The Week – Day Three

When I woke up, T.J. was still asleep. She was facing away from me and the sheets had fallen to her waist. I assume she must have gotten hot in the night. Her hair fell down her back. I could see the curve of her ass under the sheet. I looked at her for a while before putting my hand under the sheet and brushing over her ass.

I placed my fingers on T.J.’s pussy to see if it was wet. It was and must have been wet all night. I rubbed her lips until she sleepily squirmed. Before she woke completely, I slid two fingers into her wet pussy and moved them around. T.J. awoke and tried to turn to face me.

“Don’t move.”

She stayed where she was. I took my soaked fingers out of her pussy and placed one of them on her asshole. T.J. moaned and resisted.

“No, it’s so sore from last night. I think you made it bleed.”

I did not stop. One finger slid easily into her ass. She had handled the vibrator, and I knew she could handle this.

“Don’t worry. I won’t hurt your ass anymore if you are a good girl.”

I could sense her pussy getting wetter. I ran my finger in and out of her ass while I whispered in her ear.

“Who is in charge?”

“You are.”

“Are you sure?”


“Yes, what?”

“Yes, sir.”

I kept talking as my finger worked T.J.’s ass. She started moving her ass with my finger’s thrusts.

“Now, I am going to try two fingers.”

“Please don’t. My ass really hurts.”

“Ok. I’ll do something to make it feel better.”

I pulled the sheet down and rolled T.J. onto her back. I grabbed her calves and pushed her legsas high as they would go. I spread her legs so that her asshole shined. Then, I leaned it and licked its length with my tongue. T.J. squealed as I pushed my tongue into her ass as far as it would go. The juices from her pussy flowed into her crevice and over my tongue. Her ass may have been hurting from the night before, but it was also sensitive to the touch. I thought she was going to cum right then.

I moved my tongue from T.J.’s ass and moved to her pussy. Then, I moved to her stomach. Up to her breasts and neck. Finally, I slipped my tongue into her mouth. As she tasted her ass on my tongue, my cock eased into T.J.’s pussy.AAA

I stroked slowly and whispered into her ear.

“Who is in charge?”

“You are.”

“Who is in charge?”

“You are.”

Over and over. In and out. Finally, her pussy clenched as she came all over me. A few seconds later, I was pouring inside of T.J.

“Today, you will prove that you mean what you say.”


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