The Reprisal – Part 7

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Ethan had planned on giving Layla a break from questioning after her breakdown but changed his mind when Patricia mentioned they were swimming. He was trying to remain a professional, but he had to see Layla in a bikini.

As Ethan pulled into the driveway the next day the sun was out in force. He had been hoping that it wouldn’t rain again today. As he walked around to the pool he could hear laughing and splashing and knew that he had shown up at the right time. Patricia was lying on a deck chair in a white bikini.Bikini

Ethan had always thought she was a very sexy woman, but nothing could have compared him for this. When she saw him Patricia got up to fix him a drink. She had a body that women half her age would kill for. Lovely breasts, flat stomach and an ass that was perfectly pear-shaped.

“Come have a drink Ethan.”

He sat in a chair next to Patricia’s, and she brought him a Mojito.

“Where’s our girl?”

“She’s in the hot tub under the waterfall. See?”

Ethan saw alright. Layla was lying on the edge of the hot tub and letting the waterfall cascade over her body. She wore a yellow string bikini than made her tan skin look even darker. Her back arched just a little, and her breasts heaved as she breathed. Although her eyes were closed Layla must have felt them looking at her because she turned her head toward them and smiled.

Ethan continued to ask Patricia how things had gone the night before. She didn’t go into great detail, but he was convinced that everything had settled down. As they talked Layla swam to them. Ethan watched as she climbed the ladder out of the pool. As she slowly emerged Ethan had a difficult time containing himself. He first saw her beautiful face.

Without makeup Layla’s skin was flawless, and Ethan for the first time realized how young she was. Then he saw her breasts barely covered by the bikini top. Her erect nipples looked as if they would break through the suit. Ethan couldn’t believe her flat stomach, and the diamond navel ring she had put in. Then her hips emerged. Layla wore a thong bikini that just barely covered her pussy. As she crawled out he once again saw the legs that had mesmerized him before.Yellow Bikini

As Layla went to get a drink Ethan saw how the thong ran into her firm ass. He also saw the rose tattoo once again. He thought to himself that he was staring at a goddess.

“Ready to interrogate me some more?”

“Excuse me.”

“I was trying to be funny. I’m ready to talk some more if you want.”

“That would be great, but are you sure you are ready for that?”

“I’m sure. Let’s go inside.”

Ethan followed Layla into the pool house and noticed something along the way. When Patricia went into the house she put on a wrap. Layla didn’t cover herself at all. Did she want him to look? It embarrassed him to think that Layla knew she turned him on.

Layla sat in the chair this time, so Ethan sat on the couch.

“I want to apologize for yesterday. I don’t know what I was thinking. I shouldn’t have hit you, and I certainly shouldn’t have blamed you for what happened.”

“Don’t apologize. I’ve been treated a lot worse and by a lot less attractive people.”

Layla smiled.

“I know, but you got me away from that fucker and brought me to this great place. And Miss Jones is so nice. I don’t know what I could do to ever thank you.”

“Well, you could help me destroy Willie Brown.”

“Oh. I will. But I would be doing that more for me. I want to do something for you.”

With that Layla got up from the chair and walked over to Ethan. She crawled on top of him and straddled his lap.

“Let me please you.”

Layla reached around a pulled the string on her bikini top. As the string came undone the top fell exposing her breasts. Ethan sat there amazed. He had this beautiful girl sitting on his lap. She was half nude, and her erect nipples were inches from his face. He knew that was he wanted to do was the thing he shouldn’t do.

Ethan grabbed Layla and pulled her close to him. He pulled her face down to his and kissed her. Layla moaned and ran her fingers through his hair. He moved his hands to the strings on her hips and untied them. She raised up and he pulled the bikini away. Now she was completely nude. Ethan pulled her hair back and kissed her neck then moved his mouth to her breasts. He sucked and nibbled her nipples as she began to grind her hips.

“Oh my. I have to get you out of those clothes.”

Layla slid down to the floor and knelt in front of him. She unbuttoned his pants and pulled out his hard cock. He thought he would explode when she licked the length of his shaft and slowly moved the head into her mouth. Layla slowly moved her lips down his pole until her chin hit his balls. For the first time in his life Ethan was being deep-throated.

She sucked him until he couldn’t take it anymore.Blow Job

He grabbed her hair and pulled her mouth away.

“Stop. I want you.”

Layla pulled his pants away, and Ethan got on the floor. He picked Layla up and sat her on the couch. For a few seconds he just stared at her. Layla sat with her legs spread. Her pussy was completely bare. Her pink lips swelled with anticipation.Close Up

As he stared Ethan took off his shirt. He then took his fingers and traced Layla’s pussy. She moaned at their touch.

“Please. I want you inside of me.”

“Not yet. I want to please you too.”

Ethan leaned down and kissed Layla’s thighs. They were so smooth. He moved his mouth closer to her pussy. He tried to go slow but just had to taste her. He buried his face in her pussy and stuck his tongue in as far as it would go. He didn’t care how many men had fucked her before. He didn’t care about the bat. He just knew that she tasted sweeter than anything he had ever tasted before.

Layla bucked as Ethan licked.

“Oh my God! I’m cumming!”

She grabbed his head and pulled it tighter to her crotch.

“Fuck! I’m cumming! Fuck me like the whore I am!”

Ethan’s cock was harder than it had ever been and felt bigger than it really was. He spread Layla’s legs as far as they would go and impaled his cock into her. He pounded her as hard as he could. He grunted, and she screamed. He pushed her legs back until they were touching the back of the couch and stood to create more force. Layla was folded underneath him. He pounded and pounded.

“Oh my fucking God! You are fucking the shit out of me!”

“Shut up! You’re going to make you cum!”

“Cum you mother fucker! Cum!”

Ethan pulled his cock out and came all over her breasts.

The next several weeks were a heavenly erotic blur for Ethan. He visited Layla everyday. They always talked about the investigation, but they always fucked too. Each time seemed more memorable than the time before. They had sex in the pool and under the waterfall. They had sex in every room of the pool house. They tried every position imaginable. He fucked Layla in the ass and found out that she liked pain. He would tie her up and whip her. He would put a clamp on her clit and burn her. Ethan did things that he thought he wasn’t capable of, and he loved it. He grew to love Layla too.

23 Responses to “The Reprisal – Part 7”

  1. Well, that one got a distinct reaction from me in a few places…thank you for that…

  2. TheOthers1 Says:

    Oh! He’s married at this point, right? This was very erotic.

    • He is married. The marriage isn’t holding up very well from the death of their daughter and the events that we are currently flashbacking. He knows that this isn’t the way things should be going.

  3. A wonderful well told story, mystery, salacious wandering, inter-personal struggle and wanton lust…… Thank you for sharing it here…..

  4. dryfly2005 Says:

    Growing tired of reading this isn’t going to be a problem, you can be sure of that. Tip

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  6. oh wonderful, exciting and erotic!

  7. Butterfly Joy Says:

    yay I had great fun catching up with your writings today, Ethan. Thanks for a great reading day 🙂

  8. and the man is coming back to life.
    Hot encounter…. very hot! Thank you for the nice late afternoon arousal.

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