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The Beginning

Posted in Fact with tags , , on September 20, 2012 by Ethan

Sexually, I was a late bloomer. Typical of many teenagers, I was uncomfortable around women and had a difficult time connecting with them. I never had a girlfriend in high school and was afraid that I would be a virgin forever. I went to college without knowing the pleasures of being with a woman and was further dismayed because all of my buddies had girlfriends.

There were four of us who shared an apartment, and I would often find myself at home while they were on dates. It was a miserable existence, but I acted like it wasn’t a big deal. Then, one of the girlfriends, Kim,┬ástarted insisting that I go places with them. My roommate wasn’t happy about it, and, honestly, neither was I. It was embarrassing. However, she insisted, and I would be a third wheel for the rest of the semester.

I was home over the summer when one of my other roommates called. The conversation went something like this:

“Man, you need to drive over here.”


“Kim keeps talking about you. I think she wants to go out with you.”

“I can’t do that. She dating our roommate.”

“I know, but I’m telling you that you need to get over here.”

The next day, I drove to the apartment, and she was there. I stammered while she talked, and she finally said that she wanted to go out. So, we went out that night. I don’t remember where we went, but I remember what happened when we got back.

When went to my room and started making out. I had kissed a girl before but not like this. I took off her shirt and bra and could not keep my eyes off of her breasts. She giggled as she took my hands and place them there. I didn’t know what to do at first, but it didn’t take me long to knead them and begin to suck on them.

My cock was harder than I ever remembered it being as she pulled down my pants and began to stroke it. I had to stop her because I knew I wouldn’t last long like that. I undid her pants and pulled them down. Before I realized it, I was looking at this beautiful young woman with green eyes and auburn hair, and she was completely nude.

She pulled me to the bed and spread her legs. I had no idea what to do, so she guided me inside of her. I began to slide in and out. But, that was about it. It was totally embarrassing when I came all over her in a manner of seconds. I kept apologizing, but she kept saying that it was ok. We had all night to bake up for that.

Actually, we didn’t. We both fell asleep and were awaken by the sun. She was more beautiful in the daylight. The sheets only came up to her waist as she laid her head on my chest. We laughed about the night before and about why she kept insisting that I go on her dates. She wanted me there more than her boyfriend.

That’s when we heard the front door open. I yelled the question of who was there, and he answered, “Your worst nightmare!” Acting manly, I answered, “You’re not my nightmare.” He stood in the doorway of the bedroom for a few minutes and left.

That’s when Kim said, “That wasn’t good. I’ve been a bad girl.”

“It’s not your fault. I was here, too.”

“No, I did it. I did a terrible thing and need to be punished.”

As she said this, Kim rolled onto her stomach and slightly lifted her ass in the air.

“What are you talking about?”

“I’m a bad girl and need to be punished. Please, punish me. Spank me.”

“Spank you?’

“Yes, please.”

She was whimpering. Her eyes were pleading. She kept lifting her ass. Finally, I spanked her lightly.

“Harder. Please, do it harder.”

I spanked her harder and harder and harder. The harder I hit her the harder my cock became. My hand came down on her ass over and over until it was tingling. My hand was going numb, and her ass was turning red. A tear streaked down her cheek as she continued to say, “Punish me. I’ve been so bad.”

I couldn’t stand it anymore and rose up behind her. The puffy lips of her pussy were glimmering between the reddened cheeks of her ass. I spread her legs and plunged myself inside of her. “Oh yes! Hurt me with your cock!”

I drove myself into her and pounded and pounded and pounded until I couldn’t pound anymore. She began to scream and quiver as she came. It was then that I pulled out and came all over her raw ass. She told me to rub it in, so I took my hands and rubbed my cum into the skin that I had been spanking.

We collapsed once again, and we I woke up I realized what I liked. I realized my first sexual experience was only the beginning.