The Request

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One of the women I have written about before also reads this blog. She requested that I write about another one of our adventures together.

Lauren would contact me occasionally to ask if I wanted to fuck her. She had a live-in boyfriend and several men on the side, but that never seemed to be enough. Some times I would oblige her, and those times were always fun. Most times, I would say no. She possessed one of the best pussies I have ever entered, but I got a lot of pleasure from denying her. I don’t know why. Maybe, it was because she was so submissive. I knew being turned down was torturing her.

A few times, I got her to send nude pictures to me while her boyfriend was in the other room. Other times, when I allowed her to see me, I would take a marker a write on her as she laid handcuffed to a table leg. But, this time I allowed her to come over and get what she wanted.

When Lauren walked into the house, she, like a good slut, went straight to the bedroom. Before I could get there, she was already disrobing. Her bra was off, and her ample breasts were exposed to the air. As much as I like Lauren’s pussy and ass, her breasts are some of the best I have ever sucked on. Soon, her pants and panties followed, and Lauren was lying on my bed completely nude.

She didn’t want to be kissed. She didn’t want to be cuddled. She wanted to be fucked, and she wanted her pussy to explode. First, she had to suck my cock. Lauren is the only person who has ever taken all of my cock into her mouth, and she is the only person who has made me cum that way. She took me deep as I pulled her head further onto my shaft. I could feel the head hit the back of her throat.Blow

Then, I pushed her down and opened her legs. The only thing Lauren would never do for me is wax her pussy. I might would have licked her if she had done it. There she laid with her bush framing the lips of her pussy. It was wet and gaping. My cock slid into it easily. With her legs over my shoulders, I fucked Lauren for a while. But, that’s not what she wanted.

I turned Lauren over and entered her from behind. As I pushed my cock into her pussy, my hand instinctively grabbed the back of her neck. As I slid in and out, I pushed her head into the mattress. The harder I stroked, the more force my hand pushed onto her neck. She was moaning. I was pounding. She loved the feeling of being controlled. She loved the feeling of being held down and taken from behind. She loved the feeling of her pussy about to explode.

I pulled out. There was no way I was going to let her cum. She begged me to put it back in. If I didn’t want her pussy, then I could have her ass. She just wanted me inside of her with my hand on her neck.

I refused and came all over her back. I cleaned her off and told her to leave.

That was the last time that I fucked Lauren. When she asked me to write about this, she said that she has been needing someone to hold her down like that. She has been needing someone to push her head into the mattress and pound her. She has been needing someone to do that until her pussy explodes. But, no one will do it. I’m not the only one who is able to make her feel that way. I’m not going to do it. If I decide to do it, then I’m still not going to let her cum.


The Blizzard – Part 1

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A while ago, I said that I would write about my darkest fantasy. This is it.

“Take me back to the hotel.”

The snow started falling that morning but wasn’t supposed to accumulate until my plane had taken off. Unfortunately, the meteorologists were wrong. The cab was halfway to the airport when my phone dinged with the news. All flights were cancelled. Instead of spending the night on the floor of the airport, I gambled that I could get my old room back.

I had tried to call ahead, but the circuits were busy. I guess everyone was on the phone. As I called over and over, the driver was going as fast as he could. But, that wasn’t very fast.Taxi

Finally, we made it, and I ran through the doors to the desk.

“Do you still have my old room?”

The young girl behind the counter smiled, but that smile hid bad news.

“I’m sorry Mr. Cord. We just booked the last room. I guess everyone is trying to find a place to stay.”

“I was afraid of that. Do you know of any other hotels in the area that might have a room?”

She made a few calls but everything was booked. Apparently, I was the only idiot to check out of my room in a blizzard. Either that, or I was the last person to think about turning around.

“Thanks for trying. Maybe, I can make it back to the airport and find a bench. At least, I will be ready when the planes start to take off.”

“There’s no reason for that.”

I turned around to find a man wearing a suit and an overcoat. He said that his name was Jedediah and stuck out his hand. I shook it.

“I’m Ethan.”

“I just checked in to the suite, and it has two bedrooms. I only need one. You can take the other one.”

“I appreciate it, but I don’t want to impose.”

“It’s no imposition. Let’s go.”

I grabbed my bag, and we walked to the elevator.

“So Ethan, what brings you to town?”

“I’m doing some research for a book. It’s nothing exciting. I can promise you that.”

“Well, from the looks of the weather you are going to have plenty of time to do more research. I don’t think this is going to break for a while.”

We made it to the suite, which was the biggest hotel room I had ever seen, and went to our rooms to unpack. Through the door, I asked Jedediah what he did for a living.

“I am a psychiatrist. There’s a conference going on, but I’m not sure it will happen. This blizzard is keeping as many people out as it is keeping in. You never did tell me what your book was about.”

“It’s about prostitutes in the 1800s. It’s also a long story.”

“You said that it was nothing exciting. I can’t wait to hear about this. You can tell me all about it over dinner.”

“The hotel has a great restaurant. I should know. I ate there last night. But, I need to take a shower first.”

Jedediah did some work on his laptop while I went into the bathroom. I needed to shave and shower. I had planned on doing all of this at home, but the situation had changed. I turned the water on super hot and climbed in. I wanted to be clean, but I really wanted to shave my balls. I had not shaved them in days, and it was beginning to itch. It felt good to get the stubble off. Once that was done, I climbed out; dried off; and shaved my face. There was plenty of stubble there, too.

Jedediah was still on his laptop when I walked to my room and put on clean clothes. Well, they weren’t clean because I had worn them a few days earlier. I guess I should have overpacked.

Once dressed, we went made our way to the restaurant. It was packed. Apparently, everyone in the hotel had the same idea that we did. the hottest was a brunette that I had noticed the night before. I had tried my best to flirt with her, but nothing came out right.

“Hi Mr. Cord. It’s good to have you back.”

“I wish I could say that it is good to be here, but I was hoping to be home. Call me Ethan.”

“I know. This is terrible. I can’t go home, either. We are all snowed in.”

“By the way, this is Jedediah.”

“Call me Jed. And, what is your name.”

“Melissa, but everyone calls me Mel.”

We followed Mel to a table. It may be more accurate to say that we followed her ass to a table.

Jed and I sat down and ordered drinks. Our server had also waited on me the night before. Her name was Jamie, and she was a lovely blonde. However, she was not as lovely as Mel.

“Ethan, you sure know how to pick a restaurant. Everyone who works here is hot.”

Throughout the meal, we talked about my book and his convention. It turns out that our subjects were similar. I wrote about prostitutes and he specialized in sexual addiction. Those topics led us into a discussion of the restaurant employees.

“You know Ethan, everyone has a kink that gets them off. They might not realize it, but it is there. I wonder what gets Mel and Jamie off.”

“I don’t know, but it would be a lot of fun finding out.”

We went through a list of what they might find interesting and wondered if they would let us discover it with them. Somewhere in the list, they both walked over to the table. I’m not sure if they heard the conversation or just bored because all of the other diners had left.

They sat down for a while, but the manager came over to put them back to work. I got quiet as my mind filled with visions of them. I watched them clean tables and straighten chairs. It was ordinary stuff, but I felt myself getting turned on anyway. Just imagining them doing the things that we had talked about was arousing me.

“Ethan, are you ok?”

“What? Oh, I’m good. I was daydreaming for a second.”

“About what?”

“About them. What else would I be thinking about?”

“That’s a good question. You could have been thinking about your own kinks.”

He was right. I wasn’t thinking about what they would like. I was thinking about what I would like to do to them. Suddenly, I was embarrassed. I was sitting at a table with some guy that I had met a few hours earlier, and I had a hard on thinking about a couple of women who were cleaning tables.

“Ethan, I think it’s time that you explored your kink.”

“Look Jed, I’m not young. I have done everything that I could ever imagine.”

Jed looked at me then looked at the two women.

“I bet there is one thing you have imagined that you have never done.”

He glanced back at Mel and Jamie.

“I think it’s time that you did it.”


The Limo

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I’m not sure how I ended up in the back of a limo with three women. Misha, my best friend, was celebrating a birthday, and Sherry, the exhibitionist, said she had a hookup for a limousine. It turns out that she knew a waitress whose boyfriend was a limo driver. To get the limo, the waitress had to go, too.

So, there I was with Misha, Sherry, an anonymous waitress and her boyfriend. The night started out boring enough. We went to a local bar and had some celebratory shots before taking a luxury tour of the city. We hit all of Misha’s favorite spots and had a drink in each one. As the night progressed, we got drunker and the women got looser. They were sticking their heads out of the sunroof and yelling at other cars. They were talking about the guys that they saw in all the bars. Simply, they were doing what people do on nights like this.

I stopped drinking early because I’m not a big fan of getting drunk. If something cool is going to happen, then I want to enjoy it to its fullest extent. Before the night was over, something cool happened.

We pulled up to one of the hottest nightclubs in town and went in to check out the scene. Everyone except the driver. He was worried about the car. Anyway, we went into the packed club and joined the festivities. Misha found a guy to flirt with. Sherry and the unknown waitress disappeared into the fray. I saddled up to the bar and ordered a beer that I had no intention of drinking.

After a while, I grew bored with the scene. Yes, there are good-looking women in nightclubs, but the crowd, smoke and noise get to me eventually. I decided to go out for some fresh air and hang out with the driver. He wasn’t standing outside the car, so I opened the door. That’s when the coolness began.Limo

Sherry was sitting in the backseat wearing nothing but her shirt. Completely nude from the waist down, she had her legs spread, and the waitress was on her knees licking her pussy. The driver was in the front seat watching. For a few minutes, I stood watching with the door open, and people walking by got the same view that I did. When I noticed that we were drawing a crowd, I climbed into the backseat and closed the door.

Sherry and the waitress never stopped. Sherry was moaning, and the waitress was licking and sucking. My cock was growing harder by the second as I watched what was going on. That’s when I noticed movement in the front seat. The driver had pulled out his cock and was stroking it. I could hear the slapping sound as his hand moved up and down the shaft.

I saw no reason to be left out and pulled my cock out. As the waitress licked Sherry to orgasm, we jacked off. Sherry came. He came. I came. The only one left was the waitress. Sherry and the waitress switched positions, and we watched while she licked the waitress. It wasn’t long before she came, too.

I didn’t see Misha again that night, but she called the next day. She wanted to tell me how the guy she met fucked the Hell out of her. After hearing that story, I explained what happened in the limo. She wouldn’t admit it, but I’m sure that she felt left out.


The Mission

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“Please, let me out of the house. Take me somewhere.”

Josie had been saying that for several days now. For a while, I couldn’t understand the issue. I was taking good care of her.

I fed her and even let her eat at the table rather than out of her bowl on the floor.

When I took her to the backyard to potty, I let her go out without a leash.

I bathed her and kept her well-groomed. On top of that, I had not pissed on her in forever. I figured my territory was pretty well marked.

She didn’t have to pick out something to wear everyday because she was not allowed to wear clothes.

Josie even had free roam of the house and did not have to go back into her box unless another woman was coming over.

Deep down though, I guess I knew what she meant. After all, I had not allowed her to go anywhere for months. In fact, Josie had not been anywhere since she showed up at my doorstep. She needed a night out.

“Ok, I’m going to take you out, but you have to wear these clothes that I bought for you.”

Josie’s eyes lit up when I said that. “Thank you, Sir. I’ll put them on right now.

I waited and listened as Josie got ready for the evening. Then, she walked out, and I couldn’t believe my eyes. The short, tight miniskirt. The backless shirt that showed all kinds of cleavage. The six-inch stacked heels. She was out of this world, but she didn’t seem to like it.

“What’s wrong?”


“Nothing is not an answer. What’s wrong?”

“I look like a prostitute.”

“But, that’s what you are. You didn’t think I was going to let you out without paying for it did you?”

Shock shown on her face, but she answered, “No, Sir.”

“Good. Tonight, you are going on a mission. We are going to Robertson Road where the whores work, and I am going to rent a room at a motel. You are going to walk the streets until you get a john into that room. I will be sitting in the car listening through this device.”

I took out a small microphone and slipped it into her purse.

“I changed my mind. I don’t want to go out.”

“Too late. We are going out. But, not before you take off your panties.”

Josie wanted to sigh but didn’t. Instead, she obediently slid her panties down to the floor and stepped out of them.


I sat in the motel parking lot and watched Josie walk back and forth along the road.Motel

My brain had been working overtime wondering what Josie was going to get paid to do, and my cock was growing harder by the minute. Watching her was making it even harder. It was a cool night, so Josie was rubbing her arms. I could almost see the goosebumps and wondered if they were from the cold or from the nervousness.

Whenever a car slowed down, Josie seemed to tense up and turn away from it. Sometimes, her ankle would slightly turn in the hig heels, and she would stumble a little. A regular john would know that she wasn’t a pro. Hopefully, that would attract some attention, too.

It took a little while, but a car finally stopped. The microphone was muffled, but I could pick out a few things.

“Damn, look how hot you are.”

“What’s your name?”

“I have a room back here just waiting…”

Josie walked to the room as the car followed behind. My cock was about to explode through my jeans. The car parked, and I watched as the driver climbed out. He was young. College aged. I thought it was his first time doing this. Then, I got a surprise. Another guy got out of the passenger side.

Josie waited at the door with a smile on her face until they got closer. That’s when the other surprise happened. Another guy climbed out of the backseat. Josie was about to enter a motel room with three men, and each of them looked like that could fuck her for days.

They walked into the room and shut the door. Now, I couldn’t see anything. I could only hear bits and pieces through the microphone.

I could hear the guys.

“Take off your…”

“Fuck, you look better without clothes…”

“…the bed and spread…”

They were laughing and doing what sounded like high fives. Then, I heard Josie.

“…shit, that thing is huge.”

“I’m not sure this…”

One of the guys.

“Oh yeah, this is going to work.”

I heard more sounds like people climbing on a bed. I heard creaking and moaning.

“Don’t worry baby. You’re going to like this.

I heard skin slapping together. I heard more moaning. I heard sucking sounds and other noises that I couldn’t make out.

This went on for an eternity. My mind was racing. What’s going on in there? What’s happening to Josie?

“Fuck, you’re ripping me apart.”

“…can’t believe it. We’re fucking every hole.”

I knew what that meant. Josie was getting triple penetrated. There was a cock in her mouth, ass and pussy. They really were ripping her apart. Then, I heard something that I had never even thought of.

“Do you think we can get two cocks into her…”

I couldn’t hear anymore words. All I could hear were screams of pleasure, screams of pain, groaning and bodies moving. I listened as best I could while my cock raged inside my pants. Josie was fulfilling her mission of being a whore.

Finally, the noises quieted down, and the three guys walked out the door. They looked exhausted but completely satisfied. When they pulled off, I walked to the door and opened it. Josie was lying on the bed completely nude. Just like I was accustomed to seeing her. She looked totally fucked, which I knew she was. Her legs were spread, and her pussy was open and raw. I wondered if they had gotten two cocks into it. Of course, they could have gotten two cocks into her ass.

I sat on the bed and caressed Josie’s forehead. I leaned in to kiss it and told her that she was a good girl. In fact, if she continued to be a good girl, then I would let her back out of the house to do this again.


The Prelude

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Writing this blog has been a fun and interesting experience. I have discovered a group of people who are aroused by the same things that arouse me. I have met Doms and subs and people who just like to get their freak on from time to time. It seems that sexual explorers are everywhere.

Throughout the past couple of months, I have written about experiences that have been shared with some wonderful women. I have shared a fictional tale that sprang from my mind a few years ago. I do my best thinking in that space between being awake and being asleep, and the adventures of Ethan, Layla and the others came to me during that time. The story stayed in my mind until I had to get it out. It may or may not surprise many of you that the story contained some darker elements in its original version. They were things that needed to be altered before hitting publish.

Sometimes I wonder what happened to Layla, Sarah, Patricia, Kat and all of the rest. I am sure that Ethan died in that fire, and I am sure that he left a lot of damaged souls in his wake.

I have also offered some short stories of fantasy. Some of them have been the source of many masturbating moments through the years. A few were inspired by one of my readers. However, there is one fantasy story left to be told. It is my deepest and darkest fantasy, and one that has never been shared with anyone. It will take some time to write, but I promise that it will be up soon. Please, consider this post as a prelude.

That fantasy will be the last post on this blog. I have delved into my sexual past and explored experiences that were almost forgotten. It has been great to relive them and share them. I still think about all of the women that shared those experiences with me. They will always be part of me.

To all of the women I have known; to the readers who have shared my stories; to the bloggers who have aroused me with their own stories and pictures, “Still, you turn me on.” You always have and always will.

The Reprisal – Epilogue

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Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9, Part 10, Part 11, Part 12, Part 13

Sarah sat at the side of the grave surrounded by hundreds of mourners. She didn’t know most of them, but it didn’t matter. The ones she knew were the most important. Jonas and Mabel sat beside her. Jonas looked so handsome. She couldn’t help but think how much he looked like Ethan. Kat stood on the opposite side of the grave in her dress uniform. Sarah thought how weird it was that she had never seen Kat in a uniform before. Nora stood beside Kat looking as beautiful as ever. Patricia was there too. Sarah never liked Patricia much. Didn’t really trust her. But there was no doubt that Patricia had helped out tremendously with the foundation.

Standing next to Patricia was a young woman who Sarah didn’t know. She was stunning in a black miniskirt and heels. Who was she? Was she the girl giving Ethan information about Willie Brown? Sarah didn’t know but knew that she didn’t like how the woman was reacting to Ethan’s death. She looked like she had cried away her life. Whoever she was Sarah couldn’t take her eyes off of her.

The pallbearers placed Ethan’s casket on the belts over the grave. Once they moved the workers began to lower him into the ground next to Madeline. Sarah remembered how they had fought about moving Maddy’s grave. She didn’t want to disturb her, but Ethan insisted that Maddy would move with them. Sarah was happy for that decision now.

As the pastor began to speak Jonas put his arm around his mother’s shoulders. Honestly, she couldn’t hear the eulogy very well. The news helicopters overhead made a lot of noise.Helicopter

She hoped to have a ceremony without their interruption, but that proved impossible. That happens in a situation like this.

Sarah woke up to find herself in bed alone. She and Ethan had spent a wonderful night together. They made love on the table and fell asleep in each other’s arms. She went to sleep knowing everything was going to be fine.

Sarah knew where Ethan had gone, so she went to his office to bring him back to bed. But he wasn’t there. After going in every room Sarah went to the deck and noticed his car gone. After hours of waiting she began to worry and called Kat.

“Ethan’s gone. I don’t know where he is.”

“Holy crap. I’ll find him.”

Kat called back with bad news. She couldn’t find him. She checked with Patricia and even went to the Crossroads. Ethan was nowhere to be found. Kat put out an all points bulletin, and all police forces in the state were looking for him. Unfortunately, forces outside the state were needed.

Ethan’s car was found one the road to the woods where Maddy’s body was found. He hadn’t shot himself or taken drugs. According to the final report Ethan had set his car on fire and sat in it while it burned. They found his charred body not far from where a smaller one had been found years before.

The media and the public immediately concluded that Ethan’s suicide proved his guilt in the Crossroads Massacre. There was a debate if one man could do all of that, but if one could it had to be Ethan. Never mind that he was found handcuffed to a chair. Kat concluded her investigation by saying that the findings were inconclusive, but Sarah felt that Kat thought he was guilty too. She just couldn’t officially say that her friend was guilty.

Despite the cloud hanging over Ethan’s reputation the police department pulled out all the stops for their most famous detective. An honor guard supplied a twenty-one gun salute. Sarah thought it would be more appropriate if it was a twenty-seven gun salute. Ethan’s badge was placed on top of his casket, and every officer walked by individually for one final salute. It was a funeral fit for a hero, and Sarah knew that despite all of the controversy Ethan was a hero.

When Jonas and Mabel finally went home Sarah sat in the house alone. It was so quiet. She looked at the table where they last made love. She looked at the bed where they would sleep in each other’s arms. She looked at the deck and the ocean beyond. She even made herself look in his office. God, this was terrible. How much more did God expect her to take?

As the weeks passed Sarah began to come out of mourning. Jonas and Mabel helped out tremendously. Kat and Nora had done so much. They were very special people. Patricia didn’t call, and Sarah wasn’t surprised. They never got along well.

Eventually, Sarah got the urge to paint. She hadn’t felt like it, but painting had always been her salvation. As she got her supplies together Sarah noticed a note with her brushes.Brushes

She picked it up and read.


Tonight was wonderful, and I am glad we got to spend that time together. I have done something terrible, and I know that the world is going to crash down around me. We have been through a lot together, but I can’t go through anymore. I would like to tell you that I had nothing to do with what happened at the Crossroads, but I can’t. I simply don’t remember any of it. I may be guilty, but I may not. But that’s not why I wrote this note. Once I am gone there is something you need to do. There is a young woman living with Patricia called Layla. You need to get her and take care of her. I wish I could help you, but I can’t. Someday you will understand. Layla isn’t her real name. It is Madeline.

I Love You,


The Reprisal – Part 13

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Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9, Part 10, Part 11, Part 12

Ethan lay in the bed staring at Sarah. Tracing his finger down her bare back he couldn’t help but think how beautiful she was. She had been through a lot through the years, and the past twenty-seven days may have been the worst. But through all of the hard times she had been able to hold on to her appearance. He lightly ran his finger down Sarah’s back as she slept. Down her spine to the small of her back. The sensation must have wakened her. She raised her head.

“Ethan. What are you thinking about?”

“I’m thinking about the love that you laid on my table?”

To celebrate Ethan’s mental improvement Sarah cooked his favorite meal. As they dined and wined the conversation went all over the place. It was as if they were catching up on old times. They talked about Jonas and Mabel. Both had called every day to check on Ethan. They talked about when they first met and their wedding. They discussed improvements needed on the house. They talked about happy things. When the conversation died Sarah took the dishes away and cleaned the table.

“I have a special dessert for you.”

“If it’s half as good as dinner then I’m not sure I can handle it.”

“Oh, I think you can handle it.”

With that Sarah walked out of the kitchen completely nude. Ethan couldn’t believe his eyes when she climbed on the table and spread her legs in front of him.Table Spread

“I got a Brazilian wax. I hope you like my bare pussy and ass. I think you will find your dessert very sweet.”

Ethan didn’t say anything. He used his hands to spread Sarah’s legs apart even further and buried his face in her hairless pussy. He licked and sucked and stuck his tongue as far inside of her as he could get it.Licking

“God you have a wonderful tongue!”

Ethan placed Sarah’s knees over his shoulders and ran his tongue down the crack of her ass. Sarah’s back arched as she whimpered.

“Oh Ethan your tongue feels like velvet! Please stick your tongue in my ass!”

“I’m going to stick more than my tongue in it.”

As Sarah laid on the table watching Ethan stood up and took off his clothes. First his t-shirt then his jeans. As Ethan pulled his jeans down his hard cock sprang loose.

“This is what is going in your ass.”

“Oh yes Ethan. That’s what I want.”

Ethan climbed onto the table and parted Sarah’s legs. Her bare pussy shined with wetness. It was a perfect target, and Ethan forced his cock into it. The table squeaked ad he pushed hard into Sarah.

“My God Ethan! Your cock is so hard! I love it!”

As Ethan fucked Sarah he stared into her eyes. She always closed her eyes when she came.

“Please don’t close your eyes. I want to look into your soul as you cum.”

Sarah didn’t close her eyes. She stared at Ethan. Suddenly, tears formed. As she came tears flowed down her face.

“I love you Ethan! I love you so much!”

He pulled his cock out of her pussy and placed its head on her asshole.

“Are you ready?”

“Please give it to me.”

Using Sarah’s juices as lube Ethan slowly slid his cock into Sarah’s ass. She shivered as it went all the way in. He began to move it in and out. Faster and faster with each stroke. Once again Sarah began to cry.

“Am I hurting you?”

“No! No! Don’t stop! Don’t take  it away!”

Ethan’s cock got harder, and the strokes became more forceful.

“Damn Sarah! I’m going to cum!”

“Not yet! Please don’t cum yet!”

He tried to hold off as much as he could.

“Cum in my mouth Ethan! Let me swallow you!”

Ethan pulled out of Sarah’s ass. He placed his prick over her face. She reached up with her mouth and took it all. As she sucked Sarah pumped with her hand. It wasn’t long before Ethan came in her throat. They laid on the table holding each other.

“Oh my God, Ethan. That was the best sex we ever had.”

“Must have been that Brazilian guy you met.”

Sarah hit him.

“Very funny. You know I love you very much don’t you?”

“I’ve always known that Sarah.”

“We have had a lot of things happen in our life together. We have gotten through all of it, and we can get through this.”

Ethan didn’t respond. He wanted to talk about it, but he couldn’t tell her everything. Not yet. All he could do was hold Sarah as tight as he could.

Sarah fell asleep on the table, so Ethan carried her to bed. He looked at her, touched her and thought about all that had happened.Bed

He woke Sarah up, but she soon went back to sleep. Ethan wasn’t so lucky. He couldn’t stop his mind from working.

Ethan picked up his clothes in the dining room and put them on then went to his office. It had always been his sanctuary. He solved many cases in this room because it is where he did hid best thinking. He looked at books, pictures and maps. For some reason that cleared his head. And Ethan needed a clear head to know what to do next.

He thought about everybody. Madeline was such a sweet child. She loved being outside running through the grass. She loved animals. Ethan thought about how he told her about the swans. That they live in the park. As soon as he told Madeline that he had to take her there. How many times had he taken her to see them? They would walk along the side of the pond and through pieces of bread at them. It made her so happy.

Then there was Sarah. She was lying so peacefully in the other room. Ethan knew that she loved him with her entire being. They had gone through so many things together and survived all of it. Could she continue to love him after this? He knew she could handle the Crossroads Massacre. He didn’t know if she could handle the other stuff.

Layla was sitting at Patricia’s wondering what was going to happen next. How could she? Nobody knew what was going to happen next. Ethan hoped that she had followed the instructions that he left with her. He didn’t expect her to have to wait this long, but things were complicated. If she only knew how he loved her everything would be alright. Or maybe it wouldn’t.

Ethan also thought about Kat. She was a good detective, and it wouldn’t be long before she put some of the pieces together about the Crossroads Massacre. When she did all hell would break loose. Kat wouldn’t know everything, but she would know enough. Then she would come get him, and he would have to talk.

He would talk about what happened at the club. He would talk about Layla. Once he talked Sarah would find out about Layla. Jonas and Mabel would find out. Fuck, even Patricia would find out. After everything he had done how could he face all of them? How could he face Layla? Ethan came to the conclusion that he was royally fucked.

     Ethan looked out of the window at the lights on the ocean. He thought about the ship he had watched earlier in the evening. How great it would be to get on a boat and just go? He realized what he had to do. Ethan sat at his desk and put pen to paper. He chose his words carefully as he wrote Sarah a note. Once he was satisfied with it Ethan placed the note in a place where only Sarah could find it. He got his car keys and headed for the Camaro. Ethan roared the engine and took off into the night.