The Crush

I had known Leigh since elementary school, and I had a huge crush on her for just as long. It was her eyes. They were mesmerizing. Those kind of eyes that you can get lost in forever. As we moved into our teenage years, she continued to be one of my classmates, but I was always too shy to ask her out. Finally, I got up the courage to ask her on one date, but I was not smooth enough to make any moves.

We went to different colleges. However, we saw each other occasionally. One weekend, my roommate and I went to her campus to see some old high school friends. She ended up drinking with us, but I was still too naive to do anything. I remember telling my buddy in a drunken stupor that I was going to fuck her. That was just the whiskey talking. I was not going to do anything. That was before my experience with Kim.

The years passed. Leigh got married. I started the sexual adventures that have been chronicled in this blog. Honestly, I never thought about Leigh. Then, I heard that she was divorced and had moved back to town. Still, no effort was made to contact her. She was a crush from the past, and I had moved on. That changed when I met some friends for drinks and discovered that she had been invited, too.

Leigh was starting over and wanted to get out on the town. I talked about some of the fun things that I knew about and how I would be happy to take her out one night. She thought that would be great but wanted me to understand that it was not a date. We were just two old friends having a good time.

That was fine with me. I was not going to push it. We were not kids anymore, and I was not lusting after her.

We hit the usual spots, and Leigh had a good time. We talked about the old days, and I showed her how to get back into the circuit. The night lasted longer than we realized, and, eventually, it was time to go home. We walked to my car and got in. As I put the key in the ignition, things took a turn for the better.

Leigh leaned in, kissed me, and said that she had been wanting to do that all night. That was awesome, but her next move was surprising. She undid my pants and pulled out my cock. Before I knew it, she had it all in her mouth. My eyes went into the back of my head as Leigh gave one of the best blow jobs I had ever had.Car Job

It was cool outside and hot inside, which made the windows fog up. That was a good thing because people were walking by the car the entire time. As she took all of my cock into her mouth, I tried to fondle Leigh’s pussy or at least get my hands to her breasts. That did not work. I could only grip the steering wheel. She sucked, and I gripped. Finally, I could not take anymore and came deep into her throat.

“Do you think you can get that back up by the time we get to my house?”


I drove to Leigh’s house with visions of fucking in my head. When we arrived, I was not disappointed. As soon as we walked into the door, I had her clothes off. She still had a good body, but her breasts were outstanding. They were huge and her nipples were hard. Dark and round. They were sticking out farther than any I had ever seen. They were just waiting to be bitten and sucked.

We made it to her bed, and I did everything to Leigh that my adolescent mind has fantasized about. We used every position in the book. We were all over the bed as I pounded her from behind. I was smothered by her breasts as she got on top. However, the best part was when I got her into the missionary position. Usually, I like something more exotic. This time was different.

In the missionary position, I could stare into her mesmerizing eyes. In the missionary position, I could watch her breasts move up and down with my thrusts. I could look at them as they fell slightly to her side. In the missionary position, I could hook my arms under her legs to go deeper. I could change speeds. I could watch her mouth as she said that she had not been fucked like that in years. In the missionary position, I could watch her cum. In the missionary position, I could drive deep within her and pour my cum inside of her.

I could all of that just like I had imagined all those years before.

I got up the next morning and kiss Leigh goodbye. We never went out again, and we never had sex again. I knew what it was. I was someone comfortable and familiar. I was someone she considered safe that could help her make the transition from marriage to single life. I was her bridge.

As I drove home, I called my old college roommate. I remembered that old drunken declaration and had to tell him that I finally did it.


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  1. I loved this story but really – never again?

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