The Theater

A couple of years ago, some friends and I went to San Francisco for a few days. The plan was to have some fun and see the sights -Fisherman’s Wharf, Alcatraz, Lombard Street, the O’Farrell Theater. Never heard of the O’Farrell Theater? Let me tell you about it.

The O’Farrell began as a XXX movie house owned by the Mitchell brothers, producers of Behind the Green Door. This is one of the pornographic classics of the 1970s and made Marilyn Chambers famous.

The advent of videos and DVD’s meant that people could watch porn in their homes, and the owners of the O’Farrell changed it from a movie house to a gentleman’s club – the best gentleman’s club I have ever seen.

We went to the O’Farrell in the afternoon because we had other things going on that night. As we walked in, it looked like every other gentleman’s club I have walked into. It was after we sat in the New York Live Room that I noticed a difference. It had a typical stage with a pole and dancers took turns performing for tips. I expected that. I didn’t expect the dancers to look like they had just stepped out of a magazine. They were beautiful. They were also walking around the room completely nude. All clubs have dancers walk around trying to pick up private dances, but most of them have dancers walk around in revealing clothing.

We settled in and watched a few performers and were surprised when the DJ told everyone to go to the Green Door Room. It had a stage, but the seats were different. There were chairs sitting around large padded tables. I had an idea what they were for, but I had no idea what I was about to see.

A petite Asian beauty walked on stage in a thong bikini and started dancing. It wasn’t any different from the other room. She stripped out of the bikini top and was working on the bottom part when two tall blondes walked on stage wearing police costumes. The Asian dancer looked scared when one of them grabbed her and put her hands behind her back. She struggled to get away, but the other one kept her under control.

Then, the two blondes laid her on the ground and ripped off the rest of her bikini. They didn’t have handcuffs, but they ties her hands over head with the bikini bottoms. As one held her hands down, the other one went backstage and returned wearing a huge strap-on. The Asian dancer gave out a mock squeal as the blonde with the strap-on stood over her.

The strapped dancer got on her knees and lifted the legs of the prone dancer and spread them apart. She eased up and slid the strap-on inside of her. As the audience watched, her hips bucked back and forth as she fucked the petite stripper. As she moved faster and harder, the woman on the floor was moaning with pleasure. At the same time, the other blonde stood up and took off her police costume. She stood over the scene completely nude until she decided to get involved.

As the other blonde Amazon fucked the Asian dancer, this blonde straddled her face and smothered her with her pussy. There I sat watching this beautiful woman get totally fucked by two amazing blondes. One was fucking the hell out of her with the strap-on while the other one sat one her face.

There are other rooms at the O’Farrell, and I suggest you click the link to check it out. If you are ever in San Francisco, then you have to experience it for yourself.


24 Responses to “The Theater”

  1. ❤ This…What a shame my trip to the Bay Area was cancelled this week!

  2. This place is actually on our list to visit….
    You make me hungry to want to take a trip down there sooner than later.

  3. Wow.

    I like to consider myself somewhat of an expert on strip clubs and I have never even heard of anything like that. I clicked the link and to my amazement they even have the girls schedules listed. Do you know how hard it is to get strippers to commit to a schedule? The “B team”–no problem. But the “A team”–problem.

    Very impressive.

    I have a soft spot for strippers. I understand them all too well. Not because I am one of them, but because I had to take care of them for so many years. They are a special breed. 🙂

    • I saw the afternoon “B” team. There’s not telling what the “A” team does. Why did you take care of them?

      • I took care (past tense) of them. I worked as a waitress in two different clubs over a five year period. Basically, I was a well paid babysitter. I’d look out for them, keep them on task, toss their drinks for them so they wouldn’t get too drunk. I made sure they were tipped well and I was subtle about it.
        I also treated them like real people, when so many did not. Some girls I became very close to and I keep in touch with to this day.

        I have also thrown down and partied my ass off with a dancer or two in my time. More than that, but it was a long time ago. 😉

      • I had a friend in high school who became a stripper. I saw her dance a few times, but it was strange to see someone I knew up there. I think she is still performing in Las Vegas.

      • Now that you mention it, my only experience being fucked with a strap on was with a stripper. At her house though, not at the club. I didn’t play at the club. My play was for my pleasure only or the boyfriends. 😉

      • That’s the best kind of play. How did you like it?

      • thedreamingsub Says:

        I loved it. I thought she was a man, literally. When I came out if my daze long enough to open my eyes and focus, I saw that I was being fuckted by a woman and not my boyfriend as I had thought. He tricked me! What a wonderful trick. The look of lust and shock and surprise that crossed my face all at once. We fucked in every room in the house that night..

      • You should write about it.

  4. And yeah…the afternoon B team is exactly right. You nailed it. I can tell you are a connoisseur too.

  5. Butterfly Joy Says:

    oh oh I wish I could find a job in san francisco after graduation…

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