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The Exhibition

Posted in Fact with tags , , , on October 5, 2012 by Ethan

I don’t remember when I first met Sherry. It may have been at a concert with a group of other people. It may have been at a local watering hole. It doesn’t matter because I remember one awesome afternoon that I spent with her. Sometime, somewhere I asked if she wanted to go out. To my chagrin, she only agreed to a lunch date.

We met at an out-of-the-way restaurant in a nearby town, where Sherry poured her soul out to me. She was going through a divorce from her husband and didn’t feel comfortable going out on a “real” date. It was an unhappy marriage to a husband not interested in sex. She had gotten breast implants in an attempt to draw interest, but that didn’t work. I must say, however, that it certainly drew my attention.

After many words and a few tears, I asked Sherry if she wanted to take a walk in the park that I had passed on the way. She smiled at this and said something about me wanting to get her to a secluded area. I replied with something about how that was the furthest thing from my mind. We went to the park; walked a little; talked a little; and ended up sitting on a picnic table. She was more at ease, and I leaned in to kiss her.

Sherry stopped me and said that she couldn’t do that here. Couldn’t do that here? Did that mean she could do it somewhere else? Luckily, she had an idea. The house that she had lived in with her husband was up for sale and was nearby. She assured me that no one lived there and that he was out-of-town. By this time, I was willing to go anywhere.

I followed her to the house, and I could tell she was nervous as she got out of her car. As we walked into the house, I could almost see her shaking. I put my arms on her shoulders; turned her around; and kissed her. In that moment, all of her uneasiness melted away. She put her arms around me and began darting her tongue into my mouth. My tongue met hers, and we were soon ripping the clothes off of each other.

Then, she stopped me again.

“Want to get in the hot tub?”

At this point, I would get into anything as long as I could get into her.

“Sounds good to me, but it’s daylight, and I don’t have a suit.”

“That’s ok. You can wear one of my husband’s. I’ll grab it and put on a bikini.”

I knew what she was doing. She was attracted to me but wasn’t sure if she was ready to have sex with me. She came down the stairs wearing a string bikini, and I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. She had an awesome body, and her curves – both natural and manmade – were barely being held by it. She gave me the bathing suit to change into and said that she would be in the hot tub.

After a few minutes, I climbed into the tub with her, and we both relaxed. I noticed that the next door neighbor was mowing his yard, so I knew that nothing was going to happen out there. And, that is when I was proven wrong.

Sherry positioned herself in front of me and said, “This top is too confining. Will you please untie it for me?”

I pulled the string, and the top fell into the water. She turned to me, and I saw her breasts for the first time. They were amazing. Firm. Full. Her large nipples were standing straight out. I kissed her as I kneaded them with my hands. Then, I moved my mouth one of her nipples and began to suck as my hand played with the other. I sucked. I licked. I bit. Sherry moaned as my mouth took in her breasts, and she began to fondle me.

It wasn’t long before she had my suit off, and she was stroking me under the water. There we were in broad daylight. Sucking. Stroking. Her breasts completely exposed to anyone who wanted to see. I thought about the guy mowing his yard, but I didn’t think about him for long.

I lifted myself onto the side of the tub and pulled her head toward me. She instantly knew what I wanted. Sherry took me into her mouth and sucked my cock. I could feel the breeze blow against me as she moved her head up and down. I couldn’t stand this anymore; grabbed the back of her hair; and pull her up. Now, she was standing in front of me.

There we were. I was completely nude and sitting on the side of the tub. She was topless and standing in water up to her knees. Our eyes never left each other as I reached down and untied the bottom of her bikini. It fell to the ground, and Sherry was standing there in all of her beautiful glory.

I ran my hand between her thighs and said, “I am going to fuck you, but I am not going to fuck you in this hot tub.”

She sighed, and her body fell into me.

“I don’t care where you fuck me. I just need you to fuck me as hard as you can.”

I climbed out of the hot tub with a raging hard on and helped her climb out of the tub.

“Are we going inside?”

“Not a chance. You are going to get fucked where anyone can see.”

I had noticed a lounge chair earlier, and led her to it. She laid on it and spread her legs as wide as they would go. I put my knees on the chair and her knees over my arms. Then, I slowly slid my cock into her. Something told me that she needed it slow, and that’s how I gave it to her. Slowly in. Slowly out. As I slid out, I made sure that my cock completely left her pussy. Each time, she begged me, “Please put it back in.”

I slowly stroked as I felt her body build up to an orgasm. Her body tensed. She began to shiver. Suddenly, she moaned loudly as the juices poured out of her. Sherry held me tightly as my hard cock remained inside of her.

“You don’t think we are finished do you?”

“Not at all. You need to cum, too.”

“That’s right. But, you are going to be on display when you make me cum.”

I raised up and helped her off the chair. I replaced her on my back and motioned for her to climb on to my erection. Sherry straddled me and slowly slid down my pole.

“I don’t want to be fucked slowly. You are going to ride the Hell out of me.”

Sherry didn’t hesitate as she rode up and down my cock. She arched her back and thrust her breasts as she slammed herself all the way down. She gritted her teeth as she impaled herself over and over and over. I could feel that she was going to cum again and struggled not to cum myself. She jerked wildly as she came once again. Finally, I was able to explode deep inside of her as she collapsed on top of me.

We laid there for a while and got up to grab our stuff and go inside. That’s when we noticed that the neighbor who was mowing his yard had stopped to watch the entire show.

That was the last time that I saw Sherry. I called a few more times, but she never seemed to be able to go out with me. After a few failures, I stopped calling and lost touch with her. It was almost a year later when I heard that she had reconciled with her husband. I used to wonder if he had as much luck with his bathing suit as I did.


The Box

Posted in Fantasy with tags , , , , , on October 3, 2012 by Ethan

It was one of those afternoons when I just wanted to get home from work and crash onto my couch. You know how it is. No television. Just quiet solitude. I dropped my briefcase, checked the mail and walked toward the bedroom to get out of my work clothes. That’s when I noticed a large box sitting outside the front door.

I hadn’t ordered anything from Amazon, and, if I had, it certainly wouldn’t need a box this big. I opened the door and studied the box before bringing it into the house. One can’t be too careful these days. There were no markings ,but it had a packing slip attached to it. What the Hell? I might as well check it out.

I grabbed one end of the box and pulled it through the front door. I ripped open the plastic that was protecting the package slip and started to read:








A sex doll? What am I going to do with that? All kinds of questions ran through my mind. Did they deliver this to the wrong house? Is this a gag? Everything ran through my mind, then it hit me. I had been pushing my girlfriend to have a threesome. This had to be her answer. We can have a threesome, but it’s not going to be with a real woman. We had plans to go out that night, and the doll was going to be our fun for the evening.

The box was nailed shut, so I got a hammer and began pulling them out. I got the nails out; opened the top of the box; and got the surprise of my life. It was a doll, alright. Lying in a fetal position was Josie, this exotic beauty that was hired at work a few weeks earlier. She was completely nude and looking up at me with dark eyes.

Saying that I was stunned would be an understatement. I sat on my knees and stared at her for what felt like an eternity. I’m sure it was only a few seconds, but my mind was racing and my cock was stiffening. How did she get nailed up in a box? Was she really delivered on a truck? I guess this is why she wasn’t at work today. We had flirted off and on but nothing had prepared me for this. Fortunately, I gained focused and knew what she desired.

“Fill all of my desires, huh?”


“Sex dolls can’t talk.”

I grabbed her hand and pulled her out of the box. As I did, I noticed that the accessories that had been listed were all there. Then, I looked at her standing in front of me. Flawless skin. Small breasts with erect nipples. Bare pussy. She was the perfect specimen.

“Kneel in front of me.”

She followed orders and got on her knees.

“Unzip my pants and pull out my cock.”

She did as told and pulled my pants to my ankles.

“You are a good sex doll. Now, fondle my balls as you suck my cock.”

She rubbed my balls with her right hand as she grabbed the shaft of my cock with the other. She wrapped her lips around the head of my cock and slowly moved her head forward. I grabbed the back of her dark hair and pulled her head even further. Soon, she was taking my cock deep into her throat. Deeper than anyone had before. I could feel it hitting the back of her throat.

I bucked my hips back and forth as I heard her gag slightly. I didn’t want to cum, but I had no choice. I pulled her face toward me and came deep into her throat. As I pulled away, I could see that she had swallowed every drop. Of course, I didn’t give her much choice.

I made her sit in the bathroom as I showered and got dressed. I had a date that night and couldn’t be late.

“When I was a kid, my mom told me to put my toys back up when I was finished with them.”

I took the box to a backroom as Josie followed behind.

“I’m going to put you back in the box, but I don’t need you making any noise. When I get back I will probably not be alone.”

To insure her silence, I put the ball gag in Josie’s mouth. Then, I used duct tape to bound her hands. I didn’t need her escaping, either. When I got her back into the box, I realized something.

“You were in that box for a long time. When was the last time you peed? Wait, you aren’t suppose to talk. Hey, sex dolls don’t pee, either. I tell you what. If I find this box wet when I open it again I will see how many desires you are willing to fulfill.”

With that, I closed the lid and nailed the box shut. Later, I came home with my girlfriend and had sex in the next room. I was not sure if Josie could hear us, but I found out when I opened the box the next day.


The Mound

Posted in Fact with tags , , , , , on September 25, 2012 by Ethan

Crystal and I were taking a drive down the Natchez Trace, a scenic highway with interesting stops along the way. There are old homes, monuments, cemeteries and Native American burial mounds. It was a beautiful spring day, and she wanted to pull over to explore some of the sites. Crystal had been a good girl of late, so I decided to reward her. Besides, I wanted to see a few things, as well.

I pulled into a parking lot, and we read a sign about the burial mounds only a hundred yards away. Crystal really wanted to check them out, so we walked over and explored the centuries old structures. As we walked around the back, I ordered, “Take off your clothes.” Being the perfect submissive, she did so without hesitation. However, I noticed her glancing toward the parking lot.

“Don’t look over there. Lie down on the mound and spread your legs.”

She did as I ordered. It was a beautiful sight. This lovely submissive laying on the grass embankment with her pussy totally soaked. To think that she was willing to do this when tourists could come by at any moment. It made my cock so hard that it ached.

“Now, finger yourself as I take off my clothes.”

Her hand moved so quickly that it was almost a blur. She didn’t just rub her clit. Crystal rammed her fingers into her pussy and truly fucked herself. She came before I could get everything off. She did such a good job that I decided to reward her with my tongue.

“You’ve been an excellent slave today”, I said as I kneeled onto the grass and between her stretched out legs. “I’m going to lick you. But, know that I am not doing it just for you. As a good master, I deserve to taste you.”

With that, I buried my face between her thighs and kissed her waxed lips. Every good slave should be completely bare. I licked and nibbled her clit as I slowly penetrated her with two fingers. Before I knew it, she was moaning and bucking, and I had to work to keep my mouth where it belonged.

Crystal’s juices flowed out of her, and I am certain that she squirted a little on my face. However, I wasn’t going to punish her for that. As her juices streamed between her legs, I had another idea. I positioned myself, and, using her cum as lube, I slowly entered her ass. Crystal whimpered a bit as I eased deeper into her, but soon she was moving along with me.

I slid in and out of her ass slowly. Slowly. Faster. Faster. Until I was thrusting as hard and fast as I could. She moaned louder as I held her legs over my arms. Deeper. Deeper. Faster. Harder. I couldn’t stand it any longer and finally came deep in her ass.

That is when we heard a car pull up, and we put our clothes back on as fast as we could. We walked to the car, got in and drove further down the road. Suddenly she asked, “Sir, can we pull over somewhere?”


“Your cum is oozing out of my ass. I need to clean myself.”

“There’s no point. When we get to the hotel, I am going to cum in your ass again. You can clean yourself after that.”