The Reprisal – Part 13

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Ethan lay in the bed staring at Sarah. Tracing his finger down her bare back he couldn’t help but think how beautiful she was. She had been through a lot through the years, and the past twenty-seven days may have been the worst. But through all of the hard times she had been able to hold on to her appearance. He lightly ran his finger down Sarah’s back as she slept. Down her spine to the small of her back. The sensation must have wakened her. She raised her head.

“Ethan. What are you thinking about?”

“I’m thinking about the love that you laid on my table?”

To celebrate Ethan’s mental improvement Sarah cooked his favorite meal. As they dined and wined the conversation went all over the place. It was as if they were catching up on old times. They talked about Jonas and Mabel. Both had called every day to check on Ethan. They talked about when they first met and their wedding. They discussed improvements needed on the house. They talked about happy things. When the conversation died Sarah took the dishes away and cleaned the table.

“I have a special dessert for you.”

“If it’s half as good as dinner then I’m not sure I can handle it.”

“Oh, I think you can handle it.”

With that Sarah walked out of the kitchen completely nude. Ethan couldn’t believe his eyes when she climbed on the table and spread her legs in front of him.Table Spread

“I got a Brazilian wax. I hope you like my bare pussy and ass. I think you will find your dessert very sweet.”

Ethan didn’t say anything. He used his hands to spread Sarah’s legs apart even further and buried his face in her hairless pussy. He licked and sucked and stuck his tongue as far inside of her as he could get it.Licking

“God you have a wonderful tongue!”

Ethan placed Sarah’s knees over his shoulders and ran his tongue down the crack of her ass. Sarah’s back arched as she whimpered.

“Oh Ethan your tongue feels like velvet! Please stick your tongue in my ass!”

“I’m going to stick more than my tongue in it.”

As Sarah laid on the table watching Ethan stood up and took off his clothes. First his t-shirt then his jeans. As Ethan pulled his jeans down his hard cock sprang loose.

“This is what is going in your ass.”

“Oh yes Ethan. That’s what I want.”

Ethan climbed onto the table and parted Sarah’s legs. Her bare pussy shined with wetness. It was a perfect target, and Ethan forced his cock into it. The table squeaked ad he pushed hard into Sarah.

“My God Ethan! Your cock is so hard! I love it!”

As Ethan fucked Sarah he stared into her eyes. She always closed her eyes when she came.

“Please don’t close your eyes. I want to look into your soul as you cum.”

Sarah didn’t close her eyes. She stared at Ethan. Suddenly, tears formed. As she came tears flowed down her face.

“I love you Ethan! I love you so much!”

He pulled his cock out of her pussy and placed its head on her asshole.

“Are you ready?”

“Please give it to me.”

Using Sarah’s juices as lube Ethan slowly slid his cock into Sarah’s ass. She shivered as it went all the way in. He began to move it in and out. Faster and faster with each stroke. Once again Sarah began to cry.

“Am I hurting you?”

“No! No! Don’t stop! Don’t take  it away!”

Ethan’s cock got harder, and the strokes became more forceful.

“Damn Sarah! I’m going to cum!”

“Not yet! Please don’t cum yet!”

He tried to hold off as much as he could.

“Cum in my mouth Ethan! Let me swallow you!”

Ethan pulled out of Sarah’s ass. He placed his prick over her face. She reached up with her mouth and took it all. As she sucked Sarah pumped with her hand. It wasn’t long before Ethan came in her throat. They laid on the table holding each other.

“Oh my God, Ethan. That was the best sex we ever had.”

“Must have been that Brazilian guy you met.”

Sarah hit him.

“Very funny. You know I love you very much don’t you?”

“I’ve always known that Sarah.”

“We have had a lot of things happen in our life together. We have gotten through all of it, and we can get through this.”

Ethan didn’t respond. He wanted to talk about it, but he couldn’t tell her everything. Not yet. All he could do was hold Sarah as tight as he could.

Sarah fell asleep on the table, so Ethan carried her to bed. He looked at her, touched her and thought about all that had happened.Bed

He woke Sarah up, but she soon went back to sleep. Ethan wasn’t so lucky. He couldn’t stop his mind from working.

Ethan picked up his clothes in the dining room and put them on then went to his office. It had always been his sanctuary. He solved many cases in this room because it is where he did hid best thinking. He looked at books, pictures and maps. For some reason that cleared his head. And Ethan needed a clear head to know what to do next.

He thought about everybody. Madeline was such a sweet child. She loved being outside running through the grass. She loved animals. Ethan thought about how he told her about the swans. That they live in the park. As soon as he told Madeline that he had to take her there. How many times had he taken her to see them? They would walk along the side of the pond and through pieces of bread at them. It made her so happy.

Then there was Sarah. She was lying so peacefully in the other room. Ethan knew that she loved him with her entire being. They had gone through so many things together and survived all of it. Could she continue to love him after this? He knew she could handle the Crossroads Massacre. He didn’t know if she could handle the other stuff.

Layla was sitting at Patricia’s wondering what was going to happen next. How could she? Nobody knew what was going to happen next. Ethan hoped that she had followed the instructions that he left with her. He didn’t expect her to have to wait this long, but things were complicated. If she only knew how he loved her everything would be alright. Or maybe it wouldn’t.

Ethan also thought about Kat. She was a good detective, and it wouldn’t be long before she put some of the pieces together about the Crossroads Massacre. When she did all hell would break loose. Kat wouldn’t know everything, but she would know enough. Then she would come get him, and he would have to talk.

He would talk about what happened at the club. He would talk about Layla. Once he talked Sarah would find out about Layla. Jonas and Mabel would find out. Fuck, even Patricia would find out. After everything he had done how could he face all of them? How could he face Layla? Ethan came to the conclusion that he was royally fucked.

     Ethan looked out of the window at the lights on the ocean. He thought about the ship he had watched earlier in the evening. How great it would be to get on a boat and just go? He realized what he had to do. Ethan sat at his desk and put pen to paper. He chose his words carefully as he wrote Sarah a note. Once he was satisfied with it Ethan placed the note in a place where only Sarah could find it. He got his car keys and headed for the Camaro. Ethan roared the engine and took off into the night.

11 Responses to “The Reprisal – Part 13”

  1. I’m starting to get very sad for Ethan, and I don’t know why…

  2. Butterfly Joy Says:

    Yay another installment! 🙂 Can’t wait to see the final string that ties everything together. Great work Ethan!

  3. TheOthers1 Says:

    This is messy. I wanted that reconnection with Sarah though. I’ll be looking for the next bit.

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