The Reprisal – Part 5

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 and Part 4

Ethan parked the Camaro in the alley and just sat. He drove this car so he wouldn’t look like a cop. And besides, he didn’t have access to anything else. He kept looking at his watch until it hit eight o’clock. Then it went to five after. Ten after. She must have changed her mind. Then he saw a door open, and Layla stepped out. He flashed his lights. She looked up and down the alley and ran toward the car. She jumped in.

“Hurry up and get the fuck out of here.”

As he rolled down the alley, Ethan couldn’t help but notice her beauty. Her daisy duke shorts rode up her crotch and showed off her flawless legs and thighs. The sweatshirt was baggy, but Ethan didn’t care. As Layla took off her cap, she ran her hands through her hair. It was a wonderful thing to behold.

Ethan pulled onto the street and headed out.

“Where are we going?”

“There’s a lady who has a place outside of town. She helps me sometimes.”

“How do you know her?”

“She’s a friend.”

“Oh. So you are fucking her?”

“Excuse me. I said she was a friend. Besides I have a wife.”

For some reason Ethan wasn’t happy that he said that last part.

“So, how do you know her?”

“She gives money to a foundation that I started. It helps people who have family members missing.”

“Is she rich?”

“She’s ain’t poor. I think you will like the place. It’s surrounded by a wall and has a gate. She lives in the big house, but you will live in the pool house.”

“Pool house? That means she has a pool, and I didn’t even pack a bikini.”

As she grabbed the duffel bag she threw in the back, Ethan couldn’t help but think of Layla wearing a bikini.

“Don’t worry. She has clothes there. And if there is something you need we can get it for you.”

“Does she know I’m coming?”

“Sure. I called her not long after you called me. We’ve done this before. Besides giving money she lets people live at her place for a while. Sometimes finding a missing person is not the hard part. It’s convincing them that they need to go back home that’s hell. Some people go missing on purpose.”

“Tell me about it.”

“So, she allows them to stay there until they decide what they want to do next.”

“Who is she?”

“She likes to remain anonymous, so I don’t tell anyone who stays there her real name. We’ll care her Miss Jones.”

“Suits me. Hey, do you realize that you are the only one here using their real name?”

“How do you know Ethan is my real name?”

Layla thought about that for a second, looked at Ethan and smiled.

“Well, whoever the hell you are I’m glad you came and got me.”

As they pulled up to the gate Layla’s eyes widen.

“Man, when you said she lived in the big house you weren’t kidding. She must be richer than Willie.”

“Yeah. And she got hers the honest way too. In a divorce.”

Ethan pulled the Camaro to the front of the house and parked. Layla couldn’t keep her eyes off the house. It was huge and had lights shining all over the outside. As Ethan opened the door, she got out. He took her duffel bag and led her up the front steps where a lady was waiting.

“Hello Ethan. Good to see you.”

She gave Ethan a big hug.

“Hello Miss Jones. You are looking great this evening.”

And he wasn’t kidding. Miss Jones was in her late forties but could pass for thirty. She had auburn hair, and Ethan had never seen her without make up. She had a gym in the house and a personal trainer, so her body was in great shape. She was wearing a black skirt that came to just above the knee. It hugged her hips well. She also wore a white button up shirt. Except the top two buttons were not being used.

Her ample breasts formed the perfect cleavage. Ethan noticed everything about her, but he also noticed that he was not the only one looking. Layla couldn’t take her eyes off of Miss Jones.

After a quick tour of the house and some instructions on what to do and what not to do, Miss Jones showed Layla to her new home. The pool house was amazing. In fact, it was bigger than Ethan’s house. Every time he came here, Ethan would think that maybe he shouldn’t have given up that royalty money and the movie deal.

As Ethan and Miss Jones watched, Layla ran through the house amazed. This was actually nicer than her condo. When she finally calmed down Ethan told her that he would be back the next day to talk. As Layla settled in, Miss Jones showed Ethan to his car.

“She is a very beautiful girl.”

“Yes ma’am. She is.”

“Ma’am? Hell Ethan. What’s that all about?”

He smiled.

“I don’t know. Cop mode set in I guess. Make sure you keep a good eye on her. There is a lot of information in her head that we need to get out.”

“Don’t worry. How could I take my eyes off of her? I notice you sure have a hard time doing it.”

“Come on Patricia. You know me better than that.”

“I know. How’s Sarah?”

“She’s ok. Painting all the time. You coming to her gallery opening?”

“You know I’ll be there. Hell, my house is filled with her stuff. But I wasn’t asking about the painting.”

“I know. This time of year affects both of us pretty hard. We’ll get through it though.”

“Give her my love.”

“I will. I’ll be by tomorrow.”

When Ethan pulled into the gate the next day, it was raining. He had spent the morning filling Kat in on the events of the night before. This also gave Layla a chance to get some sleep. She had to be exhausted. As he walked around the pool to the pool house, he pulled the trench coat tighter around his body. This was a real flood. When he finally made it to shelter, Ethan turned to look around the grounds. He knew it was safe, but his cop instinct made him look anyway.

The only person he saw was Patricia watching from the living room. It was all glass and provided a terrific view of the pool. No one would know it today with the weather so bad, but the pool was amazing. It was built to resemble a tropical lagoon. The water was blue like the Caribbean, and a waterfall cascaded on one end.

Swimming under the waterfall brought you to luxurious hot tub. Ethan and Sarah had spent many days lounging there. They even house sat a few times when Patricia went out of town. Hell, Ethan knew she didn’t need a house sitter. A security firm kept good eye on the place. Patricia let them stay there as a little hideaway from their everyday lives. She was truly a good friend.

Ethan knocked on the glass door, but there was no answer. Surely, she hadn’t gotten away. He knocked a few more times before he turned to get Patricia and her key. Before he took one step he heard Layla yell.

“Hold on!”

He turned to see her walking from the bedroom. Apparently, he had not given her enough time to sleep. That was alright. She probably had not had a good night’s sleep in forever.  When she got closer, Ethan couldn’t believe his eyes. Through the class stood a stunning blond wearing a little pink t-shirt and a pair of pink thongs. Layla’s nipples could be seen through the thin shirt. Her hair was a mess from sleeping, but it was a sexy mess. As she opened the door, Ethan realized once again that he had to focus. There was a job to be done.

“Come on in. Let me get my robe.”

As she walked, Ethan saw how her tight ass moved when he walked. He definitely had to get these thoughts out of his head. She returned wearing a short, silk robe.Damn, he could see through it. Layla sat cross-legged on the couch. Ethan sat in a chair with his legs crossed. He had to.

“Did you have a good night?”

“I did. I slept like a baby. This place is so nice, and Miss Jones seems like such a nice person. I don’t know how I can ever repay you for bringing me here.”

Ethan had some ideas, but he kept them to himself.

“Well, you can start by telling me about Willie Brown.”

“I really don’t know where to start. Willie never really let any of us girls know about his business. I’m sorry.”

“That’s ok. We will start slow, and you may find that you know more than you think.”

“Ok. I hope so.”

“Let’s start with this. What made you decide to call me?”

Layla just sat there. The vibrant and smiling woman who was just here was replaced by someone staring into a deep void.

“I don’t want to talk about that.”

Ethan just sat there. He knew this was no time to talk.

“I’m going to take a shower.”

With that, Layla went to the bathroom and turned on the shower. Ethan sat there for a minute then got up and walked to the glass door. The rain was lighter and here could see Patricia more clearly through her window. He just shook his head at her. Disappointed, she walked away from the window.

As Ethan stared out of the window, he could hear Layla get into the shower. He imagined the hot water running down her body.He imagined her lathering up and washing parts of her body that he could never touch. He could see the shampoo rinsing from her hair. He decided to step outside.

Ethan heard the door open and saw Layla standing there. She was dressed now. Wearing the jeans she likes so much and an Eric Clapton t-shirt.

“Do you like Clapton?”

“Yeah, Willie flew the girls to Las Vegas to see him. It was a great show, but the rest of the night wasn’t so good.”

“If you would like to tell me what happened I am a good listener.”

“I’m sure you could tell that Willie has a bad temper, and if you don’t do what he says you get punished. That night when you were at the Crossroads he hit me because I refused to suck his cock at the table. He wanted me to blow him right there in front of everybody. He had made the other girls do things in public, but that was the first time he asked me.”

Layla sort of looked away.

“You don’t have to be embarrassed. It’s not your fault.”

“Yes it is. I’m the one that let him do it.”

“What happened in Las Vegas?”

“Willie has this game he plays where he puts all of our names in his hat. The names he pulls out have to have sex with each other and do everything he says. That night he decided to draw three. Me, Kristal, and Fantasia. Do you know which ones they are?”

“I do.”

“Kristal likes these games. Fantasia can take it or leave it, but for some reason she always like playing the games with me. Anyway, Willie sat in his chair and made me strip for him. Everybody watched. Then he told me to lay on the bed and finger myself. While I did that he told Kristal and Fantasia to take their clothes off and get the man makers.”

“Man makers.”

“Yeah. That’s what he called strapon’s. I knew what was about to happen.”

Ethan had an idea too. And he had to cross his legs again. He couldn’t believe that this beautiful creature was telling him this.

“Fantasia crawled on the bed and lay beside of me wearing her strap on. It was Willie’s favorite. Ten inches long. He liked it because it was the same size as his cock.”

Ethan had heard about Willie’s legendary dick.

“So, she starts kissing me and rubbing my pussy. Then she pulled me on top of her and said ride my cock bitch. I want your white ass to take it all. So I got on top of the strap on and eased it into my pussy. That’s when she grabbed my hips and rammed me on to it. She told me to ride it hard.”

Ethan tried to keep his composure, but it was difficult.

“So I’m riding Fantasia. She pulls me down and starts sucking my tits. And that’s when I feel Kristal come up behind me. Fantasia held me close to her body as Kristal pulled my hair and called me a cunt. Then she slid her strap on into my ass. I don’t know how big that one was, but I know it hurt. I felt like my insides were ripping out. They fucked me until I almost passed out. There I was stuck between two women, and they were fucking my ass and my pussy.”

As she finished the story, Ethan just sat there. He was both stunned and aroused, and he tried to hide both. After a brief silence, he decided to talk.

“So, if you did what Willie wanted you to do, then why did he get mad?”

“He got mad because he thought I came too much. He thought I liked that better than I liked him. He pulled Kristal off me, and the strap on ripped out of my ass. Then he pulled me off Fantasia and onto the floor. Then he smacked me and dragged me to the bathroom by my hair.”

“What happened then?”

“He screamed at me and kept calling a bitch in heat. He said he knew how to cool me off. Willie turned on the cold water in the shower and threw me in. Then he got the rubber hose he carries and beat me with it. I’m pretty sure the water was supposed to keep me from passing out from the beating.”

Ethan felt like shit. Here he was getting turned on by the abuse of a young woman. He felt so sorry for her. He wanted to give Layla a hug but was scared to touch her.

“No wonder you called.”

There was another time of silence.

“That’s not why I called. That shit happened all the time. All of the girls have fucked each other like that. I actually didn’t mind fucking Miko and Whitney. Fantasia wasn’t bad. But I was afraid of Kristal. She was even sicker than Willie. She loved it when he told her to beat us. And I really didn’t mind fucking Willie. The worst part of that was when he would grab my head and force me to deep throat him.”

Ethan took this all in. Deep throat a ten inch cock? Could anybody besides Linda Lovelace actually do that?

“Then why did you call?”

“Because the night after you were at my apartment Willie went crazy. He found out that you were there and wanted to know what we talked about. I didn’t really care about you, but I didn’t want to rat on Ricco. So I told him that you were looking for a girl. He didn’t believe me, and he went fucking off.”

“Oh no. I’m so sorry. I feel like shit.”

Layla glared at him like she wanted to blame him. As she told him the story, Ethan wondered if she wanted him to know exactly what his visit had caused. He sat there stunned as Layla told him what happened.

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