The Deluge

The weather report was horrible. Storms were descending upon the city, but there was no way I was going to miss the concert. Crystal had other ideas. She was worried about the wind and the rain. She was also worried about flooding. At the last minute, she said that she was not going to go. I was not mad, but I was not going to the concert alone.

I called a few friends, but none were available. Then, I remembered Laynie, a young woman at work who had mentioned how much she would like to go to the concert. She was a sight to behold. Red hair. Green eyes. She was barely old enough to drink but thought she knew the ways of the world. I called and asked her to the concert. Her excitement could be felt through the phone.

When I picked Laynie up, I could not believe it. High heels. Low cut shirt. Tight jeans. Her ass was the right size. Plenty to hold on to. Once we were in the car, she made her intentions clear. She was only going because she was dying to see this performer. It was not a date, and I should not expect anything to happen. I agreed but had no intentions of letting it go that easily.

It rained a little on the way, but it had stopped by the time we parked. Some of her friends had rented a hotel room and wanted us to stop by for drinks. The entire room had been turned into a giant bar. They had everything anyone could want. In fact, they were loaded when we arrived and immediately offered up shots. Laynie would only take a shot if I did. I do not usually do shots but knew that she needed to be loosened up.

She had a few more drinks while I pretended to have a few. Then, we headed to dinner in the private club of the arena. It was perfect. It was quiet, and we were away from the crowd. I could start working on her refusal to end the night in an embrace. I ordered a bottle of wine and began to soften her stance.

I asked if she had a boyfriend. She asked if I had a girlfriend. Slowly, the conversation got more personal. She asked about my sexual adventures. I told her a few things but did not want to spook her. I asked about hers. She told a few stories that I thought might be true. Others I was not as sure about. In short, I got her into a sexual frame of mind.

After getting more drinks, we made it to the seats. The performer entered the arena and started the show. This is where things get a little fuzzy. Perhaps, I had one too many drinks, as well. I know that I placed my hand on her knee. Then, I started rubbing her thigh. Eventually, I made my way to the crotch of her jeans. Laynie did not stop me, and I could tell why. She was totally soaked.

I leaned in to kiss her, and Laynie opened her lips slightly to take in my tongue. This continued throughout the concert. We were not listening to the music, and we were not listening to the performer as he continuously reported the weather outside. It was getting rough. He was warning people in the crowd that they should leave if they felt it necessary. No one left.

As the show ended, I could not get Laynie home fast enough. My cock was hard, and I did not want her out of the mood. We walked to the car through the rain. People on the street were talking about the storm, and I could tell that it had been worse than it was then.

As I drove her home, Laynie was squirming. It was not the downpour that we were driving through.Rain

I knew what she wanted, but she could not convince herself. She kept saying that the night was fun, but we had gone too far. Nothing else was going to happen. We would see about that.

I pulled into the driveway and got out to open her door. The rain had stopped for a while. I walked her to her backdoor.

“You are not coming in.”

“I know. I am walking you to the door because it is the gentlemanly thing to do.”

As she reached to unlock the door, I turned her around and kissed her goodnight. I pulled her close to me so she could feel the bulge in my pants. Laynie moaned as I darted my tongue into her mouth and moved my hands to her breasts. Being young, her skin was smooth and her breasts were perky. Her nipples were erect as my hands kneaded them. I knew she was going to give in.

I was never going to get into her house, but I did not have to. I pressed Laynie against the car and unfastened her jeans. Soon, her jeans were around her ankles. Her white thong covered just enough for her not to be nude. She fumbled with my jeans until I helped her get my cock out. That is when she slid down the car until she was kneeling in front of me. She took my cock into her mouth as much as she could, but I could tell that she wasn’t that experienced.

I pulled her up and pulled her panties down. Now, it was my turn to kneel as I pulled Laynie’s jeans and panties away. Then, I turned her around. She had told me at dinner that she had always wanted her boyfriend to lick her asshole, but he would not do it. I had no such reservations. I spread her cheeks and gave her hole and ran my tongue across it. Layne gave out a  squeal and a whimper.

Then, I stood up. I bent Laynie over the car and entered her from behind. That was something else her boyfriend would not do. Obviously, he was not experienced, either. How could a guy have an ass like that at his disposal and not want to fuck his girlfriend from behind?

I eased into her, but I did not have to. Her pussy was dripping wet. It was running down her thighs and finding its way onto my balls. I stroked her slowly as she laid her head on the car. I was determined to make her cum. It took some time, but she finally exploded. Then, it was my turn. I pulled out a came all over her ass.

When we were finished, Laynie was shocked. She had never envisioned having sex with someone old enough to be her father. She had never had sex outside. She had never had an orgasm like that. In fact, she was convinced that it was the first time it had ever happened. What she thought were orgasms really were not.

We cleaned up with a towel that I kept in the car. I kissed her goodnight and drove away. As I did, the rain began to pour like I had never seen. It rained all night, and the city suffered a flood. However, no matter how much it rained it never got as wet as Laynie’s pussy.


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