The Reprisal – Part 12

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With that Nora got up and turned on the CD player. As sexy music played in the background she began to strip. Slowly, Nora pulled down her shorts and took off her shirt. Dancing in her bra and panties, she began to give Kat a lap dance. She nibbled Kat’s ear and grinded her pussy against Kat’s lap. Kat raised her hands to touch Nora, but she pushed them back.

“Oh no. You may be a big, bad cop out there. But in here I’m in control.”

Kat became wet when Nora took control. She unhooked her bra and let it fall. Nora’s exposed breasts were full, and her nipples were erect. She squeezed them in her hands and pushed them into Kat’s face. Then Nora stood up and teasingly pulled down her panties. Kat loved looking at Nora’s body. Her pink nipples and pussy were perfect.

Kat kept her hands off as Nora unbuttoned her pants and pulled them down. She didn’t move her arms as Nora unbuttoned her blouse. The only move Kat made was a little shiver as Nora slipped her panties down to her ankles.

“I can’t get enough of my Nubian slave. Now spread your legs so I can lick your chocolate pussy.”

Kat spread her legs instantly, and soon all she could see was blonde hair as Nora dove into her snatch. She felt Nora’s tongue dart inside of her and felt her teeth lightly scrape her clit.Interracial

Kat only thought she had orgasmed until Nora went down on her. It was the most amazing thing. As her tongue lapped Kat’s juices Nora’s hands worked Kat’s breasts. Kat bucked with pleasure.

“God mistress! You do that so good! Eat my cunt! Please make me cum!”

Nora buried her head deeper.


Kat squirted in Nora’s mouth and in her face.

Having Nora at home every night was a blessing because work was a living hell. This was a case that no one could figure out. The police sealed the perimeter before anyone could get out, so the perpetrator had to still be in the club. Problem was that everyone in the club was dead except for Ethan. And he was found passed out with his hands cuffed to the chair behind his back.

As the days passed Kat found more questions than answers. How could someone kill all those people without using a gun? Who could have killed them and torn them apart? Could Ethan have done it? Was he lucky enough to be the last man standing because he couldn’t do anything? Fuck, why was he even there?

As the questions mounted Kat decided to talk to the only one who knew all of the answers. The doctors working with Ethan had been keeping her up to date on his progress, or lack of progress. They just couldn’t get him to talk. Well, there was that one outburst during a test, but that wasn’t much help. Maybe if she could get him to talk to her.

Kat passed the officer guarding Ethan’s room, walked in and sat. Ethan sat on his bed staring.

“You look like shit.”

No response.

“Ethan, I need you to talk to me. I saw what happened in there, and I know it’s hard. But I need to know what you saw.”

No response.

“I know you haven’t watched tv. They are calling it the Crossroads Massacre, and they are saying that you are the prime suspect. Apparently, after all these years you finally snapped over your daughter’s death. And you should hear the call in shows on the radio. Some people say Willie deserved it. Some say you are a vigilante. But they all agree that you did it.”

No response.

“Damn it Ethan! You had better pick yourself up from the ground! Don’t you understand? If you don’t help me, then you are going to take the fall for this. I know you didn’t do it, but you have to get out of this funk. I can’t figure this fucking case out.”

No response.

“Shit. The worst case ever. The only detective I’ve got is a suspect. And he just sits there. What the hell am I supposed to do Ethan?”

No response.

“Well, I don’t know what the fuck happened in there, but something better break before they bring the curtain down. Because when it comes down I’m afraid your act is over.”

Kat continued to look at the evidence, and Ethan continued to remain silent. Guess that was his right. And now, twenty-seven days later, Kat was still looking, and he was still not talking. But as she sorted through the photographs one kept drawing Kat’s attention.

It was the guy who had been stripped. Gashes were in his thighs, arms and torso. Something about it seemed familiar, and Kat couldn’t get it out of her mind. She sat quietly and stared at it. It was a trick that Ethan used to solve cases. He would remove himself from the world and focus on the problem in front of him. She wasn’t sure how it worked, but he had told her once that you could solve all problems by looking at history.

“Fuck me running!”

It came to her suddenly. Kat had seen this exact picture before, but it was of a white guy. He was laying the grass in this exact position and had the exact same cuts. The only thing different was the arrows that were sticking out of the white guy. He was a cavalry soldier who had been killed and mutilated by Indians.

Ethan had shown it to her when Kat and Nora went over for dinner one night. He was showing her around his office and thought she might find some of the photos interesting. He used to be a history professor. And what was his expertise? Indian wars.

“Ethan. Why?”

Kat knew where Ethan was and knew she would have to take him into custody. But he was also her best friend. He and Sarah had been through a lot over the years. They would have one more night together before this hit. Kat would go up in the morning and bring him in herself.

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