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The Limo

Posted in Fact with tags , , on April 9, 2013 by Ethan

I’m not sure how I ended up in the back of a limo with three women. Misha, my best friend, was celebrating a birthday, and Sherry, the exhibitionist, said she had a hookup for a limousine. It turns out that she knew a waitress whose boyfriend was a limo driver. To get the limo, the waitress had to go, too.

So, there I was with Misha, Sherry, an anonymous waitress and her boyfriend. The night started out boring enough. We went to a local bar and had some celebratory shots before taking a luxury tour of the city. We hit all of Misha’s favorite spots and had a drink in each one. As the night progressed, we got drunker and the women got looser. They were sticking their heads out of the sunroof and yelling at other cars. They were talking about the guys that they saw in all the bars. Simply, they were doing what people do on nights like this.

I stopped drinking early because I’m not a big fan of getting drunk. If something cool is going to happen, then I want to enjoy it to its fullest extent. Before the night was over, something cool happened.

We pulled up to one of the hottest nightclubs in town and went in to check out the scene. Everyone except the driver. He was worried about the car. Anyway, we went into the packed club and joined the festivities. Misha found a guy to flirt with. Sherry and the unknown waitress disappeared into the fray. I saddled up to the bar and ordered a beer that I had no intention of drinking.

After a while, I grew bored with the scene. Yes, there are good-looking women in nightclubs, but the crowd, smoke and noise get to me eventually. I decided to go out for some fresh air and hang out with the driver. He wasn’t standing outside the car, so I opened the door. That’s when the coolness began.Limo

Sherry was sitting in the backseat wearing nothing but her shirt. Completely nude from the waist down, she had her legs spread, and the waitress was on her knees licking her pussy. The driver was in the front seat watching. For a few minutes, I stood watching with the door open, and people walking by got the same view that I did. When I noticed that we were drawing a crowd, I climbed into the backseat and closed the door.

Sherry and the waitress never stopped. Sherry was moaning, and the waitress was licking and sucking. My cock was growing harder by the second as I watched what was going on. That’s when I noticed movement in the front seat. The driver had pulled out his cock and was stroking it. I could hear the slapping sound as his hand moved up and down the shaft.

I saw no reason to be left out and pulled my cock out. As the waitress licked Sherry to orgasm, we jacked off. Sherry came. He came. I came. The only one left was the waitress. Sherry and the waitress switched positions, and we watched while she licked the waitress. It wasn’t long before she came, too.

I didn’t see Misha again that night, but she called the next day. She wanted to tell me how the guy she met fucked the Hell out of her. After hearing that story, I explained what happened in the limo. She wouldn’t admit it, but I’m sure that she felt left out.


The Cage

Posted in Fact with tags , , , , on January 3, 2013 by Ethan

I didn’t know how to answer the question posed by the girl at Pet Smart.

“What kind of dog do you have?”

I don’t know much about dogs, but Crystal and I were interested in buying a cage. I couldn’t say that it wasn’t for a dog. Luckily, Crystal jumped in with some kind of large breed, and the girl had an idea of what we wanted.

“Ok, you will need one of the largest cages that we have.”

We looked at a few cages while the girl explained the differences in each one. As she talked, my cock began to swell. Here was a cute, young blonde talking about a cage, and she had no idea that Crystal, the woman standing next to her, was the one that was going to be put in it. The secret aroused me. The fantasy playing in my mind of Crystal and I putting the blonde in the cage was also arousing me.Cage

A few days later, I bought some small padlocks and set up the cage in a spare bedroom. It was perfect. Big enough for Crystal to crawl into and sit up but not big enough for her to stand up or stretch out. I couldn’t wait to use it.

I put Crystal in the cage several times, and it was always because she had done something to displease me. Perhaps, she had flirted too much with another guy. Maybe, she asked to be fucked when she knew that I would decide when that would happen. It could have been when she had too much to drink. Whatever it was, the cage was the answer.

When we walked into the house, I told Crystal to take off her clothes. As always, that didn’t take very long. Then, I had her stick her finger in her pussy and hold it up. It always glistened with her wetness.

“You are an insatiable slut. Go to the cage.”

Crystal stood in front of the cage until I opened the door. Once it was open, she crawled inside. I shut it and put on the padlock.

“I’m going to watch porn and jack off in the next room. I don’t want to be interrupted by any noise.”

My enjoyment wouldn’t last long. Crystal would start whimpering. To stop this, I started putting a gag in her mouth. Crystal would start fingering herself. To stop this, I cuffed her hands behind her back. Crystal would start hitting the cuffs against the cage.

Eventually, I developed other ways to punish her. I sat outside the cage and masturbated in front of her. That was cum that she knew she would never get. I put an anal probe in the cage and watched as Crystal pushed it in and out of her ass. I made her raise her ass to the edge of the cage, and I pushed it in and out of her ass.

The cage had numerous possibilities, but my favorite use was to punish her for drinking too much. If Crystal was a little drunk, then I would put her in the cage. It wouldn’t be long before she would beg to go to the bathroom.

“You put yourself in this situation. Figure it out.”

Before long, I would walk into the room to find a puddle on the floor of the cage.

“Bad girl. You know that you shouldn’t pee in your cage.”

I would open the door and lightly smack Crystal across the nose. Then, I would grab her hair and push her nose into the puddle. Then, we would fuck the hell out of each other.


The Treat

Posted in Fact with tags , on December 24, 2012 by Ethan

Not long after the neighbors moved from the apartment above me, Lisa moved in. I was a member of the health club where she worked and had talked to her lots of times. When she became my neighbor, we began to hang out together, and it wasn’t long before hanging out turned into making out.

Lisa taught aerobics, and she had the body to prove it. Athletic. Tight. Muscular but not too muscular. She was definitely in better shape than me. As our relationship became more intimate, I found out that her body needed more than a good workout. It needed to be penetrated.

Lisa loved penetration, and it didn’t matter what part of her body was penetrated. She loved being filled with a cock. She loved it in the mouth. She loved it in the ass. She loved it in the pussy. I realize that sounds like a lot of women, but she also liked to be penetrated by objects other than a cock.

Dildos. Bottles. Remote controls. If it was in the room, then she wanted it in her body. One night, I was fucking her with my fingers and ended up fisting her.Fingers

Lisa and I had a lot of fun with each other, but, one night, I decided to do something on my terms, the terms of a Dominant. She wouldn’t get everything she wanted, but she would get a treat.

We had planned on going to dinner, but I was still getting dressed when Lisa walked into my apartment. When she walked into the bedroom, I told her that she needed to get undressed. Dinner could wait. She got out of her clothes and stretched her taut body across the bed. With my cock raging, I took off the few clothes that I had on and got on the bed beside of her.

Immediately, Lisa got on her knees with the idea of sliding onto my cock and riding me. That’s when I stopped her.

“Not this time.”

“What do you mean?”

“You are going to lie there and watch me masturbate.”

“What? I’m right here, and I want you inside of me.”

“This time we are going to do something different. I am going to jack off, and you are going to watch.”

Lisa didn’t like this at all, but I didn’t care. This is what I wanted to do.

“Can I touch myself while you do it?”


Lisa huffed and crossed her arms.

“Remember, I want you to watch it all.”

With that, I starting stroking myself.Masturbation

My hand went up and down the shaft. Slowly at first, but it got faster as I went. I can’t remember what I fantasized about, but I remember that Lisa was really enjoying it. I opened my eyes and watched her as she was me. Lisa was staring at my hand as it moved faster and faster.

I looked at my cock, and the head was turning purple. It was ready to explode, and I wanted to watch it with her. My hand moved faster until I couldn’t stand it anymore. I continued to pump as cum spray onto my stomach and chest. When the cum stopped pouring out, Lisa said, “I’ve never watched a guy do that before. I am so wet. I wish you could fuck me.”

“I will fuck you later. Now, you get your treat. Lick the cum off of me.”

Lisa leaned in and slowly licked the cum off of my stomach. She swallowed some of it, but there was something else I wanted. With my cum on the tip of her tongue, I told Lisa to do one more thing.


“Kiss me.”

The Shift

Posted in Fact with tags , , , , on October 8, 2012 by Ethan

Crystal, who I had the pleasure of taking on the burial mound, was my longest lasting and most obedient submissive. She did not have a perfect body, but she was beautiful in my eyes because she gave herself over completely. Crystal would do anything that my imagination could conjure.

In fact, she harbored darker fantasies that even I had. Once, I made her describe her deepest and darkest secret. The one that she dared tell no one else. Crystal said that she had the most intense orgasms when she fantasized about being tied up and being fucked to death.

Many of the tales that will appear on this blog involve my adventures with Crystal, and this is one of my favorites.

We went to the city for dinner and a concert, and I had told Crystal exactly what I wanted her to wear. There had to be the high heels that were almost impossible to walk in. There also had to be the short skirt. However, I absolutely required that she not wear any panties because I didn’t want anything to get in the way if I suddenly decided that she should masturbate at the dinner table or at the concert.

We had a nice dinner, and the show was awesome. At least, it was awesome until I ran my hand between Crystal’s thighs and found that she had not followed orders. I didn’t say anything at the concert, but Crystal knew that there would be ramifications. When the show was over, we walked to the car and got in.

“Take off those panties.”

“Yes, sir.”

Crystal slipped them off and handed them to me. I immediately rolled down the window and threw them into the parking lot.

“Those were my favorite ones.”

“Then, you shouldn’t have worn them.”

I pulled onto the street and eventually made my way to the interstate. That’s when the conversation continued.

“Take off your clothes.”

Crystal sighed and did as I asked. She knew that sighing always made me mad and also knew that it would lead to more punishment. It was an attempt to test my limits, and I knew it. When she was completely nude, Crystal spread her legs and began to finger herself.

“I didn’t say you could touch yourself.”

“That’s what you were going to say. I know what your plan is. You are going to turn on the inside light and make me masturbate while the truckers watch.”

I knew that’s what she wanted, so that was never my intent.

“Nope. Open the console and look inside.”

She opened it and had a surprised look on her face.

“You brought the clit clamp?”

The clit clamp was our favorite toy. It was a small clamp with beads hanging from it. It would be placed on the clit and prevent blood from flowing to it. I loved putting it at the maximum level while I fucked her. It caused a great deal of pain, but when I released it blood would flow and her orgasms would be explosive.

“I told you not to wear the panties. Now, put the clamp on your clit.”

She did as I said and moaned as she tightened it.

“It’s not tight enough. Push it down all the way.”

Crystal did as I said.

“You are going to wear it until we pull into the garage. You will not touch your pussy until we pull into the garage. Now, lay your seat back and put your hands over your head.”

She rode home just like that. Crystal would squirm from the discomfort. Sometimes she would squeeze her legs together in an attempt to rub herself in some way. When she did, I would make her spread her legs as wide as possible.

After a 45 minute drive, we made it to my garage.

“You can take off the clamp, but only if you do what I say.”

“Are you going to fuck me?”

“Let’s just say that you will be satisfied.”

“Yes, sir. What do I have to do?

“I am going to take my clothes off and get in the backseat. When I am ready. You will straddle the console and impale yourself on the gear shift.”

Crystal gasped and looked at it.

“It’s too big. I can’t do that.”

“You can, and you will. I know how wet your pussy gets with the clamp. You are going to face me and fuck yourself with the gear shift while I jack off.”

She kept protesting, but I knew she wanted to do it because she had mentioned it as a fantasy. Crystal positioned herself over the stick and slid down slowly. She grimaced at first but moaned with pleasure once it was in.

“Good. Now, slide up and down and fuck my car.”

She starting moving up and down. Slow at first. Then, she was moving faster. She was going all the way down and taking it all in.

“When you are ready, you can remove the clamp and rub your clit.”

She pulled it off immediately and screamed as the blood rushed in. I could almost see it swell with her lips spread so far apart. As the blood flowed, her fingers worked her clit furiously. Crystal was riding the shifter faster.

I was going crazy in the backseat as I stroked my cock. It was harder than I could ever imagine. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. This girl was fucking my gear shift. My hand moved faster and faster until I came all over myself. It shot out so far that it hit me in the face.

When Crystal saw this, she came like crazy. Everything was flowing out. Her fingers were wet. The console was wet. Everything was wet.

When it was over, she carefully lifted herself from that stick and it slid out. The thing was white and glistening from her cum. She collapsed into the passenger seat and gently rubbed her pussy.

“God, it is so sore. I can’t believe that entire thing was inside of me.”

“You were a good girl and did a good job.”

“Yes, sir. Do you still want to fuck me now that my pussy is all stretched out?”

“Absolutely. I want to fuck you even more. You never know. I may find some bigger things to use on you.”


The Movies

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Sex was never discussed at my house. My mom avoided the subject like the plague, and my dad would only make jokes about it when he was with the guys. In fact, the closest thing I ever got to “The Talk” was from a joke by one of his friends. We were having dinner one night, and someone ordered blackened fish. I said something like, “Ugh. I wouldn’t eat that. It doesn’t look very good.” He replied, “Well, I know something you are never going to do.”

It was another ten years before I figured out what he was talking about and figured out that he was wrong. I love doing it, and the vagina is one of the most beautiful things in the world. But, I had to learn that on my own because no one would talk seriously about sex.

Luckily for me, we got cable when I was in junior high, and I got a surrogate teacher in the pleasures of sex that stayed in my room all of the time – a television with Cinemax. It may sound cliché, but I spent hours watching soft core movies in the dark. I lost a lot of sleep but gained a lot of knowledge. Sometimes, I wonder if Cinemax formed my sexual tastes.

I can’t remember all of the movies, but there are four that I will never forget. That’s funny because I have never seen them all the way through. There was always one particular scene that I would masturbate to. Then, it was time to clean myself off and go to sleep.

These are the four movies that provided many nights of pleasure and understanding.

Young Lady Chatterley (1977) starred Harlee McBride as the descendant of the original Lady Chatterley. She took part in many adventures, but my favorite involved the French maid. While bathing Lady Chatterley, the maid undressed and climbed into the bath with her.

Black Venus (1983) starred Josephine Jacqueline Jones, former Miss Jamaica, as a work of art that comes to life. Then, she finds herself in the brothels of Europe. The best scene was with the client who wanted to act as a southern plantation owner who could do anything he wanted with his slave. Within a bordello, he shackled her hands above her head and had his way with her.

Emanuelle in Bangkok (1976) was one of many movies about the sexual adventures of Emanuelle. Several actresses have played her through the years, but Laura Gemser is my favorite, and this is my favorite movie of hers. She is a photographer who travels to Bangkok and takes part in many pleasures along the way. In my favorite scene, Emanuelle gets a special massage from a young Thai woman.

Katya Berger, who may or may not have been 18, played the title role in Nana. Ironically, Debra, her sister, was in Emanuelle in Bangkok. Nana is a young actress and prostitute who uses her beauty and talents to relieve wealthy men of their fortunes. There are a lot of great scenes, but my favorite does not include Katya. As spectators watch through spyglasses, men go on a fox hunt. However, they are chasing the human version of foxes. As the men catch their prey, they dismount from their horses and have sex with the women they have hunted.

There are no pictures of the fox hunt to be found, but this is Katya.

I have gotten turned on just writing about these movies and thinking about them again. However, I will never watch them again because they can’t be as good as that junior high kid remembers them.

Fact and Fantasy

The Mound

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Crystal and I were taking a drive down the Natchez Trace, a scenic highway with interesting stops along the way. There are old homes, monuments, cemeteries and Native American burial mounds. It was a beautiful spring day, and she wanted to pull over to explore some of the sites. Crystal had been a good girl of late, so I decided to reward her. Besides, I wanted to see a few things, as well.

I pulled into a parking lot, and we read a sign about the burial mounds only a hundred yards away. Crystal really wanted to check them out, so we walked over and explored the centuries old structures. As we walked around the back, I ordered, “Take off your clothes.” Being the perfect submissive, she did so without hesitation. However, I noticed her glancing toward the parking lot.

“Don’t look over there. Lie down on the mound and spread your legs.”

She did as I ordered. It was a beautiful sight. This lovely submissive laying on the grass embankment with her pussy totally soaked. To think that she was willing to do this when tourists could come by at any moment. It made my cock so hard that it ached.

“Now, finger yourself as I take off my clothes.”

Her hand moved so quickly that it was almost a blur. She didn’t just rub her clit. Crystal rammed her fingers into her pussy and truly fucked herself. She came before I could get everything off. She did such a good job that I decided to reward her with my tongue.

“You’ve been an excellent slave today”, I said as I kneeled onto the grass and between her stretched out legs. “I’m going to lick you. But, know that I am not doing it just for you. As a good master, I deserve to taste you.”

With that, I buried my face between her thighs and kissed her waxed lips. Every good slave should be completely bare. I licked and nibbled her clit as I slowly penetrated her with two fingers. Before I knew it, she was moaning and bucking, and I had to work to keep my mouth where it belonged.

Crystal’s juices flowed out of her, and I am certain that she squirted a little on my face. However, I wasn’t going to punish her for that. As her juices streamed between her legs, I had another idea. I positioned myself, and, using her cum as lube, I slowly entered her ass. Crystal whimpered a bit as I eased deeper into her, but soon she was moving along with me.

I slid in and out of her ass slowly. Slowly. Faster. Faster. Until I was thrusting as hard and fast as I could. She moaned louder as I held her legs over my arms. Deeper. Deeper. Faster. Harder. I couldn’t stand it any longer and finally came deep in her ass.

That is when we heard a car pull up, and we put our clothes back on as fast as we could. We walked to the car, got in and drove further down the road. Suddenly she asked, “Sir, can we pull over somewhere?”


“Your cum is oozing out of my ass. I need to clean myself.”

“There’s no point. When we get to the hotel, I am going to cum in your ass again. You can clean yourself after that.”