The Reprisal – Part 3

Part 1 and Part 2

Katherine “Kat” Porter looked as if she had walked straight out of a Blaxploitation film from the 1970s. A tall, voluptuous, toned black woman who wore her hair short, Kat always struck Ethan as someone who could kick a man’s ass and make him like it. She had joined the detective division a few years after him, and they became very close. After all, she was almost as good a detective as Ethan. Every time he walked into Kat’s office he took time to scan the room. Not only did she fit the role of a heroine from the Blaxploitation genre, but she also surrounded herself with it. There were movie posters from Shaft, Hell Up in Harlem, Black Caesar and a lot more.

Her favorites featured Pam Grier, an actress who epitomized the woman who could kick a man in the balls but sexy enough to rub them too.

There were posters of Friday Foster, Sheba Baby and Coffy.

There was also an autographed photo of Pam Grier. Ethan once asked which role of Pam’s was her favorite. Kat said nothing from the 70s could compare to Pam’s work on The L Word. See, Kat was also a lesbian.

Kat’s sexual preferences had always been a source of disdain for other detectives. They would give anything to crawl in bed with her and couldn’t imagine that she didn’t want them. They protested when she was promoted to Chief. They blamed it on affirmative action. Kat was the perfect minority. Black. Female. Gay. The city hit the trifecta.

Most thought Ethan should have gotten the job, but he knew better. His talent was in finding people, not bossing them around. He respected Kat because she worked extra hard to prove that she could do the job. Ethan invited Kat and her partner to his home for dinner and did everything he could to help her. She appreciated it more than she would ever let on.

When Ethan walked into Kat’s office that day she acted different from usual. Most times she greeted Ethan with a smile and a question about Sarah or Jonas. Not this day.

“Shut the door and sit down. I have a case that’s a little different than you are used to.”

She didn’t want him to find a person. She wanted him to find information. Not just any information, but information on someone in particular.

Willie Brown was the boss of organized crime in the city. He controlled gangs and neighborhoods and had his hand in every form of criminal activity. Drugs. Gambling. Prostitution. Robbery. Murder for hire. He was well-connected, and the police had a difficult time getting close to him. The problem was that everyone knew Willie was the city’s organized crime leader, but no one could prove it. He kept barriers between himself and his activities. He owned legitimate businesses to clean his money. It was a problem that had plagued the city for years.

Kat wanted Ethan to use his talents to break down those barriers by connecting Willie to the crimes everyone knew he was committing. Ethan protested. He had never worked on this type of case before. Kat didn’t listen. She felt that Ethan’s abilities, history and fame made him the perfect person for the job.

Ethan knew where he would start the investigation. It was a place he knew well from his ventures into the underbelly of the city to find runaways. That’s why Kat picked him for the job. He knew the territory. He was talented. And Willie Brown would think he was just looking for another runaway. Ethan’s first stop would be Willie Brown’s unofficial headquarters, a place he owned called The Crossroads Club. Most people just called it the Crossroads.

As Ethan drove through the city lights he passed prostitutes and druggies on the streets, and a song entered his head. He had heard it when Kat invited him and Sarah to her house for movie night. She wanted to introduce him to the joys of watching Blaxploitation films. Kat had often told him about how these films were the only opportunities for black actors in the 70s. They portrayed life on the city streets and featured powerful black characters. However, it was the music that attracted Ethan’s attention. He had forgotten the movie it came from, but one song stuck in his mind. Driving to the Crossroads he kept hearing it.

Across 110th   Street

Pimps trying to catch a woman that’s weak

Across 110th   Street

Pushers won’t let the junkie go free

Willie Brown was that pimp and pusher, and Ethan was driving to the Crossroads to find a way to break his power.

Ethan walked into the Crossroads like he had done dozens of times before. Despite his frequent trips there, Ethan never got used to that first step into the building. It was a zoo. Lights flashing. Hip Hop music blasting. People all over the place. Some dancing. Some snorting coke. All drinking. A few having sex. This was a place where if you had enough money you could get anything you wanted.

As Ethan walked in a few people turned and stared. They knew him but wanted to let him know that he was still an outsider. Willie’s men, called “associates”, made sure that Ethan saw the guns in their belts. Other than that no one stopped what they were doing. Yeah, he was a cop, but he wasn’t looking for drugs or guns or anything else. He was looking for a lost soul.

Ethan sat at the bar for a while before the bartender came over.

“Well, if it ain’t the fucking finder of lost loves. Who you lookin’ for tonight bitch?”

“I’m looking for a girl from upstate. Twenty. Red head. Name’s Leslie.”

“Don’t know her. Wish I did. Sounds like a nice piece of ass. If I see her I’ll make sure to make her choke on my cock.”

Ethan just ordered a drink. That was the response he usually got when he went into the Crossroads. The bartender was always a prick, but this time Ethan knew something that he didn’t. There was no red-head from upstate. Tonight, he wasn’t the fucking finder of lost loves. He was the fucking finder of information. To do that he needed someone in this club to talk. It would piss off the bartender to know that Ethan had a few friends in the room that night. They had secretly helped him find some runaways through the years.

But Ethan knew that turning in a runaway was a lot different that turning in Willie Brown. Ethan didn’t know who was going to talk, but he knew that he had to find them. As Kat explained, this investigation may save more young lives than his other cases combined.

It was about an hour before Willie Brown arrived at the Crossroads. He wasn’t very tall or handsome. His pock-marked face was covered with a goatee, and he shaved his head. He tried to make up for his lack of physical traits through a combination of style and intimidation. Willie didn’t dress like most people would expect. He wore a silver tailored suit that cost God knows what. He was never seen without a tie. In fact, looking like he did now Willie could have walked into any boardroom in the city. Willie also brought along what he termed as his “accessories”. They were women that were always seen with him. Willie liked variety when it came to women, and everyone, including Ethan, watched them as they filed into the room.

Right behind Willie was Whitney. She was a knock out of a red-head. Long strawberry hair and piercing green eyes. Her tight green dress accentuated her eyes and her body. Her breasts almost burst out of the low-cut front, and the back of her minidress kept riding up to show the lower part of her ass. Her green stiletto heels made her legs look like they went for days.

Behind her was Miko. A short Asian girl, she wore her hair in pigtails. She wore white go-go boots, a plaid school girl skirt, and a white shirt tied at the front. Although her breasts were small, Miko’s nipples could be seen through the sheer fabric. As she walked Miko’s loose skirt lifted a little and Ethan could see she was not wearing panties.

The brunette, Kristal, came in after Miko. Everybody said she was Willie’s favorite. Everything she had on was black leather. The stiletto boots. The miniskirt that barely covered her ass. The leather vest that was unzipped halfway to give her large breasts some relief. She also wore a leather choker with metal studs around her neck and matching leather bracelets around her wrists. Her hair was cut short to show a tattoo of a dragon on the back of her neck. For some reason Ethan thought Kristal and Kat would have one hell of a fight.

Next came Layla. She had long blonde hair and blue eyes. There was nothing outrageous about her. No leather. No little girl look. Breasts were not huge, but her body was well-formed. In her backless black dress, she looked classier than the other girls. She showed cleavage but not too much. Her ass didn’t escape her skirt. The sexiest things about her clothes were the heels with straps around the ankles. Ethan thought she would look good walking into the finest restaurant in town.

Fantasia came in last. Now she fit the profile of the girlfriend of a black crime boss. She wore red go-go boots and a short dress of the same color. The dress wasn’t just red. It had a black pattern that Ethan could only describe as chaotic. Her ass was her finest feature, and she knew it. She made sure it moved properly as she walked through the crowd. Almost as big as her ass was Fantasia’s afro, and it was only held in by a scarf made out of the same stuff as her dress.

Ethan found the parade to be very entertaining, but he also noticed something else. When Willie walked through he didn’t acknowledge anyone’s existence. It was as if no one else was even there. That wasn’t strange. Willie always did that to show his authority. The strange thing was that Willie always looked at Ethan when he was there looking for a missing person. This time he didn’t look. Ethan knew that someone must have told Willie he was there. After all, he was a cop. It was as if Willie was sending Ethan a message. Was it a warning telling Ethan he wasn’t welcome there anymore? Was it Ethan being paranoid because he knew this case was different? Was it Willie saying Ethan wasn’t even a threat to be worried about? Just a pest. Whatever it was, Ethan watched as Willie and the “accessories” sat at a table overlooking the room. Ethan suddenly felt like the jester in a king’s court. But this jester was no joke.

For next few hours Ethan sat at the bar in silence and went inside himself to figure out what to do next. He scanned the room for the fictional Leslie to avoid any suspicions. He often went into silent mode on a case but never while he was in the field. However, this was different. Ethan had to figure out how he was going to get somebody in this room to turn on Willie. A man as powerful and violent as Willie had many enemies but convincing one to take their life into their hands and talk was going to be difficult. Ethan knew this would be the hardest thing he had ever done as a detective.

Suddenly, Ethan’s thoughts were interrupted by a commotion on the other side of the club, and the commotion was coming straight from Willie’s table. People scattered. “Associates” and “accessories” got out of the way as Willie went on one of the tirades that he was famous for.

Ethan strained to see who was under attack. The crowd parted and Ethan saw that the recipient of Willie’s anger was Layla, the classy blonde. No one was sure what she had done, but it couldn’t have been bad enough to deserve this. Willie dragged her across the floor with her hair as blood poured from her mouth. He sat on top of her and continuously slapped her. Throughout it all he called her bitch, cunt, whore, slut. He even threatened to kill her. As the crowd watched the beating Ethan slipped out of the Crossroads.

As he drove through the night Ethan knew that he had found someone who might talk. Layla.

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