The Tenant

Lauren and I had fucked a few times, but there was a difference between her and other women I knew. She rented an apartment from me. I had always been told not to mix business with pleasure, but there was something about Lauren that made me break that rule. Whenever I needed to have sex, I could call her, and she was willing.

There was also something else about Lauren. She turned me on like nobody else. I would get hard just thinking about her and being alone with her always sent my sexual appetite shoot to the moon. Maybe, it was because she would do almost anything. She is the only woman I have known who could take all of my cock into her throat. She liked when I stood her in front of the mirror and fucked her in the ass. There are a lot of stories that will make a lot of great posts.

This post is about the time Lauren called and said that she couldn’t pay that month’s rent. She wondered if I would forget about the rent in exchange for sex. I wondered if she knew that she was prostituting herself – selling her body to keep a roof over her head. I agreed to give up the rent, but I was going to get my money’s worth.

There was an empty apartment across the street from Lauren’s, and I instructed her to meet me there the next night. When she saw my car there, she was to walk over. It was dark by the time I arrived. The electricity was off, so the only light was coming in through the blinds. It was only a few minutes later when Lauren arrived at the empty apartment. There would be no pleasantries. This was business.

“Take off your clothes.”

Quickly, Lauren did as I instructed. She liked to get fucked as much as I liked to fuck her. As she stood in front of me naked, I gathered her clothes.

“Get on the floor.”

Lauren laid on the floor as I took her clothes and put them in my car. She was completely nude in an empty house with no electricity. This was going to be nothing but primal fucking. No bed. No sexy underwear. No extras. Just two people in the animalistic state I could make possible.

I took my clothes off in the kitchen, and my cock stiffened with just the idea of what I was about to do. I walked in and knelt between her spread legs. My hard cock hovering over her wet pussy.

“You want to give me your body in place of rent? Then, I’m going to take it all. I’m going to fuck all of you. Your pussy. Your mouth. Your ass.”

Lauren didn’t say anything, but I could tell that she wanted it to start immediately. I hooked my arms under her knees and pulled her across the carpet to me. Her pussy was so wet that I didn’t have to use my hands to guide my cock. I just positioned myself and slid in. In and out. In and out.

“God, you are wet. You like being a whore don’t you?”

Lauren moaned “yes”, and I knew she was telling the truth. The more I called her a whore, the closer she was to cumming. That’s when I pulled out.

“Oh no, this isn’t for your pleasure. This is for me to do what I want, and I want in your ass.”

I placed the head of my cock at her ass and used her cum as lube. Lauren whimpered as I pushed and her asshole spread open to let me in. The rest was easy as I slid all of my cock inside of her. I began pumping her ass harder than I ever pumped her pussy. It took everything I could to not cum as Lauren moaned with pleasure. She refused to admit it, but she liked me in her ass.

Lauren tried to rub her clit, but I pulled her hand away. I was deep in her ass when I stop thrusting.

“You must have forgotten. You aren’t supposed to cum. You are doing this for money. I’m the one doing this for pleasure.”

That’s when I decided to start the next part of my plan. I pulled out of her ass and heard the slight sound of suction as it happened. It was like her ass was trying to pull me back in. Then, I positioned myself over her torso.

“Your pussy and ass are not worth the money I am going to lose.”

I moved myself over her face.

“I’m going to fuck your mouth.”

Lauren gave an almost silent gasp and could barely say what she was thinking.

“But, it’s been in my ass.”

“I know.”

“I’ll get sick.”

As my cock hovered over Lauren’s mouth, I explained the situation to her.

“Your clothes are in my car. If you don’t suck my cock I am going to get up and put my clothes on. Then, I am going to get in my car and take your clothes across the street. You can pick them up on your front porch when you walk home.”

“But, I’ll be walking home naked.”

“It’s your choice.”

After hesitating a few seconds, Lauren placed her hand on my cock and barely licked the head. Without my urging, she took it into her mouth and began to suck it. But, she didn’t just suck it. She took it all the way into her throat. She licked it. She savored it. For all of the protesting, I she got off on the idea of doing something that forbidden. She was not only sucking my cock. Lauren was sucking her shit off of my cock, and she liked it.

Once my cock was cleaned, I pulled it out of her mouth and rammed it into her pussy. It wasn’t long before I was going to cum. I pulled out of Lauren’s pussy and came all over her chest. She didn’t get to cum because she wasn’t meant to, but I decided to give her a small reward. I licked some of my cum off of her chest. With it on my tongue, I kissed her and allowed her to take the sum into her mouth and swallow it.

It was the best rent I ever received.


11 Responses to “The Tenant”

  1. Butterfly Joy Says:

    sigh. I am a little bit pressed for money too. wishful thinking going wild… lol.

  2. Hello, I am wide awake now! 🙂
    hot hot hot post..
    You sure got your money’s worth…

    Btw tasting each other while kissing is such a turn-on.

  3. Mmmm…yep… that was deicious!

  4. […] of the women I have written about before also reads this blog. She requested that I write about another one of our adventures […]

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