The Reprisal – Part 11

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Kat sat at her desk just like she had done for the last twenty-seven days. This was a hell of a mess. She had a crime scene that no one could figure out. The only surviving witness, Ethan, was not talking and the other person who might know something was a young woman who Ethan was probably fucking.

“Holy shit. How did this happen?”

Kat stared at the photos collected in her office. They were everywhere. On her desk. Tacked to the wall. She even had to take down her posters. Everyday she studied them, and every time she looked at them it took her back to the Crossroads.

Usually, when Kat went behind the police tape she felt like Pam Grier, the actress who inspired her to be a cop. But when she walked into the Crossroads any toughness that she had was used to keep from throwing up. Other members of the police force hadn’t been so lucky.

When Kat got the call that there was a disturbance at the Crossroads a terrible feeling came over her. The investigation of Willie Brown had just fallen apart, and now there was a situation at his headquarters. Willie’s fate didn’t bother her. What bothered Kat was the fact that she couldn’t reach Ethan. She hoped that he wasn’t involved, but once on the scene that hope disappeared.

When Kat arrived at the Crossroads squad cars were everywhere. Being the ranking officer she immediately took charge. Talking to the patrolman who first arrived at the scene gave her an idea of what was going on.

While driving by the club he saw a man running from the building with blood pouring out of him. He jumped from his car and ran to the man. The cop knew the guy as a local drug dealer called Que and immediately jumped to a simple conclusion. Que had shorted Willie some money and paid for it with this.

As he tried to calm the man down the policeman suddenly needed calming himself. Que had been mutilated. He fingers were gone. The skin covering his stomach was gone. The cop radioed for an ambulance and for backup then asked the dealer what happened. He wouldn’t open his mouth, but the cop knew Que didn’t have much time left.

“Que! You have to tell me what happened in there!”

Que’s eyes rolled back in his head, and he was dead.

“You didn’t have time to wait Que.”

Que’s mouth fell open, and as it did his tongue fell out. It had been cut off and shoved back in. Then the cop heard screams coming from inside. He immediately called for more backup.

Kat took the horn and began talking.

“We have you surrounded! Come out or we are coming in!”

No response.

After a few minutes Kat tried again, and again there was no response. She ordered the SWAT team in. Once they deemed the site clear she went in, but she wished she hadn’t. Hardened cops were throwing up everywhere. Kat felt like it too but did not want to show weakness. Her head churned as much as her stomach as Kat walked through the club, or slaughterhouse.

The bartender was hanging by an extension cord above the bar. His eyes were gouged out, and his stomach was cut open. His intestines poured out of his gut and reached to the floor. Other “associates” were in a similar condition.

One was stripped nude and had gashes cut in his arms, legs and torso. Another was bent over a rail with a broken off table leg shoved up his ass. Still another had his arms and legs cut off and rearranged. He laid on the floor with his legs where his arms should be and his arms where his legs should be.

As Kat continued through the scene there was gore at every turn. Headless bodies. Limbs everywhere. Total mutilation. But the body in the worst condition was Willie Brown. He sat in his usual spot except the table was moved. Blood was everywhere. On his body. On the floor. The fingers of one hand were cut off and shoved in his ass. His heart was in his other hand. His thighs were cut to shreds. But that wasn’t all. His cock had been ripped off and crammed down his throat.

Kat could not believe what she was seeing, but there was something else more unbelievable. In the middle of all this carnage was Ethan Cord. He sat passed out with his hands cuffed to a chair. Paramedics raced past Kat to get to him. As they worked she just looked. Everything about him was normal. His jeans and t-shirt had no blood on them, and he wasn’t touched by any assailant. In fact, she only noticed one thing wrong with him. Ethan’s hair was completely white.

Kat sat and buried her head in her hands and mumbled.

“What the fuck, Ethan?”

After overseeing the collection of evidence Kat walked out of the Crossroads. Outside was almost as bad as the inside. The media had arrived in force. News vans. Helicopters. Reporters everywhere. They had already seen Ethan being put into an ambulance and taken away, and department leaks provided them with enough information to start making things up. When the news people saw Kat they pounced.

“Detective Porter! Are the reports of cannibalism true?”

“What was Ethan Cord’s role in this?”

“Was he looking for a missing person?”

“Is Willie Brown dead?”

“Is there anything you can tell us about the Crossroads Massacre?”

They already had a name for it.

“At this time I have no comment. As soon as we have a grasp on the situation a press conference will be scheduled.”

Kat had to get out of there. She wanted to check on Ethan and find out what happened, but she had to get away from it all. Instead of going to the hospital Kat went home. Her house was in a refurbished neighborhood on the east side of town. Built in the 1930s, the house had been hard work, but Kat loved the personality of the place. She also loved the person inside, Nora Hobbs.

Kat and Nora had been together for many years, but Kat could still remember the first time she saw her. It was at The Cradle, a once popular lesbian bar. Kat sat at the bar drinking a beer when a stunning blonde walked in. Tall and athletic, Kat almost fell off her stool when Nora sat next to her. Not usually shy, Kat found herself at a loss of words when she tried to strike up a conversation. It was ok though because Nora did all of the talking.

They had been together since that night and had been survived through thick and thin. Kat couldn’t think of a time she needed the love of Nora more than she did after surveying the scene at the Crossroads. When she walked in Nora was on the couch watching television.

“You looked rattled on television.”

“What I saw in that club would rattle anybody.”

“How’s Ethan?”

“I don’t know. He’s not talking. If I had been in there I’d be in shock too.”

“The news is calling it the Crossroads Massacre.”

“I heard. Fuck. That’s what I would call it.”

Kat sat on the couch next to Nora.

“Turn that shit off. I’ve seen enough.”

“Was it as bad as they say?”

“They don’t have any idea how bad it was.”

“Don’t think about it anymore. I know just the thing to take your mind off it.”

9 Responses to “The Reprisal – Part 11”

  1. Damn it, man, you have me so freaking hooked….

  2. TheOthers1 Says:

    Cool chapter. I’m definitely interested in what exactly happened.

  3. dryfly2005 Says:

    very well worth the short wait. Tip

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