The Cage

I didn’t know how to answer the question posed by the girl at Pet Smart.

“What kind of dog do you have?”

I don’t know much about dogs, but Crystal and I were interested in buying a cage. I couldn’t say that it wasn’t for a dog. Luckily, Crystal jumped in with some kind of large breed, and the girl had an idea of what we wanted.

“Ok, you will need one of the largest cages that we have.”

We looked at a few cages while the girl explained the differences in each one. As she talked, my cock began to swell. Here was a cute, young blonde talking about a cage, and she had no idea that Crystal, the woman standing next to her, was the one that was going to be put in it. The secret aroused me. The fantasy playing in my mind of Crystal and I putting the blonde in the cage was also arousing me.Cage

A few days later, I bought some small padlocks and set up the cage in a spare bedroom. It was perfect. Big enough for Crystal to crawl into and sit up but not big enough for her to stand up or stretch out. I couldn’t wait to use it.

I put Crystal in the cage several times, and it was always because she had done something to displease me. Perhaps, she had flirted too much with another guy. Maybe, she asked to be fucked when she knew that I would decide when that would happen. It could have been when she had too much to drink. Whatever it was, the cage was the answer.

When we walked into the house, I told Crystal to take off her clothes. As always, that didn’t take very long. Then, I had her stick her finger in her pussy and hold it up. It always glistened with her wetness.

“You are an insatiable slut. Go to the cage.”

Crystal stood in front of the cage until I opened the door. Once it was open, she crawled inside. I shut it and put on the padlock.

“I’m going to watch porn and jack off in the next room. I don’t want to be interrupted by any noise.”

My enjoyment wouldn’t last long. Crystal would start whimpering. To stop this, I started putting a gag in her mouth. Crystal would start fingering herself. To stop this, I cuffed her hands behind her back. Crystal would start hitting the cuffs against the cage.

Eventually, I developed other ways to punish her. I sat outside the cage and masturbated in front of her. That was cum that she knew she would never get. I put an anal probe in the cage and watched as Crystal pushed it in and out of her ass. I made her raise her ass to the edge of the cage, and I pushed it in and out of her ass.

The cage had numerous possibilities, but my favorite use was to punish her for drinking too much. If Crystal was a little drunk, then I would put her in the cage. It wouldn’t be long before she would beg to go to the bathroom.

“You put yourself in this situation. Figure it out.”

Before long, I would walk into the room to find a puddle on the floor of the cage.

“Bad girl. You know that you shouldn’t pee in your cage.”

I would open the door and lightly smack Crystal across the nose. Then, I would grab her hair and push her nose into the puddle. Then, we would fuck the hell out of each other.


13 Responses to “The Cage”

  1. So many interesting uses for a cage…

  2. TheOthers1 Says:

    A level of submission I’m not sure I’d commit to, but erotic to read about.

  3. Butterfly Joy Says:

    My American family adopted a dog and got a new crate for her during Christmas. I eye-measured the crate every day when I was sitting in their living room. 😉

  4. Butterfly Joy Says:

    this is still one of my favorite post 😀

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