The Reprisal – Part 10

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Layla’s relationship with Ethan started out as a fun game, but through the weeks it turned into something else. He taught her how to make love, and she taught him how to play rough. He even became good at whipping her. Through it all they grew closer. Ethan fell in love. Although Layla wasn’t in love with him she felt something for him that she had never felt for a man before.

Everything was great. Layla had Ethan, and she had Miss Jones. She was having the time of her life having sex, sticking it to Willie and having two people take care of her like no one had ever done before. In fact, she dreamed about all of them living together on this estate. One big, happy family.

But twenty-seven days ago something changed. Like any other day, she and Ethan were fucking, and Miss Jones was watching. He had her tied up and beat her like she had never been beaten before. Then he fucked her ass. It was wonderful, but when they finished Ethan went silent for a long time. He had done it before, but this seemed deeper.

“Ethan. What are you thinking about?”

He stared at the ceiling.

“Thinking about the time you drove in my car.”

“What about it?”

“Thinking that I might have drove you too far.”

Layla knew what he meant, and knew that it had worried him ever since. She had tried to explain to him how wonderful that time was, but he kept thinking that he had done something wrong. Layla thought back to that weekend. It was the most wonderful weekend of her life.

The ride up the coastal road was amazing.Coastal Road

Layla’s hair blew in the wind as Ethan drove his Camaro quickly through the twists and turns. The t-tops were out and the windows were down. The sun was shining. It was an absolutely wonderful day. He was taking her to a cabin in the woods, so they could spend a few days alone. Miss Jones wasn’t very happy with this, but Layla didn’t care. Although the pool house was nice, it was good to get away for a while.

The cabin sat in a quiet and secluded place that was perfect for a getaway. Ethan said it was a safe house used by the police department, and Layla felt safe with him there. They brought everything they needed. Food. Drinks. Clothes. But they both knew that those things were secondary. The main reason for going to the cabin was to have uninhibited sex.

It started as soon as they arrived. As soon as Ethan pulled the brake on the Camaro Layla slid into his lap.

“Am I your good girl?”

“Yes you are. But you are best when you are bad.”

“Then how bad do you want me to be? I’ll do anything you want. What perverted thing do you want Ethan?”

Ethan looked down between the seats.

“I want you to fuck yourself on the gear shift while sucking my cock.”

Layla smiled. Ethan had told her this was one of his darkest fantasies.

“Oh my. It might hurt. Do you want to cause me pain?”

“I want your pussy to hurt like it’s never hurt before. I know you like pain. You’re already wet.”

Layla rubbed her finger over her pussy and sucked it.

“Yes I am. I’ve been thinking about that gear shift all the way up here.”

They got out of the car and undressed. Ethan sat in the backseat as Layla positioned herself over the gear shift.

“Fuck Ethan. This is so hot.”

She slid her pussy over the knob. It was wide, but she slipped it in. Then she lowered herself on it. She began to move herself up and down until she had it all the way in.

“Shit Ethan. It feels so good.”

Ethan sat in the back stroking his cock.

“Don’t forget about me.”

Layla smiled again. As she rode the stick Layla leaned over and sucked Ethan’s cock. She took all of it into her mouth, and the entire experience was too much for him.

“Damn Layla. I’m going to cum.”

With that Ethan came in Layla’s throat, and Layla squirted on the gear shift.

That night Ethan built a fire, and they had sex in front of it for hours.Fireplace

Layla couldn’t believe how romantic it was with the light and shadows from the fire. As they lay on the floor she actually began to feel like she belonged somewhere. But it wasn’t the gear shift or the fire that made the weekend special. It was what happened the next day.

They walked to a stream deep in the woods that looked like a painting. Water cascaded over rocks and formed a deep pool surrounded by trees. Layla thought it was the most peaceful place she had ever been. They took off their clothes and went swimming in the pool.

At first she shivered from the cold, but soon she found the water as comfortable as Miss Jones’ heated pool.Nude Water

She and Ethan played in the water splashing each other. They also kissed in the water as their bodies floated toward each other. Ethan wanted to have sex, but Layla was playing a game of hard to get. She kept swimming away from him.

“You have to catch the mermaid before you can have her.”

“Oh, I’m going to catch her alright. I’m going to catch her with my pole.”

They both laughed as Layla splashed Ethan and swam toward the bank. She stood on the bank looking down at Ethan in the water.

“You couldn’t catch me in the water. I know you can’t catch me out here.”

Ethan swam toward the bank, and when he got close Layla took off. She ran nude through the woods.Forest Girl

Trees flew past, and she could feel the plants and dirt under her feet. Ethan wasn’t far behind her. She could hear his breathing. As she ran deeper into the forest it began to rain. Layla’s body was wet with rain and sweat. Her breathing became heavy, and her heart began to pound.

As she ran faster and faster Layla began to feel like an animal. There was nothing from the human world around. They weren’t wearing any clothes, and no one else was around. Hearing Ethan’s footsteps and breathing, Layla began to feel less like a human and more like an animal in heat. He was the male predator claiming his mate, and she was running from the ravaging he wanted to give her.

The rain poured harder, and the ground became muddy. As Layla looked down to see where she was stepping she realized that mud was splattering her body. She ran faster but knew Ethan was catching up. Suddenly, she felt hands grab her waist and bring her to the ground. She was lying in the mud, and it was everywhere. Mud was in her hair and all over her body. She turned onto her back to see Ethan on top of her. His eyes were wild, and he had a raging hard on.

There was no talking. Just grunts and groans and howls and screams. Ethan forced himself inside of her. He was pushing her further into the mud, and she could feel the ground press underneath her. He pulled her hair and buried his teeth into her neck. She scratched him with her claws. Layla couldn’t tell if the wetness on her neck and under her nails was rain or blood.

Ethan rammed her as hard as he could. In and out. In and out. She would never forget the look in his eyes as he claimed her as his property. Through the biting and scratching, Layla came many times. Ethan mounted her and arched his back as he came. Maybe it was the animalistic nature of their situation, but Ethan came inside of her for the first time. Perhaps it was a primal instinct to fill her with his seed.

To Layla’s surprise Ethan didn’t lose his erection after he came. His cock was just as hard now as when they started. It was now time to really be animals. He lifted Layla up and forced her onto her knees. As she braced herself Ethan got behind her and pushed his cock into her ass.Rain Sex

Trees. Mud. Rain. Noises. He was fucking her like an animal. Layla wondered if other animals were being attracted to this scene.

Then Ethan pushed her face into the ground. She was flat on her stomach with mud all over her, and Ethan was on top ramming her ass. Layla screamed as she came, and Ethan once again emptied himself inside of her.

Once they got back to the cabin it was hell getting all the mud off, but the experience was worth it. As they drove back down the coastal road Layla thought about the good things in her life. She had Ethan. She had Miss Jones. She had never been so happy.

Layla never really understood why he had done something wrong that weekend, but when they were lying in the pool house discussing it Ethan had a strained look on his face. To make him feel better she climbed on top of him and rode him as hard as she could. For one of the first times in her life Layla didn’t care if she came and didn’t care if Miss Jones was enjoying it. This was all for Ethan. She didn’t know how long she fucked Ethan, but they both fell asleep almost instantly.

When Layla woke up Ethan was gone, and she had not seen him since. All he left behind was this note. She didn’t understand at first, but over the past twenty-seven days Layla came to understand more. She knew what happened at the Crossroads. She knew Ethan had gone through various tests but had not talked since the day she saw him. She also knew that he was back at home.

Layla wanted to talk to Ethan desperately. Twenty-seven days ago they had talked about many things, but there was one thing more he needed to know. She was pregnant, and their child was conceived that day in the woods. Was that why he worried about it so much? Did something inside him know? Layla didn’t know. All she could do was read the note one more time.


I have to go away for a while. Something has gone wrong. Stay with Miss Jones + don’t go anywhere. A woman I trust will come by soon. She will take care of you. I love you even more than you know.


16 Responses to “The Reprisal – Part 10”

  1. TheOthers1 Says:

    Oooh! The sex in the forest was erotic. Loved it. Very interesting chapter.

  2. Oh that was so very hot!

  3. Came across your blog, hope to receive your blog updates by email.

  4. Never considered sex in the woods, in the mud before…may have to…

    And of course, now I’m aching for the next chapter!!

  5. Butterfly Joy Says:

    oh the release of the much repressed brutal, animalistic drive is one of the sexiest things in a man. I certainly see a big chained hungry wild animal in Ethan.

  6. It sure is easy to feel Ethan’s passion in your writing. Tip

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