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Sex was never discussed at my house. My mom avoided the subject like the plague, and my dad would only make jokes about it when he was with the guys. In fact, the closest thing I ever got to “The Talk” was from a joke by one of his friends. We were having dinner one night, and someone ordered blackened fish. I said something like, “Ugh. I wouldn’t eat that. It doesn’t look very good.” He replied, “Well, I know something you are never going to do.”

It was another ten years before I figured out what he was talking about and figured out that he was wrong. I love doing it, and the vagina is one of the most beautiful things in the world. But, I had to learn that on my own because no one would talk seriously about sex.

Luckily for me, we got cable when I was in junior high, and I got a surrogate teacher in the pleasures of sex that stayed in my room all of the time – a television with Cinemax. It may sound cliché, but I spent hours watching soft core movies in the dark. I lost a lot of sleep but gained a lot of knowledge. Sometimes, I wonder if Cinemax formed my sexual tastes.

I can’t remember all of the movies, but there are four that I will never forget. That’s funny because I have never seen them all the way through. There was always one particular scene that I would masturbate to. Then, it was time to clean myself off and go to sleep.

These are the four movies that provided many nights of pleasure and understanding.

Young Lady Chatterley (1977) starred Harlee McBride as the descendant of the original Lady Chatterley. She took part in many adventures, but my favorite involved the French maid. While bathing Lady Chatterley, the maid undressed and climbed into the bath with her.

Black Venus (1983) starred Josephine Jacqueline Jones, former Miss Jamaica, as a work of art that comes to life. Then, she finds herself in the brothels of Europe. The best scene was with the client who wanted to act as a southern plantation owner who could do anything he wanted with his slave. Within a bordello, he shackled her hands above her head and had his way with her.

Emanuelle in Bangkok (1976) was one of many movies about the sexual adventures of Emanuelle. Several actresses have played her through the years, but Laura Gemser is my favorite, and this is my favorite movie of hers. She is a photographer who travels to Bangkok and takes part in many pleasures along the way. In my favorite scene, Emanuelle gets a special massage from a young Thai woman.

Katya Berger, who may or may not have been 18, played the title role in Nana. Ironically, Debra, her sister, was in Emanuelle in Bangkok. Nana is a young actress and prostitute who uses her beauty and talents to relieve wealthy men of their fortunes. There are a lot of great scenes, but my favorite does not include Katya. As spectators watch through spyglasses, men go on a fox hunt. However, they are chasing the human version of foxes. As the men catch their prey, they dismount from their horses and have sex with the women they have hunted.

There are no pictures of the fox hunt to be found, but this is Katya.

I have gotten turned on just writing about these movies and thinking about them again. However, I will never watch them again because they can’t be as good as that junior high kid remembers them.

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