The Mission

“Please, let me out of the house. Take me somewhere.”

Josie had been saying that for several days now. For a while, I couldn’t understand the issue. I was taking good care of her.

I fed her and even let her eat at the table rather than out of her bowl on the floor.

When I took her to the backyard to potty, I let her go out without a leash.

I bathed her and kept her well-groomed. On top of that, I had not pissed on her in forever. I figured my territory was pretty well marked.

She didn’t have to pick out something to wear everyday because she was not allowed to wear clothes.

Josie even had free roam of the house and did not have to go back into her box unless another woman was coming over.

Deep down though, I guess I knew what she meant. After all, I had not allowed her to go anywhere for months. In fact, Josie had not been anywhere since she showed up at my doorstep. She needed a night out.

“Ok, I’m going to take you out, but you have to wear these clothes that I bought for you.”

Josie’s eyes lit up when I said that. “Thank you, Sir. I’ll put them on right now.

I waited and listened as Josie got ready for the evening. Then, she walked out, and I couldn’t believe my eyes. The short, tight miniskirt. The backless shirt that showed all kinds of cleavage. The six-inch stacked heels. She was out of this world, but she didn’t seem to like it.

“What’s wrong?”


“Nothing is not an answer. What’s wrong?”

“I look like a prostitute.”

“But, that’s what you are. You didn’t think I was going to let you out without paying for it did you?”

Shock shown on her face, but she answered, “No, Sir.”

“Good. Tonight, you are going on a mission. We are going to Robertson Road where the whores work, and I am going to rent a room at a motel. You are going to walk the streets until you get a john into that room. I will be sitting in the car listening through this device.”

I took out a small microphone and slipped it into her purse.

“I changed my mind. I don’t want to go out.”

“Too late. We are going out. But, not before you take off your panties.”

Josie wanted to sigh but didn’t. Instead, she obediently slid her panties down to the floor and stepped out of them.


I sat in the motel parking lot and watched Josie walk back and forth along the road.Motel

My brain had been working overtime wondering what Josie was going to get paid to do, and my cock was growing harder by the minute. Watching her was making it even harder. It was a cool night, so Josie was rubbing her arms. I could almost see the goosebumps and wondered if they were from the cold or from the nervousness.

Whenever a car slowed down, Josie seemed to tense up and turn away from it. Sometimes, her ankle would slightly turn in the hig heels, and she would stumble a little. A regular john would know that she wasn’t a pro. Hopefully, that would attract some attention, too.

It took a little while, but a car finally stopped. The microphone was muffled, but I could pick out a few things.

“Damn, look how hot you are.”

“What’s your name?”

“I have a room back here just waiting…”

Josie walked to the room as the car followed behind. My cock was about to explode through my jeans. The car parked, and I watched as the driver climbed out. He was young. College aged. I thought it was his first time doing this. Then, I got a surprise. Another guy got out of the passenger side.

Josie waited at the door with a smile on her face until they got closer. That’s when the other surprise happened. Another guy climbed out of the backseat. Josie was about to enter a motel room with three men, and each of them looked like that could fuck her for days.

They walked into the room and shut the door. Now, I couldn’t see anything. I could only hear bits and pieces through the microphone.

I could hear the guys.

“Take off your…”

“Fuck, you look better without clothes…”

“…the bed and spread…”

They were laughing and doing what sounded like high fives. Then, I heard Josie.

“…shit, that thing is huge.”

“I’m not sure this…”

One of the guys.

“Oh yeah, this is going to work.”

I heard more sounds like people climbing on a bed. I heard creaking and moaning.

“Don’t worry baby. You’re going to like this.

I heard skin slapping together. I heard more moaning. I heard sucking sounds and other noises that I couldn’t make out.

This went on for an eternity. My mind was racing. What’s going on in there? What’s happening to Josie?

“Fuck, you’re ripping me apart.”

“…can’t believe it. We’re fucking every hole.”

I knew what that meant. Josie was getting triple penetrated. There was a cock in her mouth, ass and pussy. They really were ripping her apart. Then, I heard something that I had never even thought of.

“Do you think we can get two cocks into her…”

I couldn’t hear anymore words. All I could hear were screams of pleasure, screams of pain, groaning and bodies moving. I listened as best I could while my cock raged inside my pants. Josie was fulfilling her mission of being a whore.

Finally, the noises quieted down, and the three guys walked out the door. They looked exhausted but completely satisfied. When they pulled off, I walked to the door and opened it. Josie was lying on the bed completely nude. Just like I was accustomed to seeing her. She looked totally fucked, which I knew she was. Her legs were spread, and her pussy was open and raw. I wondered if they had gotten two cocks into it. Of course, they could have gotten two cocks into her ass.

I sat on the bed and caressed Josie’s forehead. I leaned in to kiss it and told her that she was a good girl. In fact, if she continued to be a good girl, then I would let her back out of the house to do this again.


9 Responses to “The Mission”

  1. MaríMar Says:

    *Takes a big breath*
    Wow and double wow….
    Your fantasy has me all turned on.
    This was definitely worth waiting for…
    This will be used later and a special twist will be used later. 🙂
    Thank you so much.

  2. Butterfly Joy Says:

    😀 how could I have missed this!!! Wow Ethan this is so hot!!! Write more! Josie is my favorite girl 😉

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