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The Neighbors

Posted in Fact with tags , , on November 13, 2012 by Ethan

When I got out of college,  I was able to get a one bedroom apartment in my hometown. It was on the first floor and so small that I could stand in one spot and see into every room. That was fine. I liked it, and the neighbors didn’t bother me. At least, they didn’t bother me until a new couple moved into the apartment above me.

The tended to make a lot of noise. They walked heavily. They turned up the volume on the television. They rattled around. But, they were living there and had to make noise. I would probably be loud if I lived up there. I didn’t think much about it until they starting making other noises.

5 a.m. It’s totally dark, and I am totally asleep. I wake up to their bed squeaking and her moaning. It’s a steady rhythm. Squeak. Squeak. Moan. Squeak. Squeak. It goes on and on and on. There is no way I can sleep, so I get out of bed and jump in the shower.

The next morning, it is 5 a.m. Squeak. Squeak. Moan. Squeak. Squeak.

This goes on every morning like clockwork.

On the nights that my girlfriend stayed over, it drove her crazy. She couldn’t believe that this happened every morning at 5 a.m., and she wanted revenge. Every night at midnight, we had sex with her riding me. As she ground her pussy onto my cock, my girlfriend lifted her head toward the ceiling and moaned and screamed and did everything she could to keep them awake. I must say that it was my perfect idea of revenge.

5 a.m. Squeak. Squeak. Moan. Squeak. Squeak. Our escapades didn’t bother them as much as their escapades bothered us.

Then, something changed. One morning, we were lying in bed when the upstairs action started. Instead of grumbling, we started fondling each other. The sex upstairs was turning us on. As we heard them go at it, we began to have sex in the same rhythm. As their bed squeaked, our bed squeaked. As she moaned, my girlfriend moaned. It was like our own secret orgy. We imagined them with their bodies entwined as ours were.

This went on for several days until one day when I left late for work. That’s when I finally saw the couple that we were having an imaginary orgy with.

We never had sex at the same time again. In fact, we did everything we could to block it out of our minds.

Eventually, my girlfriend broke up with me, and they moved. A blonde moved into their apartment, and we hit it off immediately. Sometimes, she would stay at my place, and, sometimes, I would walk up to hers. Whenever we had sex in her bedroom, I always thought about the couple that was there before.