The Request

One of the women I have written about before also reads this blog. She requested that I write about another one of our adventures together.

Lauren would contact me occasionally to ask if I wanted to fuck her. She had a live-in boyfriend and several men on the side, but that never seemed to be enough. Some times I would oblige her, and those times were always fun. Most times, I would say no. She possessed one of the best pussies I have ever entered, but I got a lot of pleasure from denying her. I don’t know why. Maybe, it was because she was so submissive. I knew being turned down was torturing her.

A few times, I got her to send nude pictures to me while her boyfriend was in the other room. Other times, when I allowed her to see me, I would take a marker a write on her as she laid handcuffed to a table leg. But, this time I allowed her to come over and get what she wanted.

When Lauren walked into the house, she, like a good slut, went straight to the bedroom. Before I could get there, she was already disrobing. Her bra was off, and her ample breasts were exposed to the air. As much as I like Lauren’s pussy and ass, her breasts are some of the best I have ever sucked on. Soon, her pants and panties followed, and Lauren was lying on my bed completely nude.

She didn’t want to be kissed. She didn’t want to be cuddled. She wanted to be fucked, and she wanted her pussy to explode. First, she had to suck my cock. Lauren is the only person who has ever taken all of my cock into her mouth, and she is the only person who has made me cum that way. She took me deep as I pulled her head further onto my shaft. I could feel the head hit the back of her throat.Blow

Then, I pushed her down and opened her legs. The only thing Lauren would never do for me is wax her pussy. I might would have licked her if she had done it. There she laid with her bush framing the lips of her pussy. It was wet and gaping. My cock slid into it easily. With her legs over my shoulders, I fucked Lauren for a while. But, that’s not what she wanted.

I turned Lauren over and entered her from behind. As I pushed my cock into her pussy, my hand instinctively grabbed the back of her neck. As I slid in and out, I pushed her head into the mattress. The harder I stroked, the more force my hand pushed onto her neck. She was moaning. I was pounding. She loved the feeling of being controlled. She loved the feeling of being held down and taken from behind. She loved the feeling of her pussy about to explode.

I pulled out. There was no way I was going to let her cum. She begged me to put it back in. If I didn’t want her pussy, then I could have her ass. She just wanted me inside of her with my hand on her neck.

I refused and came all over her back. I cleaned her off and told her to leave.

That was the last time that I fucked Lauren. When she asked me to write about this, she said that she has been needing someone to hold her down like that. She has been needing someone to push her head into the mattress and pound her. She has been needing someone to do that until her pussy explodes. But, no one will do it. I’m not the only one who is able to make her feel that way. I’m not going to do it. If I decide to do it, then I’m still not going to let her cum.


18 Responses to “The Request”

  1. I would find that much too frustrating.

  2. sounds like you’re just being mean and she likes it – a perfect balance really, besides, she called you. Hope ir works for both of you.

  3. oh how cruel..but you know she likes a cruel man ..and a challenge perhaps…

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