The Reprisal – Part 6

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“Willie ordered me to come to his house.”

Ethan knew where it was. Willie’s penthouse apartment in the ghetto was well-known. To be closer to his business Willie had taken over the entire top floor of a government housing high-rise. In the middle of the poorest part of the city he could look over his domain from a multimillion dollar apartment.

“Ricco took me to the penthouse. When I walked in the son of a bitch was just standing there looking at me. His eyes were so scary. I had never seen him like that before. As soon as I walked in he grabbed my hair and pulled me into the den. I was so scared. He ripped my shirt off me and pushed me down. Then he pulled my jeans off without unbuttoning them. I laid there totally naked, and the mother fucker sat on me. He slapped me with both hands. Back and forth.”

As she talked Layla became more and more upset. Ethan just let her talk.

“He grabbed my hair and drug me to the dining room. I was so scared. I thought he was going to kill me. He took my wrists and tied them to the table legs. I was laying on my back. My face hurt. My hair hurt. I must have passed out because he wasn’t in the room when I opened my eyes. Then he came into the room with this whip thing. He kept hitting my stomach and breasts with it over and over. Then he started hitting my pussy with it. God it still hurts.”

Layla started crying. Ethan felt like he should say something but didn’t know what it would be. He was all mixed up. The story sickened him, but it aroused him too. Something inside him made him wish that he had seen it. No. He wished he had done it.

“The next thing I remember I was locked in a cage.”

“And I was in his kennel with the dogs. The son of a bitch locked me in the kennel. It smelled terrible, and the barking was so loud. I tried to rub my stomach, but it hurt too bad to touch. Then I guess I passed out again.

“Layla, I’m so sorry.”

“Would you fucking stop apologizing?!”


“But nothing. Stop apologizing.”

“I can’t believe he did that.”

“That’s not all.”

By now tears were streaming down Layla’s face. She used the tail of her t-shirt to wipe them away.

“When I woke up I was tied up on the floor of the den. I don’t know what I was tied to, but I couldn’t move my hands at all. It was dark, and all I could hear was Willie laughing. God, why did he do it?”

She hid her face in her hands. Ethan had to ask.

“Do what?”

“The lights came on, and Willie was sitting in front of me. Standing behind him were ten of his ‘associates’. He said anybody who would let a cop in their house was a whore. And anybody who helped was a traitor. One of the ‘associates’ held up Ricco’s head and threw it at me.”

Ethan wanted to throw up. Ricco was beheaded for helping him.

“I screamed and screamed until Willie told one of his ‘associates’ to shut me up. I don’t know which one it was, but he stood over me and pulled his cock out. Then he sat on me and shoved it in my mouth. It went in so fast I almost gagged. I couldn’t understand because no one was supposed to be able to touch me. All of the girls were untouchable.”

“So your punishment was being violated by one of the ‘associates’.”

“No. All of them. I couldn’t see because this guy was on top of me, but I felt my legs being parted. Then somebody rammed their cock in me. God, he fucked me so hard.”

Layla stopped talking and stared out of the window.

“Are you ok?”

“What the hell do you think?”

“I’m sor…It was a dumb question.”

“No shit. No. I’m not alright. You know what happened next? After those two guys were done the rest of them took turns. They did everything to me that they could think of. I even had three cocks in me at once. One in my mouth. One in my ass. And one in my pussy. That wasn’t even enough for them. They made me jack two more guys off at the same time. One with each hand. Willie turned me into a whore!”

Now she was in hysterics.

“And I liked it!”

Ethan wanted to get up but couldn’t. He had the biggest hard on of his life. He tried to think of something to get rid of it, but he couldn’t. He finally decided to say something.

“Then why did you leave?”

She hesitated.

“Because Willie wasn’t finished. They fucked me until I passed out again. They woke me up by throwing cold water on me. They all stood around me smiling. I knew they were going to kill me, but I guess that would have been too easy. A couple of them grabbed my legs and pulled them apart. Then I realized what they were going to do. I tried to pull my hands. I tried to kick my legs. I couldn’t move. I begged them to just kill me, but Willie refused. He said I was a whore, and I would work the streets for him. But first I had to be broken in. Then he did it.”

“Did what?”

“He got a baseball bat and brought it over. Then the mother fucker put the bat against my pussy and fucked me with it. I was fucked with a bat! They held me down and laughed as this Willie forced it in me. I was crying and screaming and the bastards just laughed. The bat went in and out. Every time Willie pushed it deeper and harder!”

Now Layla was in full hysterics, and Ethan was in total shock. Shocked by what he told her, and shocked by the fact that he was still turned on. He could picture this beautiful woman being ravaged by these men, but Ethan knew he had to put those thoughts away. He walked over to Layla and put his arms around her and told her that she was safe now. Layla didn’t hug him back. She began to beat his chest with her fists.

“Bastard! This is your fault! I was happy then you showed up! You got Ricco killed! You got me fucked with a baseball bat!”

Patricia must have heard the screams because she came running in.

“What happened?”

“Nothing. Just having a tough time talking about all of this. But you need to take care of her.”

Ethan let go of Layla, and Patricia took over with the hugging.

“You know I’ll take care of her Ethan.”

As Ethan left Patricia still had her arms around Layla. This was going to be tougher than he realized. She was totally traumatized, and he was totally infatuated. He had no idea what would happen next.

Later that night Ethan called Patricia to check on Layla.

“Hello Patricia. How is she?”

“It took her a while to calm down, but she is sleeping now. I told her it’s supposed to be sunny tomorrow so we would go swimming.”

“That’s great. Did she talk much?”

“She hardly talked at all. I fixed her a drink and finally got her to talk a little after I mentioned swimming. What caused her to get hysterical?”

“Um, she was just telling me about some of her experiences with Willie Brown.”

“Um? Is that all?”

“I’ll let her tell you if she wants. Thanks for taking care of her.”

“No thanks necessary Ethan. It’s nice having her around. It gets lonely around here when no one else is around.”

“I bet it does. I’ll be around sometime tomorrow.”

15 Responses to “The Reprisal – Part 6”

  1. dryfly2005 Says:

    Well this little lady has had her bad days for sure, I can see how Ethan would be turned on by her story, I was. Except for Ricco’s losing his head. Tip

    • Thanks for the tip. I actually got that from a cheesy B movie called The Further Adventures of Tennessee Buck. I was trying to make sure readers knew what kind of guy Willie really is.

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  4. Butterfly Joy Says:

    “and I liked it” is my favorite sentence 😀 thanks for writing such an intense scene. I love it.

  5. Wow wow wow….
    I think I held my breath as I read this since I am all dizzy right now.
    I can’t comment fast enough to read what happens next…

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