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The Pet

Posted in Fact with tags , , , , on December 5, 2012 by Ethan

Some of my favorite times with Crystal involved the leash. They involved other things as well, but the leash was the key. When she walked into the door and saw the leash on the counter, Crystal knew that she was going to be the pet for the evening. She also knew what she was supposed to do.

Upon seeing the leash, Crystal immediately disrobed and got on her hands and knees. There she would wait until I came over and put the collar around her neck.Leash

I would also insert a butt plug with a tail on the end of it. From this point forward, she could not speak and had to obey all of my commands. It would vary at different times, but a typical session would go like this.

I would take the leash and lead her to my chair. While I watched television or read a book, Crystal would kneel on the floor and place her head beside me. If she was a good pet, then I would pet and caress her. If she began to squirm or whimper, then I would have to tap her on the nose and tell her to stay still. If she continued, then I would try to find out what was wrong.

“Are you thirsty?”

If she nodded yes, then I would give her permission to drink. Crystal would crawl to the dish that I had placed for her. It always made me hard to watch her crawl with the tail hanging out of her ass. After lapping up the alcohol, Crystal would always crawl back to me.

“Do you need to potty?”

If she nodded yes, then I would take the leash and lead her to the yard to pee. She crawled over the deck and down the stairs. Then, she squatted in the grass to potty.

This is where things would start to vary. Sometimes, I couldn’t stand it and would strip right there. I would mount her in the yard and fuck her while pulling on the leash.

Other times, I would lead her back into the house.

“That was a good girl. Would you like a treat?”

That’s when I would strip and sit in my chair. With my cock raging, Crystal would come over and start nibbling on her bone.Collar Blow

If Crystal didn’t deserve a bone, then I would give her some toys to masturbate with.Rawhide BonesBy this time, Crystal would be whimpering and begging to be fucked, but I needed to prepare her first. After all, I didn’t need to be bitten by my pet. That’s where a dog bone gag comes in handy.Dog Bone Gag

With my pet prepared, I would fuck her until I was completely satisfied. When we were finished, Crystal would sleep at the foot of my bed.