night, I was fucking her with my fingers and ended up fisting her.Fingers

Lisa and I had a lot of fun with each other, but, one night, I decided to do something on my terms, the terms of a Dominant. She wouldn’t get everything she wanted, but she would get a treat.

We had planned on going to dinner, but I was still getting dressed when Lisa walked into my apartment. When she walked into the bedroom, I told her that she needed to get undressed. Dinner could wait. She got out of her clothes and stretched her taut body across the bed. With my cock raging, I took off the few clothes that I had on and got on the bed beside of her.

Immediately, Lisa got on her knees with the idea of sliding onto my cock and riding me. That’s when I stopped her.

“Not this time.”

“What do you mean?”

“You are going to lie there and watch me masturbate.”

“What? I’m right here, and I want you inside of me.”

“This time we are going to do something different. I am going to jack off, and you are going to watch.”

Lisa didn’t like this at all, but I didn’t care. This is what I wanted to do.

“Can I touch myself while you do it?”


Lisa huffed and crossed her arms.

“Remember, I want you to watch it all.”

With that, I starting stroking myself.Masturbation

My hand went up and down the shaft. Slowly at first, but it got faster as I went. I can’t remember what I fantasized about, but I remember that Lisa was really enjoying it. I opened my eyes and watched her as she was me. Lisa was staring at my hand as it moved faster and faster.

I looked at my cock, and the head was turning purple. It was ready to explode, and I wanted to watch it with her. My hand moved faster until I couldn’t stand it anymore. I continued to pump as cum spray onto my stomach and chest. When the cum stopped pouring out, Lisa said, “I’ve never watched a guy do that before. I am so wet. I wish you could fuck me.”

“I will fuck you later. Now, you get your treat. Lick the cum off of me.”

Lisa leaned in and slowly licked the cum off of my stomach. She swallowed some of it, but there was something else I wanted. With my cum on the tip of her tongue, I told Lisa to do one more thing.


“Kiss me.”

The Watcher

Posted in Fact with tags , , on November 27, 2012 by Ethan

I met Hannah when I joined a local civic club. We sat at the same table at the weekly meetings and quickly hit it off. There was nothing flirtatious about it as she told me about Danny, her husband, and different aspects of their lives. When she found out that I wasn’t dating anyone, Hannah began to play match maker and talk about her single friends.

Then, Hannah invited me to spend an evening at her house, so I could meet T.J., one of the friends that I had heard so much about. I accepted the invitation because I had nothing else to do, and it sounded like fun.

I was right. It was a lot of fun. Danny cooked all of the food. T.J. was an attractive woman with a great sense of humor. We ate, listened to music, played games and hung out on the deck. Hannah, Danny and T.J. drank beer and smoked weed, but I’m not into that. I believe that life should be experienced without being numb. Everything should be felt to its fullest extent.

The night was getting late when we found ourselves downstairs. Everyone was starting to drag when T.J. announced that she was going to bed. Not long after, Danny went to the kitchen to clean the dishes. That left Hannah and me alone on the couch. We had been talking for a few minutes when I said something about it being time to head home.

That’s when Hannah grabbed my arm and pulled herself close to me. She climbed over; straddled my lap; and started kissing me. I was stunned and not really comfortable. First, I wasn’t attracted to Hannah. Second, her husband was in the other room. Immediately, I pushed Hannah off and said what was in my mind.

Hannah started saying things like:

“It’s ok.”

“Danny doesn’t mind.”

“I promise that it’s all good.”

Frankly, I didn’t care what she said and told her that. Danny was in the other room, and I was not going to get my ass kicked, or worse, over something that I didn’t want to do in the first place. While I was trying to get myself out of this situation, Danny stepped into the doorway.

“What’s going on?”

Now, I’m in trouble. Then, Hannah said, “He’s worried that you will get mad.”

“I won’t get mad. Go ahead. I like to watch.”

There I was. Hannah wanted me to fuck her, and Danny wanted to watch me do it. After a few seconds of hesitation, I pulled Hannah back onto my lap and pulled her face toward mine. She wanted to bite, but I stopped her.

“If we are going to do this, then we are going to do it my way. You don’t bite me. I bite you.”

With that, I pulled her long hair back and exposed Hannah’s neck. Like a vampire, I went for the side of her neck and began to bite. Immediately, I could feel the goosebumps rise on that side of her body.

With one hand pulling her hair, the other hand pulled the buttons loose on her shirt. I didn’t realize until then that Hannah was not wearing a bra. She had small breasts and did not need the support, but Hannah had nipples that stuck out further than any I had ever seen. Now, I had something else to bite, and Hannah moaned when I did.

I glanced up to see Danny still standing in the doorway, and I still wasn’t sure how he was going to react to this. Fuck it. I was into it by then. I told Hannah to stand up and take off her jeans. She did it immediately and, unsurprisingly, was not wearing panties.

“Get on your knees.”

Hannah got on her knees. I stood in front of her and undressed. Shirt. Jeans. Underwear. I was standing with a semi-erection because I really wasn’t comfortable yet. I didn’t look at Hannah. I looked at Danny.

“Are you sure about this?”

“I’m sure.”

I wasn’t sure of much, but I was sure that they had done this before. I sat on the couch and told Hannah to suck my cock. She sucked it well, and it wasn’t long before I had a huge hard-on.

“Now, climb on top of it.”

Hannah straddled me again and slid herself onto my cock. Slowly, she rode me, and I glanced over at Danny to make sure he wasn’t making any sudden moves. He just stood there and rubbed his cock through his jeans.

“You have to do better than that.”

Hannah went from slow to fast and starting truly fucking herself on my pole. I wasn’t doing much. I just watched Danny rub the outside of his jeans. Did Hannah cum? I don’t know because I mentally took myself out of the room. I was wondering if this was the plan the entire time. I was wondering what he was thinking. As a Dominant personality, I don’t think I could stand there and not participate.

I decided that this was going to be my show. I pushed Hannah off of my cock and ordered her to get on all fours. As she got into position, I moved her to face Danny. Then, I got behind her and rammed my cock inside of her. I pulled her hair to bring her face up.

“If you guys want to watch, then watch each other.”

I closed my eyes and fucked Hannah as hard as I could. All the time, I held her hair to make her look at Danny. He was going to participate in some manner.

I’m not sure how long I fucked Hannah in that way, but at some point I came deep into her pussy. As I pulled out, Danny walked back into the kitchen.

We got dressed, and I got up to leave. Hannah walked me to my car and tried to get one last kiss. I refused. Then, she said, “Next time, Danny will join us.”

But, there wasn’t going to be a next time for Hannah and Danny. Next time, I was going to fuck the other person in the house – T.J.