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The Return

Posted in Uncategorized on February 20, 2014 by Ethan

It has been almost a year since published a post on this blog. Honestly, I thought this blog had run its course. I had run out of stories and run out of inspiration. However, a few things have been left unfinished. There was the beginning of a story that has been my deepest and darkest fantasy for many years.

Replaying that fantasy in my mind has led to a couple of things. It has led me to realize that I have to finish it on this blog. It has also led me to remember that there are a few factual stories out there to be told.

I do this with uncertainty. I understand that the rules have changed since my last post. We are not allowed to post explicit photographs. I also do not know how many of my followers are still out there. If you have read some of my past writings, then I hope that you will read the ones in the future. If you have never seen this blog, then I hope you read what I have to say and explore some of the things I have said before.