The Test

Early on, I discovered a simple test to determine if a woman has the potential to be submissive. However, the timing must be correct. It must be given at that point when the feeling of comfort has settled in and the woman is ready to open herself more fully.

I ask her out and set an early time of arrival, a point when it will still be daylight. I explain that this date is going to be an adventure that begins in the bedroom, and the adventure depends on her doing exactly what I say. The instructions are as followed.

“Leave your door unlocked. At the time I am going to arrive, lie on your bed wearing nothing but a pair of white panties and a blindfold.”

If I walk in and find that you have done exactly as I have said, then I know that you are willing to submit. However, any deviation from these instruction means that you are unwilling to give up control totally. And, I have seen many changes to the plan.

Women will be without a blindfold; will be wearing black panties or a negligee because they think it is more sexy; will have candles lit; will have a bottle of champagne. There was one who was wearing nothing and had a blindfold ready for me. However, the ones who followed the instructions exactly discovered the joys of giving in.

I remember many times walking into a bedroom and finding exactly what I required. Without speaking, I run my hand from the arch of her foot to the inner smoothness of her thigh. I gently brush the fabric covering her pussy and feel the dampness that is beginning to soak the garment. I run my hand up her stomach and feel it rise and fall with quickening breaths. Then, I place my hand on her throat as I lean in and kiss her deeply.

This is when I say, “Good girl. You did exactly as I asked.”

I stand over the bed and slowly undress as she waits with anticipation. Once I have freed my aroused body of its bonds, I crawl onto the foot of the bed and slowly pull the white panties down. I love when a woman lifts her ass so I can pull them easier. I slip them past her ankles and take them in my hand. As I spread her legs and prepare myself to enter her. I rub the panties over her body up her torso until they reach her neck.

As I slowly penetrate, the lips of her mouth open slightly to mimic the lips of her pussy. This is when I place the panties over her mouth so she can taste the sweetness that I will taste before we leave the bedchamber.

The women who have followed through with the entire experience have never failed to enjoy it and feel the need to explore more adventurous forms of submission. However, I understand why some did not follow orders. Lying prone on your bed with an unlocked door. Being blindfolded and not really knowing who is walking in. Not knowing if I will show up and will make them look foolish? Not knowing what will happen if I arrive.

I understand the uneasiness. However, that’s what being submissive is all about – trusting the right person to explore that uneasiness.


9 Responses to “The Test”

  1. Butterfly Joy Says:

    My ex-dom and I met in vanilla occasion. Once when we were cuddling on couch he firmly held my hands together above my head. It was obvious I was turned on instead of feeling uneasy. Lol. so that was quite simple a confession without words.

  2. Mmmmmmm nice đŸ™‚

  3. MarĂ­Mar Says:

    What a delicious test…
    Trusting the right person to explore what D/s has to offer is one of the many joys of being a submissive. đŸ™‚
    Love this post.

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