The Prelude

Writing this blog has been a fun and interesting experience. I have discovered a group of people who are aroused by the same things that arouse me. I have met Doms and subs and people who just like to get their freak on from time to time. It seems that sexual explorers are everywhere.

Throughout the past couple of months, I have written about experiences that have been shared with some wonderful women. I have shared a fictional tale that sprang from my mind a few years ago. I do my best thinking in that space between being awake and being asleep, and the adventures of Ethan, Layla and the others came to me during that time. The story stayed in my mind until I had to get it out. It may or may not surprise many of you that the story contained some darker elements in its original version. They were things that needed to be altered before hitting publish.

Sometimes I wonder what happened to Layla, Sarah, Patricia, Kat and all of the rest. I am sure that Ethan died in that fire, and I am sure that he left a lot of damaged souls in his wake.

I have also offered some short stories of fantasy. Some of them have been the source of many masturbating moments through the years. A few were inspired by one of my readers. However, there is one fantasy story left to be told. It is my deepest and darkest fantasy, and one that has never been shared with anyone. It will take some time to write, but I promise that it will be up soon. Please, consider this post as a prelude.

That fantasy will be the last post on this blog. I have delved into my sexual past and explored experiences that were almost forgotten. It has been great to relive them and share them. I still think about all of the women that shared those experiences with me. They will always be part of me.

To all of the women I have known; to the readers who have shared my stories; to the bloggers who have aroused me with their own stories and pictures, “Still, you turn me on.” You always have and always will.

37 Responses to “The Prelude”

  1. That sounds like a gorgeous ending of your own. (but why stop?)

    • I knew when I started this blog that I would eventually run out of true stories. I don’t believe it should be all fantasy. Perhaps, I can come up with some new experiences to share in the future.

  2. I echo Jayne’s question. Why stop?

    • I have come to a point where more true stories need to play out. I don’t want to stop, but I need true inspiration. While I like writing the fantasy stories, the true stories are what drives me.

  3. mirabella Says:

    Love this saddens me…as I have just found you. Wish you all the best …Bells x

    • Thank you for reading and for commenting. I hate to leave like this, but I have run out of inspiration for the moment. The true stories – the ones that have made me who I am – are the ones that I enjoy writing, and, I hope, you enjoy reading. I need to get some more true stories.

  4. Don’t stop. I need you.

  5. I’ve enjoyed the fantasy posts …. if you decide to not fully retire, I promise to read and enjoy them. 🙂

  6. Butterfly Joy Says:

    Josie in the box would feel very sad to see you go, Ethan. Don’t! Stay and play with her.

  7. Go on your adventure… If you must… But return when you need…we will be here… You are leaving us all hot & bothered! (;

  8. Then I will wait until you are inspired again….
    I hope you find your inspiration soon…I’ll make sure to kiss her when you do. 🙂
    Thank you for your kind sweet words…

  9. […] while ago, I said that I would write about my darkest fantasy. This is […]

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