The Breakup

I met Cynthia at a Christmas party. She had been invited by a friend of a friend and made an impact as soon as she entered them room. Long blonde hair. Great smile. In a young and naive part of my life, I was taken aback. As the night progressed, we found ourselves in the same groupings and eventually found ourselves in a private conversation. It was obvious to everyone that there was a connection.

The next day, I started getting calls from some of the people who were at the party. Be careful. Watch out. She’s not what she seems. The words were different, but the message was always the same. I didn’t care. She was pretty. She was funny. At that moment, Cynthia was what I was looking for.

We went out a few times, and each time was better than the last. Nothing intimate. Just having a good time. Then, the intimacy began. Cynthia’s skin was soft, but her lips were softer. Her kisses were magical, but the other things she did with her lips were out of the world. She moved her mouth over my body. When Cynthia took my cock into her mouth, it was as warm, soft and wet as any pussy.Blow Job

I exploded into her throat.

I could not get enough of Cynthia, and she could not get enough of me. We saw each other as often as possible and explored every inch of each other.

My most memorable time was at her house. Cynthia led me into her bedroom, where dozens of candle had been lit. We slowly undressed each other in the flickering light. We kissed. We licked. We sucked. We explored. We made love. However, I vividly remember the sweat. The room was hot. We were hot for each other. Sweat poured off of us as we made love throughout the night.

Everything was great, but I began to get a strange feeling. Cynthia sent flowers to me at work. She showed up at my place unannounced. She called throughout the day. At first, it was nice, but it eventually became uncomfortable. The words of my friends came back to me. I can’t describe the nagging feeling in the back of my mind, but it was telling me that I needed to break away.

Cynthia did not take the news well. She yelled, screamed and cried. She called and sent notes. Then, the day came when I didn’t hear from her anymore.

It was at the next Christmas party when Cynthia walked into the room. She had been invited by the friend of a friend. Our eyes met across the room, and I smiled. She turned her head without speaking. Through the night, she avoided me as much as possible while drinking as much as she could. It was obvious that she was not having a good time, and I wondered why she came. Did she think our romance would be rekindled? Did she want to prove that she was over it?

Whatever the case, Cynthia made a scene about leaving and staggering out the door. I’m not sure why I decided to go after her. I must have felt guilty about and didn’t want her to drive home under the influence. I would have never forgiven myself if something had happened.

Cynthia took off before I could stop her. My buddy and I jumped in my car and caught her a few miles down the road. I took the wheel of her car, and my friend followed in mine. As I drove, Cynthia talked. How could I break up with her? We had something special. She had been miserable without me. She would never be happy again.

That’s when Cynthia reached into the glovebox and pulled out a gun. She pointed it at me and said, “You ruined my life. Now, I’m going to ruin yours.”

Cynthia waved the gun around. She was crying a screaming. I was trying to talk her down. It was frantic, as I swerved the car. I’m not sure if I was swerving out of fear or trying to get her attention. After a few tense minutes, Cynthia put the gun back into the glovebox.

Finally, I pulled in front of her house and walked her to the door. With tears streaming down her face, Cynthia asked if I would spend the night. I shook my head and walked to my car.

My buddy threw the keys to me, but I told him that he needed to drive. When we got into the car, he asked what the swerving was all about.

I never saw Cynthia again.


18 Responses to “The Breakup”

    • That’s what my buddy said when I told him what happened. Thanks for commenting.

      • Do you recognize any signs of “crazy” about her now that you can look in hindsight? haha Maybe you better stay away from females who please you so much orally. Great idea, right?!

      • So, do you think excellent oral sex = craziness? Ha. Guess I will have to keep hanging around crazy people. I wonder if men who provide great oral sex are crazy, too.

      • I dont think theyre mutually exclusive…but awesome when the crazy stays below “gun level”! ; )

  1. TheOthers1 Says:

    Omg. That’s some crazy stuff.

  2. You have led a fascinating life…and that was some crazy shit (for the record)…

  3. Personally, I’d’ve shit myself. Good for you for keeling control of yourself.;)

  4. Butterfly Joy Says:

    Wordless… I am glad you are okay.

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