The Blizzard – Part 1

A while ago, I said that I would write about my darkest fantasy. This is it.

“Take me back to the hotel.”

The snow started falling that morning but wasn’t supposed to accumulate until my plane had taken off. Unfortunately, the meteorologists were wrong. The cab was halfway to the airport when my phone dinged with the news. All flights were cancelled. Instead of spending the night on the floor of the airport, I gambled that I could get my old room back.

I had tried to call ahead, but the circuits were busy. I guess everyone was on the phone. As I called over and over, the driver was going as fast as he could. But, that wasn’t very fast.Taxi

Finally, we made it, and I ran through the doors to the desk.

“Do you still have my old room?”

The young girl behind the counter smiled, but that smile hid bad news.

“I’m sorry Mr. Cord. We just booked the last room. I guess everyone is trying to find a place to stay.”

“I was afraid of that. Do you know of any other hotels in the area that might have a room?”

She made a few calls but everything was booked. Apparently, I was the only idiot to check out of my room in a blizzard. Either that, or I was the last person to think about turning around.

“Thanks for trying. Maybe, I can make it back to the airport and find a bench. At least, I will be ready when the planes start to take off.”

“There’s no reason for that.”

I turned around to find a man wearing a suit and an overcoat. He said that his name was Jedediah and stuck out his hand. I shook it.

“I’m Ethan.”

“I just checked in to the suite, and it has two bedrooms. I only need one. You can take the other one.”

“I appreciate it, but I don’t want to impose.”

“It’s no imposition. Let’s go.”

I grabbed my bag, and we walked to the elevator.

“So Ethan, what brings you to town?”

“I’m doing some research for a book. It’s nothing exciting. I can promise you that.”

“Well, from the looks of the weather you are going to have plenty of time to do more research. I don’t think this is going to break for a while.”

We made it to the suite, which was the biggest hotel room I had ever seen, and went to our rooms to unpack. Through the door, I asked Jedediah what he did for a living.

“I am a psychiatrist. There’s a conference going on, but I’m not sure it will happen. This blizzard is keeping as many people out as it is keeping in. You never did tell me what your book was about.”

“It’s about prostitutes in the 1800s. It’s also a long story.”

“You said that it was nothing exciting. I can’t wait to hear about this. You can tell me all about it over dinner.”

“The hotel has a great restaurant. I should know. I ate there last night. But, I need to take a shower first.”

Jedediah did some work on his laptop while I went into the bathroom. I needed to shave and shower. I had planned on doing all of this at home, but the situation had changed. I turned the water on super hot and climbed in. I wanted to be clean, but I really wanted to shave my balls. I had not shaved them in days, and it was beginning to itch. It felt good to get the stubble off. Once that was done, I climbed out; dried off; and shaved my face. There was plenty of stubble there, too.

Jedediah was still on his laptop when I walked to my room and put on clean clothes. Well, they weren’t clean because I had worn them a few days earlier. I guess I should have overpacked.

Once dressed, we went made our way to the restaurant. It was packed. Apparently, everyone in the hotel had the same idea that we did. the hottest was a brunette that I had noticed the night before. I had tried my best to flirt with her, but nothing came out right.

“Hi Mr. Cord. It’s good to have you back.”

“I wish I could say that it is good to be here, but I was hoping to be home. Call me Ethan.”

“I know. This is terrible. I can’t go home, either. We are all snowed in.”

“By the way, this is Jedediah.”

“Call me Jed. And, what is your name.”

“Melissa, but everyone calls me Mel.”

We followed Mel to a table. It may be more accurate to say that we followed her ass to a table.

Jed and I sat down and ordered drinks. Our server had also waited on me the night before. Her name was Jamie, and she was a lovely blonde. However, she was not as lovely as Mel.

“Ethan, you sure know how to pick a restaurant. Everyone who works here is hot.”

Throughout the meal, we talked about my book and his convention. It turns out that our subjects were similar. I wrote about prostitutes and he specialized in sexual addiction. Those topics led us into a discussion of the restaurant employees.

“You know Ethan, everyone has a kink that gets them off. They might not realize it, but it is there. I wonder what gets Mel and Jamie off.”

“I don’t know, but it would be a lot of fun finding out.”

We went through a list of what they might find interesting and wondered if they would let us discover it with them. Somewhere in the list, they both walked over to the table. I’m not sure if they heard the conversation or just bored because all of the other diners had left.

They sat down for a while, but the manager came over to put them back to work. I got quiet as my mind filled with visions of them. I watched them clean tables and straighten chairs. It was ordinary stuff, but I felt myself getting turned on anyway. Just imagining them doing the things that we had talked about was arousing me.

“Ethan, are you ok?”

“What? Oh, I’m good. I was daydreaming for a second.”

“About what?”

“About them. What else would I be thinking about?”

“That’s a good question. You could have been thinking about your own kinks.”

He was right. I wasn’t thinking about what they would like. I was thinking about what I would like to do to them. Suddenly, I was embarrassed. I was sitting at a table with some guy that I had met a few hours earlier, and I had a hard on thinking about a couple of women who were cleaning tables.

“Ethan, I think it’s time that you explored your kink.”

“Look Jed, I’m not young. I have done everything that I could ever imagine.”

Jed looked at me then looked at the two women.

“I bet there is one thing you have imagined that you have never done.”

He glanced back at Mel and Jamie.

“I think it’s time that you did it.”


9 Responses to “The Blizzard – Part 1”

  1. Butterfly Joy Says:

    Yeah! here starts the darkest journey! I am so excited Ethan. Thanks for writing.

  2. I have missed you!! More than you know.

    I can’t wait to read what happens next. You’re leaving us hanging here.

  3. so, doing two women…are you in control or are they in control of you?

  4. ..still waiting patiently….

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