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The Cage

Posted in Fact with tags , , , , on January 3, 2013 by Ethan

I didn’t know how to answer the question posed by the girl at Pet Smart.

“What kind of dog do you have?”

I don’t know much about dogs, but Crystal and I were interested in buying a cage. I couldn’t say that it wasn’t for a dog. Luckily, Crystal jumped in with some kind of large breed, and the girl had an idea of what we wanted.

“Ok, you will need one of the largest cages that we have.”

We looked at a few cages while the girl explained the differences in each one. As she talked, my cock began to swell. Here was a cute, young blonde talking about a cage, and she had no idea that Crystal, the woman standing next to her, was the one that was going to be put in it. The secret aroused me. The fantasy playing in my mind of Crystal and I putting the blonde in the cage was also arousing me.Cage

A few days later, I bought some small padlocks and set up the cage in a spare bedroom. It was perfect. Big enough for Crystal to crawl into and sit up but not big enough for her to stand up or stretch out. I couldn’t wait to use it.

I put Crystal in the cage several times, and it was always because she had done something to displease me. Perhaps, she had flirted too much with another guy. Maybe, she asked to be fucked when she knew that I would decide when that would happen. It could have been when she had too much to drink. Whatever it was, the cage was the answer.

When we walked into the house, I told Crystal to take off her clothes. As always, that didn’t take very long. Then, I had her stick her finger in her pussy and hold it up. It always glistened with her wetness.

“You are an insatiable slut. Go to the cage.”

Crystal stood in front of the cage until I opened the door. Once it was open, she crawled inside. I shut it and put on the padlock.

“I’m going to watch porn and jack off in the next room. I don’t want to be interrupted by any noise.”

My enjoyment wouldn’t last long. Crystal would start whimpering. To stop this, I started putting a gag in her mouth. Crystal would start fingering herself. To stop this, I cuffed her hands behind her back. Crystal would start hitting the cuffs against the cage.

Eventually, I developed other ways to punish her. I sat outside the cage and masturbated in front of her. That was cum that she knew she would never get. I put an anal probe in the cage and watched as Crystal pushed it in and out of her ass. I made her raise her ass to the edge of the cage, and I pushed it in and out of her ass.

The cage had numerous possibilities, but my favorite use was to punish her for drinking too much. If Crystal was a little drunk, then I would put her in the cage. It wouldn’t be long before she would beg to go to the bathroom.

“You put yourself in this situation. Figure it out.”

Before long, I would walk into the room to find a puddle on the floor of the cage.

“Bad girl. You know that you shouldn’t pee in your cage.”

I would open the door and lightly smack Crystal across the nose. Then, I would grab her hair and push her nose into the puddle. Then, we would fuck the hell out of each other.


The Hotel

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I told Crystal to rent a room at a local hotel. It didn’t matter which one. When she got to the room, Crystal was supposed to take off her clothes and send a text saying that she was ready. It wasn’t long before I got the text, and I replied:

I will be there in an hour. Lie on the bed with your legs spread but do not touch yourself. I will know if you do. Do not respond to this text.

With that, I went about my work. Thirty minutes later, I arrived at the hotel; walked up the back stairs; went to the room; and knocked on the door. At that point, I moved so she could not see me through the peep-hole. It was too early for me to arrive.

“Who is it?”

No answer. Would she open the door completely nude? What if she did, and it was someone else? What if she covered herself, and it was me? Neither was a good option.

Crystal opened the door in the nude.

“Good girl. Now, lie back down on the bed.”

As she laid on the bed with her legs spread and her pussy glistening, I undressed.

“Have you touched yourself?”



She sighed, “No ,sir.”

I knew she was lying.

“You know that I hate it when you sigh.”

Crystal loved being a submissive, but she also loved disobeying because she always liked the punishment. I liked it, too.

I crawled onto the bed and between Crystal’s thighs. This was not going to be a long fuck. I needed to get back to work, so it was going to be quick. I forced my cock into her pussy and started pounding as hard as I could. She held her legs in the air as I braced myself for the force that I was giving her. I was going to cum anytime, and she knew it.

“Can I please cum this time?”

What harm could it be? I flipped over and put her on top. Crystal rode my cock slowly and ground her clit into my skin. She always came this way, and I was happy to give her a small moment of pleasure. Crystal’s body tensed and her eyes clinched. I could feel her pussy get wetter as the juices flowed out of her.

Crystal lifted off of my cock, but, before I could flip her onto her back something else happened. I saw this relief come over Crystal’s face and felt a warmth flow over my stomach. Crystal had let go and was pissing on me.

This is something that I had always fantasized about, and Crystal knew it. The problem was that I had not given her permission to do it, and Crystal knew that she was not to show any initiative.

Internally, I loved it. Externally, I must have had an upset look to my eyes.

“I’m sorry. I just couldn’t help it.”

I didn’t say anything. I flipped Crystal over. What was good for me was also good for her. I stood over her with my cock in my hand, and she knew what was about to happen. Soon, a stream of piss was flowing from my cock and hitting her stomach. Slowly, I aimed it toward her breasts. As the pissed bounced off Crystal’s breasts, a few drops hit her face, and her tongue darted out of her mouth to lick it off.

“Is that what you want?”

Crystal closed her eyes and opened her mouth slightly. I must admit that I wasn’t sure and hesitated, but that only lasted a microsecond. Before I realized it, I was pissing on Crystal’s face, and she was catching as much as she could in her mouth.

When the last drops stopped falling, my cock was harder than it had ever been. I dropped to my knees and rammed my cock inside of her. I was covered with her piss. She and the bed were covered with mine. I fucked the Hell out of her. I rarely kissed Crystal, but I had to this time. I slid my tongue into her mouth and came inside of her immediately.


The Shift

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Crystal, who I had the pleasure of taking on the burial mound, was my longest lasting and most obedient submissive. She did not have a perfect body, but she was beautiful in my eyes because she gave herself over completely. Crystal would do anything that my imagination could conjure.

In fact, she harbored darker fantasies that even I had. Once, I made her describe her deepest and darkest secret. The one that she dared tell no one else. Crystal said that she had the most intense orgasms when she fantasized about being tied up and being fucked to death.

Many of the tales that will appear on this blog involve my adventures with Crystal, and this is one of my favorites.

We went to the city for dinner and a concert, and I had told Crystal exactly what I wanted her to wear. There had to be the high heels that were almost impossible to walk in. There also had to be the short skirt. However, I absolutely required that she not wear any panties because I didn’t want anything to get in the way if I suddenly decided that she should masturbate at the dinner table or at the concert.

We had a nice dinner, and the show was awesome. At least, it was awesome until I ran my hand between Crystal’s thighs and found that she had not followed orders. I didn’t say anything at the concert, but Crystal knew that there would be ramifications. When the show was over, we walked to the car and got in.

“Take off those panties.”

“Yes, sir.”

Crystal slipped them off and handed them to me. I immediately rolled down the window and threw them into the parking lot.

“Those were my favorite ones.”

“Then, you shouldn’t have worn them.”

I pulled onto the street and eventually made my way to the interstate. That’s when the conversation continued.

“Take off your clothes.”

Crystal sighed and did as I asked. She knew that sighing always made me mad and also knew that it would lead to more punishment. It was an attempt to test my limits, and I knew it. When she was completely nude, Crystal spread her legs and began to finger herself.

“I didn’t say you could touch yourself.”

“That’s what you were going to say. I know what your plan is. You are going to turn on the inside light and make me masturbate while the truckers watch.”

I knew that’s what she wanted, so that was never my intent.

“Nope. Open the console and look inside.”

She opened it and had a surprised look on her face.

“You brought the clit clamp?”

The clit clamp was our favorite toy. It was a small clamp with beads hanging from it. It would be placed on the clit and prevent blood from flowing to it. I loved putting it at the maximum level while I fucked her. It caused a great deal of pain, but when I released it blood would flow and her orgasms would be explosive.

“I told you not to wear the panties. Now, put the clamp on your clit.”

She did as I said and moaned as she tightened it.

“It’s not tight enough. Push it down all the way.”

Crystal did as I said.

“You are going to wear it until we pull into the garage. You will not touch your pussy until we pull into the garage. Now, lay your seat back and put your hands over your head.”

She rode home just like that. Crystal would squirm from the discomfort. Sometimes she would squeeze her legs together in an attempt to rub herself in some way. When she did, I would make her spread her legs as wide as possible.

After a 45 minute drive, we made it to my garage.

“You can take off the clamp, but only if you do what I say.”

“Are you going to fuck me?”

“Let’s just say that you will be satisfied.”

“Yes, sir. What do I have to do?

“I am going to take my clothes off and get in the backseat. When I am ready. You will straddle the console and impale yourself on the gear shift.”

Crystal gasped and looked at it.

“It’s too big. I can’t do that.”

“You can, and you will. I know how wet your pussy gets with the clamp. You are going to face me and fuck yourself with the gear shift while I jack off.”

She kept protesting, but I knew she wanted to do it because she had mentioned it as a fantasy. Crystal positioned herself over the stick and slid down slowly. She grimaced at first but moaned with pleasure once it was in.

“Good. Now, slide up and down and fuck my car.”

She starting moving up and down. Slow at first. Then, she was moving faster. She was going all the way down and taking it all in.

“When you are ready, you can remove the clamp and rub your clit.”

She pulled it off immediately and screamed as the blood rushed in. I could almost see it swell with her lips spread so far apart. As the blood flowed, her fingers worked her clit furiously. Crystal was riding the shifter faster.

I was going crazy in the backseat as I stroked my cock. It was harder than I could ever imagine. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. This girl was fucking my gear shift. My hand moved faster and faster until I came all over myself. It shot out so far that it hit me in the face.

When Crystal saw this, she came like crazy. Everything was flowing out. Her fingers were wet. The console was wet. Everything was wet.

When it was over, she carefully lifted herself from that stick and it slid out. The thing was white and glistening from her cum. She collapsed into the passenger seat and gently rubbed her pussy.

“God, it is so sore. I can’t believe that entire thing was inside of me.”

“You were a good girl and did a good job.”

“Yes, sir. Do you still want to fuck me now that my pussy is all stretched out?”

“Absolutely. I want to fuck you even more. You never know. I may find some bigger things to use on you.”


The Box

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It was one of those afternoons when I just wanted to get home from work and crash onto my couch. You know how it is. No television. Just quiet solitude. I dropped my briefcase, checked the mail and walked toward the bedroom to get out of my work clothes. That’s when I noticed a large box sitting outside the front door.

I hadn’t ordered anything from Amazon, and, if I had, it certainly wouldn’t need a box this big. I opened the door and studied the box before bringing it into the house. One can’t be too careful these days. There were no markings ,but it had a packing slip attached to it. What the Hell? I might as well check it out.

I grabbed one end of the box and pulled it through the front door. I ripped open the plastic that was protecting the package slip and started to read:








A sex doll? What am I going to do with that? All kinds of questions ran through my mind. Did they deliver this to the wrong house? Is this a gag? Everything ran through my mind, then it hit me. I had been pushing my girlfriend to have a threesome. This had to be her answer. We can have a threesome, but it’s not going to be with a real woman. We had plans to go out that night, and the doll was going to be our fun for the evening.

The box was nailed shut, so I got a hammer and began pulling them out. I got the nails out; opened the top of the box; and got the surprise of my life. It was a doll, alright. Lying in a fetal position was Josie, this exotic beauty that was hired at work a few weeks earlier. She was completely nude and looking up at me with dark eyes.

Saying that I was stunned would be an understatement. I sat on my knees and stared at her for what felt like an eternity. I’m sure it was only a few seconds, but my mind was racing and my cock was stiffening. How did she get nailed up in a box? Was she really delivered on a truck? I guess this is why she wasn’t at work today. We had flirted off and on but nothing had prepared me for this. Fortunately, I gained focused and knew what she desired.

“Fill all of my desires, huh?”


“Sex dolls can’t talk.”

I grabbed her hand and pulled her out of the box. As I did, I noticed that the accessories that had been listed were all there. Then, I looked at her standing in front of me. Flawless skin. Small breasts with erect nipples. Bare pussy. She was the perfect specimen.

“Kneel in front of me.”

She followed orders and got on her knees.

“Unzip my pants and pull out my cock.”

She did as told and pulled my pants to my ankles.

“You are a good sex doll. Now, fondle my balls as you suck my cock.”

She rubbed my balls with her right hand as she grabbed the shaft of my cock with the other. She wrapped her lips around the head of my cock and slowly moved her head forward. I grabbed the back of her dark hair and pulled her head even further. Soon, she was taking my cock deep into her throat. Deeper than anyone had before. I could feel it hitting the back of her throat.

I bucked my hips back and forth as I heard her gag slightly. I didn’t want to cum, but I had no choice. I pulled her face toward me and came deep into her throat. As I pulled away, I could see that she had swallowed every drop. Of course, I didn’t give her much choice.

I made her sit in the bathroom as I showered and got dressed. I had a date that night and couldn’t be late.

“When I was a kid, my mom told me to put my toys back up when I was finished with them.”

I took the box to a backroom as Josie followed behind.

“I’m going to put you back in the box, but I don’t need you making any noise. When I get back I will probably not be alone.”

To insure her silence, I put the ball gag in Josie’s mouth. Then, I used duct tape to bound her hands. I didn’t need her escaping, either. When I got her back into the box, I realized something.

“You were in that box for a long time. When was the last time you peed? Wait, you aren’t suppose to talk. Hey, sex dolls don’t pee, either. I tell you what. If I find this box wet when I open it again I will see how many desires you are willing to fulfill.”

With that, I closed the lid and nailed the box shut. Later, I came home with my girlfriend and had sex in the next room. I was not sure if Josie could hear us, but I found out when I opened the box the next day.


The Test

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Early on, I discovered a simple test to determine if a woman has the potential to be submissive. However, the timing must be correct. It must be given at that point when the feeling of comfort has settled in and the woman is ready to open herself more fully.

I ask her out and set an early time of arrival, a point when it will still be daylight. I explain that this date is going to be an adventure that begins in the bedroom, and the adventure depends on her doing exactly what I say. The instructions are as followed.

“Leave your door unlocked. At the time I am going to arrive, lie on your bed wearing nothing but a pair of white panties and a blindfold.”

If I walk in and find that you have done exactly as I have said, then I know that you are willing to submit. However, any deviation from these instruction means that you are unwilling to give up control totally. And, I have seen many changes to the plan.

Women will be without a blindfold; will be wearing black panties or a negligee because they think it is more sexy; will have candles lit; will have a bottle of champagne. There was one who was wearing nothing and had a blindfold ready for me. However, the ones who followed the instructions exactly discovered the joys of giving in.

I remember many times walking into a bedroom and finding exactly what I required. Without speaking, I run my hand from the arch of her foot to the inner smoothness of her thigh. I gently brush the fabric covering her pussy and feel the dampness that is beginning to soak the garment. I run my hand up her stomach and feel it rise and fall with quickening breaths. Then, I place my hand on her throat as I lean in and kiss her deeply.

This is when I say, “Good girl. You did exactly as I asked.”

I stand over the bed and slowly undress as she waits with anticipation. Once I have freed my aroused body of its bonds, I crawl onto the foot of the bed and slowly pull the white panties down. I love when a woman lifts her ass so I can pull them easier. I slip them past her ankles and take them in my hand. As I spread her legs and prepare myself to enter her. I rub the panties over her body up her torso until they reach her neck.

As I slowly penetrate, the lips of her mouth open slightly to mimic the lips of her pussy. This is when I place the panties over her mouth so she can taste the sweetness that I will taste before we leave the bedchamber.

The women who have followed through with the entire experience have never failed to enjoy it and feel the need to explore more adventurous forms of submission. However, I understand why some did not follow orders. Lying prone on your bed with an unlocked door. Being blindfolded and not really knowing who is walking in. Not knowing if I will show up and will make them look foolish? Not knowing what will happen if I arrive.

I understand the uneasiness. However, that’s what being submissive is all about – trusting the right person to explore that uneasiness.