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The Strap-On

Posted in Fact with tags , , , on October 15, 2012 by Ethan

Crystal and I shared a similar fantasy that required the suspension of our D/s relationship and the purchase of a sex toy. After lengthy discussion, we decided that it was worth the temporary changes to make this fantasy become reality. We went to an adult store in a nearby city to see if they had the toy that was required.

We studied the selections carefully and finally picked out the right one – an 8-inch strap-on. Crystal had always wanted one of these, and, frankly, this is something that I wanted her to have. Many times, I had thought about watching my submissive while she fucked another woman and created a submissive of her own. When my mind was really going wild, I thought about us having a full-time sex slave that we could both fuck mercilessly.

The strap-on might be used for that in the future, but it would be used for something else first. You see, my fantasy was to be fucked by a woman with a strap-on, and Crystal’s fantasy was to be that woman. The 8-inch strap-on was for my ass.

When Crystal and I got home, we went straight to the bedroom and took off our clothes. As I relaxed as much as I could, she went to the bathroom to put on the new toy. I couldn’t believe we were about to fulfill this fantasy and couldn’t believe it more when she walked in with an 8-inch cock dangling in front of her.

I could tell she felt empowered. She could tell that I felt aroused. Crystal climbed on the bed, and I helped her put lube her new cock. As I laid on my back, she hovered between my legs and stroked it like I had done many times while hovering over her.

“Are you nervous?”

“A little. Promise me that you will go slow.”

I was beginning to regret ramming my cock into her ass all those times.

“Don’t worry. I’m not going to hurt you.”

How many times had I said those exact words?

When I was ready, Crystal positioned the strap-on and started to push it into my ass. She wasn’t hitting the right spot, so I grabbed it and placed the cock where it needed to be.

“Is that where you want it?”

“Yeah, now push in just a little.”

Suddenly, I felt my ass open up and the head of her strap-on slid in.

“Stop! Just hold it there for a second.”

She waited impatiently until my ass adjusted to the penetration. I knew that she couldn’t wait to truly fuck me.

“Ok. I’m ready. Slide it in a little more.”

Crystal pushed some more, and I could feel my ass filling up with her cock. Strangely, it didn’t hurt. It felt good as the inside of my ass was massaged with the lube.

“Ok. Stop. How much of it is in?”

“All of it.”

I couldn’t believe it. An 8-inch strap-on was completely in my ass, and I didn’t even realize it had gone in all the way. I must say that it felt really good. Seeing Crystal and her sexy body over me felt really good, too. The submissive had suddenly become the dominant, and she was ready to play her role.

“Ok. I’m ready. Loop your arms under my legs and thrust the strap-on in and out.”

Crystal moved her hips back, and I could feel the inside of my ass come together as the strap-on moved out. I had a deep sense that I didn’t want it to go away. I needed it to be there. When I thought she was going to take it away, Crystal pushed it back in. Her hips repeated their motion, and she started thrusting back and forth. In. Out. In. Out.

Crystal had a look of complete pleasure on her face as she slowly fucked me. At the same time, my cock was getting hard. I wasn’t stroking it. The sensation to my prostate was making it grow erect on its own. Instinctively, I began to stroke my cock as Crystal placed my legs higher over her arms.

“Oh my god. This feels awesome. Fuck me. Fuck me like I fuck you.”

Crystal started going faster. I started stroking faster. Her cock hard. My cock hard. Faster. Faster. Harder. Deeper. She was pounding my ass. I looked down and saw my hand pumping my cock furiously. Behind it, I saw the piston-like strap-on as it slammed in and out of me. When I saw this, I couldn’t stand it anymore.

“Oh shit! You are making me cum!”

With that, I shot cum all over my chest. It was amazing. Crystal gradually slowed down and gently let the greased strap-on slip out of my ass. It felt sore, but it was a good sore. It felt as if it was gaping open.

“You came. Now, it’s time for you to make me cum.”

Crystal took off the strap on and spread her legs. I knew what I was supposed to do and buried my head into her pussy.


The Mound

Posted in Fact with tags , , , , , on September 25, 2012 by Ethan

Crystal and I were taking a drive down the Natchez Trace, a scenic highway with interesting stops along the way. There are old homes, monuments, cemeteries and Native American burial mounds. It was a beautiful spring day, and she wanted to pull over to explore some of the sites. Crystal had been a good girl of late, so I decided to reward her. Besides, I wanted to see a few things, as well.

I pulled into a parking lot, and we read a sign about the burial mounds only a hundred yards away. Crystal really wanted to check them out, so we walked over and explored the centuries old structures. As we walked around the back, I ordered, “Take off your clothes.” Being the perfect submissive, she did so without hesitation. However, I noticed her glancing toward the parking lot.

“Don’t look over there. Lie down on the mound and spread your legs.”

She did as I ordered. It was a beautiful sight. This lovely submissive laying on the grass embankment with her pussy totally soaked. To think that she was willing to do this when tourists could come by at any moment. It made my cock so hard that it ached.

“Now, finger yourself as I take off my clothes.”

Her hand moved so quickly that it was almost a blur. She didn’t just rub her clit. Crystal rammed her fingers into her pussy and truly fucked herself. She came before I could get everything off. She did such a good job that I decided to reward her with my tongue.

“You’ve been an excellent slave today”, I said as I kneeled onto the grass and between her stretched out legs. “I’m going to lick you. But, know that I am not doing it just for you. As a good master, I deserve to taste you.”

With that, I buried my face between her thighs and kissed her waxed lips. Every good slave should be completely bare. I licked and nibbled her clit as I slowly penetrated her with two fingers. Before I knew it, she was moaning and bucking, and I had to work to keep my mouth where it belonged.

Crystal’s juices flowed out of her, and I am certain that she squirted a little on my face. However, I wasn’t going to punish her for that. As her juices streamed between her legs, I had another idea. I positioned myself, and, using her cum as lube, I slowly entered her ass. Crystal whimpered a bit as I eased deeper into her, but soon she was moving along with me.

I slid in and out of her ass slowly. Slowly. Faster. Faster. Until I was thrusting as hard and fast as I could. She moaned louder as I held her legs over my arms. Deeper. Deeper. Faster. Harder. I couldn’t stand it any longer and finally came deep in her ass.

That is when we heard a car pull up, and we put our clothes back on as fast as we could. We walked to the car, got in and drove further down the road. Suddenly she asked, “Sir, can we pull over somewhere?”


“Your cum is oozing out of my ass. I need to clean myself.”

“There’s no point. When we get to the hotel, I am going to cum in your ass again. You can clean yourself after that.”