The Hotel

I told Crystal to rent a room at a local hotel. It didn’t matter which one. When she got to the room, Crystal was supposed to take off her clothes and send a text saying that she was ready. It wasn’t long before I got the text, and I replied:

I will be there in an hour. Lie on the bed with your legs spread but do not touch yourself. I will know if you do. Do not respond to this text.

With that, I went about my work. Thirty minutes later, I arrived at the hotel; walked up the back stairs; went to the room; and knocked on the door. At that point, I moved so she could not see me through the peep-hole. It was too early for me to arrive.

“Who is it?”

No answer. Would she open the door completely nude? What if she did, and it was someone else? What if she covered herself, and it was me? Neither was a good option.

Crystal opened the door in the nude.

“Good girl. Now, lie back down on the bed.”

As she laid on the bed with her legs spread and her pussy glistening, I undressed.

“Have you touched yourself?”



She sighed, “No ,sir.”

I knew she was lying.

“You know that I hate it when you sigh.”

Crystal loved being a submissive, but she also loved disobeying because she always liked the punishment. I liked it, too.

I crawled onto the bed and between Crystal’s thighs. This was not going to be a long fuck. I needed to get back to work, so it was going to be quick. I forced my cock into her pussy and started pounding as hard as I could. She held her legs in the air as I braced myself for the force that I was giving her. I was going to cum anytime, and she knew it.

“Can I please cum this time?”

What harm could it be? I flipped over and put her on top. Crystal rode my cock slowly and ground her clit into my skin. She always came this way, and I was happy to give her a small moment of pleasure. Crystal’s body tensed and her eyes clinched. I could feel her pussy get wetter as the juices flowed out of her.

Crystal lifted off of my cock, but, before I could flip her onto her back something else happened. I saw this relief come over Crystal’s face and felt a warmth flow over my stomach. Crystal had let go and was pissing on me.

This is something that I had always fantasized about, and Crystal knew it. The problem was that I had not given her permission to do it, and Crystal knew that she was not to show any initiative.

Internally, I loved it. Externally, I must have had an upset look to my eyes.

“I’m sorry. I just couldn’t help it.”

I didn’t say anything. I flipped Crystal over. What was good for me was also good for her. I stood over her with my cock in my hand, and she knew what was about to happen. Soon, a stream of piss was flowing from my cock and hitting her stomach. Slowly, I aimed it toward her breasts. As the pissed bounced off Crystal’s breasts, a few drops hit her face, and her tongue darted out of her mouth to lick it off.

“Is that what you want?”

Crystal closed her eyes and opened her mouth slightly. I must admit that I wasn’t sure and hesitated, but that only lasted a microsecond. Before I realized it, I was pissing on Crystal’s face, and she was catching as much as she could in her mouth.

When the last drops stopped falling, my cock was harder than it had ever been. I dropped to my knees and rammed my cock inside of her. I was covered with her piss. She and the bed were covered with mine. I fucked the Hell out of her. I rarely kissed Crystal, but I had to this time. I slid my tongue into her mouth and came inside of her immediately.


16 Responses to “The Hotel”

  1. Very nice story. I am curious…why did you rarely kiss her?

  2. All that and a golden shower? Naughty. 🙂

  3. very naughty…but you had to go back to work 😦

  4. Wow!!!
    After this “Crystal loved being a submissive, but she also loved disobeying because she always liked the punishment. I liked it, too.”
    I was going to say she sounds so much like me 🙂 then I read on… Not so much like me.
    I am loving that she gave you what you wanted.
    What a great time for you and her.

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