The Twist

I remember that it was snowing. Connie, her best friend Jennifer and I were hanging out at a local bar. It was early in our relationship, and we were still figuring each other out. On this snowy night, I would learn a lot of things.

We were laughing and drinking. Connie and I were sitting close to each other. Touching. Kissing. Doing the things that young lovers do. Jennifer took notice and was making fun of us. It wasn’t long before the conversation turned flirtatious. Jennifer talked about how jealous she was and how she felt left out. I told her that she could kiss Connie any time she wanted. They started talking about how they had kissed but never had the courage to do more. I told them that they should try it.

The conversation started out jokingly but turned serious. They were warming up to the idea of having sex with each other. I was trying to figure out how I was going to work my way into this.

We went back to my place after buying more liquid courage, but I was beginning to think that they weren’t courageous enough. Connie and Jennifer would have to be eased into this, so I said something about playing a game – naked Twister. I would spin the wheel while they played. They acted shocked but agreed to play in their underwear. It was a start.

I spun the wheel, and they twisted their bodies together. I could tell that they were getting hotter by the minute. Soon, their nipples were spilling out of their bras as their bodies stretched. Their legs were spread and wrapped around each other. Their asses were in the air and in my face. I was getting harder as they were getting hotter. It wasn’t long before they fell into a pile and were kissing.

I eased myself into the grouping and Connie didn’t object. Jennifer absolutely didn’t object. I think she was wanting a threesome the entire time. However, she stopped everything because she had to pee. Jennifer ran upstairs while Connie and I continued. We kissed. We rubbed. We had all of our clothes off by the time Jennifer came back.

That’s when disaster struck. Jennifer was in such a hurry that she missed a step, fell and twisted her ankle. Talk about a mood killer. Connie and I both rushed to Jennifer’s side and watched as her ankle swelled, which was the opposite of what my cock was doing.

I was convinced that everything should stop, but Jennifer would have none of it. She wanted to have a threesome. After some relaxation to allow the mood to rebuild, we were all over each other. Kissing each other. Rubbing each other. Before I knew it, they were licking and sucking my cock together. Not long after, Jennifer was spread on the floor as I fucked her and Connie sat on her face.

It wasn’t one of my greatest performances. There was so much stimulation that I came fast. However, Connie and Jennifer didn’t seem to mind. As I watched, they pleassured each other over and over.Blonde

What did I learn? I learned that I loved Connie and that I didn’t want to see her with anyone, woman or man, but me. I learned that threesomes are fun, but they can affect hit the heart as well as hit the ankle.


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