The Dodger – Part 2

Crystal and I got ready for the night’s festivities by taking the comforter off of the bed a covering the blankets with towels. We also had plenty of alcohol available in case Lisa and Cass needed to liquid encouragement. Then, we waited. And waited. And waited. We waited so long that we were convinced that they had backed out of the agreement. At least, I was going to save $1,000. Then, we heard a car pull into the driveway.

It was obvious that the pair had been drinking to build up their courage, and, as Lisa later confided, they almost didn’t show up. She also said that she was glad they did. We talked and had drinks for a while, and I got the sense that nothing was going to happen until I forced the issue. That’s when I asked Cass if she would like a tour of the house.

After going through every room, I took her to the bedroom.

“You have a great house, and this is a great room. I like metal beds like this one.”

“I bought it for a reason. Let me show you.”

I opened a drawer a pulled out a pair of handcuffs.

“The metal bars come in handy when I want to use these.”

“You really handcuff women to the bed? I’ve never been handcuffed before.”

That’s when I showed her the rest of the toys. Vibrators. Butt plugs. Clamps. She studied each one of them, but I was waiting to pull out the strap-on.

A few minutes later, Crystal and Lisa came into the bedroom, and Cass showed the toys to Lisa. As they laughed and blushed, I said something about all of us being in the bedroom and how it would be a good time to have some fun. I got the strap-on box and handed it to Lisa. Then, she and Cass went into the bedroom to undress and put it on. Crystal and I took this opportunity to undress, as well.

That’s when we heard one of them say, “Oh my God! That thing is huge!” Crystal laughed, and I asked if they were ready. Lisa walked out first and was completely nude. Her body was as I imagined. Muscular. Tight, flawless skin. Plump breasts. Cass was behind her with the strap-on dangling between her legs. She had a similar body with one difference. Her breasts were huge. This was going to be a great night.

Cass crawled onto the bed and laid on her back. I asked, “Don’t you want to be on top?”

“Not really. When I’m on top, my breasts hang down and hurt. I’m more comfortable on my back.”

Lisa was going to ride her.

Cass laid down and Lisa straddled her. They kissed as Crystal and I stood and watched. I was behind Crystal with one hand fondling a breast and the other hand rubbing her clit. The girls were kissing when Lisa said, “I can’t ride that thing. It’s too big.”

My cock grew harder when she said that, and I whispered to Crystal that she should offer guidance. Crystal walked over and rubbed Lisa’s pussy from behind.

“God, Lisa. You are super wet. I know you can do it.”

Lisa positioned herself over the fake cock as Cass held it steady. She slid herself on it slowly and gave out a slight gasp when its head entered her pussy. She slid down slowly until the entire thing disappeared inside of her. Crystal said, “Good girl. See, it’s all the way in.” Lisa didn’t even realize it.

Then, Lisa began to ride it. Up and down. Slow and first. Then faster and faster. The faster she went, the more she moaned. The faster she went, the more Cass’ breasts jostled back and forth. Soon, Lisa was ramming herself onto the strap-on as hard as she could.

Finally, she stopped moving up and down and started grinding back and forth. She wanted all of it in her all the time.

“Holy shit! Somebody rub my clit!”

Crystal took her cue and starting rubbing Lisa’s clit. There I stood watching three beautiful creatures on my bed. All of them were wet, and one of them was being serviced by the other two. It was an amazing sight. It was more amazing when Lisa came and screamed as loud as she could.

Lisa slowly pulled herself off Cass’ cock, and I could see her gaping pussy lips as she did. Now, it was Lisa’s turn to wear the strap-on, but this time we were going to do things a little different.  I was tired os just standing there.

Cass stayed in her spot as Lisa put on the strap-on, and I became the director.

“Crystal, get on the bed next to Cass.”

As always, Crystal did what I said. Then, I went to the drawer and got out the handcuffs.

“Cass seemed to like these earlier, so let’s try them out.”

I took one pair and handcuffed Cass to the bed. She did not struggle. Then, I pulled out another pair and handcuffed Crystal to the bed. She definitely did not struggle.

“Now, Lisa. We can do with them what we want.”

A big smile came to her face as she climbed on the bed and positioned herself between Cass’ spread legs. I positioned myself between the legs of Crystal and said, “Are you ready to fuck them at the same time?”

“I’m ready.”

I knew they were ready. I slid my cock into Crystal’s pussy and began to pump. I almost came immediately but held off as best as I could. I was going into sensual sensory overload. I didn’t look at Crystal, and she didn’t look at me. As I fucked her, we both watched the women next to us and realized that Lisa was having a hard time.

“Try this. Hook your arms under her legs and lift. Now, thrust.”

That did it. Lisa’s perfect ass moved back and forth as she fucked Cass.

We both got into the same rhythm, and we fucked them almost exactly the same. Both were handcuffed. Both were moaning. Both were getting the shit fucked out of them. Part of me thought if I shifted to Crystal’s ass that Lisa might shift to Cass’ ass, but I decided not to push it. They were liking it too much.

As Lisa pumped, Cass said over and over that she was going to cum. Then, she came, and I heard Lisa say, “Cass! You squirted on my stomach!”

That’s when I squirted all over Crystal’s stomach.

The pair didn’t stay long after that. They said something about having somewhere else to go and put their clothes on quickly. After they left, Crystal and I replayed the night as we cleaned up. The towels were soaked. When we moved them, we found out that the blanket was soaked. Then, we discovered that the sheets were soaked.  When we stripped the bed, we found out that the mattress liner was soaked. The mattress was also soaked.

Everybody’s cum was everywhere.


21 Responses to “The Dodger – Part 2”

  1. You live an extraordinary life don’t you? You asked me to write about the night I was fucked with a strap on by a woman. I have already written about it, but it’s not posted on this blog. I will post it for you.

  2. In a breathless whisper I say *wow*

  3. This was rather juicy. 🙂

  4. Butterfly Joy Says:

    I can’t catch my breath… WOW

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